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Chapter 2257: Set Off to the Blue Sea

“The Three Red Devils” Eminent Elder Li Yuhui frowned as he commented, “Although the three of them are merely First Order Venerable, they are not your average early First Order Venerable Realm cultivators.

It would be very difficult for Huang Xiaolong to kill them based on his current strength!”

All three of the Three Red Devils possessed complete dao saint godhead, and amongst the three, there was someone with either saint bloodline or saint physique.

Not to mention, they practiced high-level evil techniques.

Sending Huang Xiaolong to kill the Three Red Devils was a task with greater difficulty than most as he was a Holy Prince who had just entered the Holy Gate with mid-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm cultivation.

Xu Jun wasnt overly concerned about that, “Although the difficulty is a little greater than usual, it is not an impossible task.

If that Huang Xiaolong cant complete the task, this kind of rubbish Holy Prince would only make the rest of our Holy Gates disciples into laughing stock for others!”

Guo Qirong nodded in agreement, “Brother Xu Juns words are reasonable.

Then it is decided that Huang Xiaolongs task will be to kill the Three Red Devils at Blue Sea! Have him set off to Blue Sea in three days!”

A day later, while Huang Xiaolong was cultivating, an unexpected guest arrived at the Myriad Dragon Peak.

It was Mission Hall Master Zheng Xu, and he had come to inform Huang Xiaolong about his new disciple training task.

Zheng Xu was inwardly astonished at the changes around the Myriad Dragon Peak as he got closer.

He didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to have actually built such a cultivation palace in a short half a year.

Even though the Myriad Dragon Peak was still far from comparable to other Holy Princes cultivation palaces, its environment was much better than many other elite disciples.

Zheng Xu cut straight to the topic and stated the purpose of his visit.

He took out the mission scroll and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, this is your new disciple training task determined by Eminent Elder Guo Qirong, please open and peruse it.

If you dont have any questions, I will go back and report to Eminent Elder Guo Qirong.”

In truth, it made no difference whether Huang Xiaolong had any questions or not because once a new disciples training task was determined, it rarely changed unless the task was determined to be impossible to complete.

Huang Xiaolong opened the mission scroll given to him.

With a quick glance, he saw his task clearly written on it.

There was even a detailed explanation of the Three Red Devils strength, battle prowess, talent, and some of their special abilities on the mission scroll.

The mission scroll also stated that the deadline given for his task was ten months.

It would at least take eight months for a two-way journey to the Blue Sea from the Holy Gate headquarters.

The time given was not really sufficient but not exactly tight.

Learning his task was to kill the Three Red Devils with a complete dao saint godhead, as well as saint bloodline or saint physique… The corner of Huang Xiaolongs mouth rose slightly, and he raised his head.

He deliberately patted his chest and said confidently to Zheng Xu, “I have no questions about the task given.

Return and tell Eminent Elder Guo Qirong that I definitely will complete the task and return to hand in the mission scroll within ten months.”

Zheng Xu was dumbfounded for a second.

No questions

Originally, Zheng Xu had thought that Huang Xiaolong would make a fuss that the task was too difficult to complete after reading the mission scroll.

But whod have thought that Huang Xiaolong would pat his chest with confidence and accept the task without any fuss! He was Even guaranteeing that he would complete the task! This…!

“What Hall Master Zheng Xu still has other matters” Huang Xiaolong asked, seeing Zheng Xu standing there in a daze.

Zheng Xu reacted and put up a stiff smile, “N-no, no, in that case, I will return and report to Eminent Elder Guo Qirong.

I wish for Your Highness victorious return!”

Zheng Xus figure whistled away in the sky a moment later.

After Zheng Xu left, Huang Xiaolong told Zhang Wenyue about his task and exhorted Zhang Wenyue and the others somethings.

He specifically told them not to go out during his absence, irrespective of circumstances, and to wait for his return.

Huang Xiaolong decided to set off immediately.

Zhang Wenyues willow brows wrinkled when she heard what Huang Xiaolongs task was and commented, “Young Master, it is obvious that Eminent Elder Guo Qirong is deliberately making things difficult for you with this training task.

The Three Red Devils are not your average early First Order Venerable experts.

At your current battle strength, your best bet would be to wait for an opportunity to kill them when the three of them are not together.

Even so, it would not be easy!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled at her instead and reassured her, Don\'t worry.

In fact, I should thank Go Qirong for sending this generous gift to me!”

Recently, he had been pondering how to raise his complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques attributes.

Although some origin treasures could improve these three aspects, the easiest and fastest method was still devouring other experts complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques.

Then again, it was not so easy to find experts with a complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, or saint physique, and he naturally couldnt go devouring the innocent Zhuoyuan Holy Gates disciples.

Now that Guo Qirong had given him the task of killing the Three Red Devils, it was a great opportunity for him to devour what he needed!

This was literally killing two birds with one stone.

Wait till he devoured the Three Red Devils, his three complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physique would improve.

Not only would his cultivation speed become faster, but his battle power would also be greater.

In the arena, his chances of killing Huang Zhouping would rise significantly!

As Huang Xiaolong was ready to set out from the Myriad Dragon Peak to the Blue Sea, Zheng Xu went to the Eminent Elder Peak to report Huang Xiaolongs reaction upon receiving the mission scroll to Guo Qirong.

“He really did not make a fuss Or show dissatisfaction Instead, he confidently claimed he would complete the task” After listening to Zheng Xus report, Guo Qirong asked doubtfully.

Zheng Xu nodded and confirmed that Huang Xiaolong made no fuss.

He even described Huang Xiaolongs confident demeanor as he had patted his chest and accepted the task.

Xu Jun sneered, “That kid is really foolish and ignorant.”

“Ten months later, when that kid fails to complete his new disciple training task, he would truly prove his rubbish Holy Princes nickname.”

Eminent Elder Gong Chen shook his head.

If a Holy Prince cant even complete his new disciple training task, and returns in failure, how would the Holy Gates million plus disciples see him Moreover, following the Holy Gates rules, if a new disciple fails to complete his new disciple training task within the stipulated deadline, he would never be able to accept other tasks, and would be punished for his failure.

In fact, just being banned from taking another Holy Gates task forever was already a severe punishment.

This was mainly because inside the Holy Gate, the disciples could accumulate enough merits only by completing sufficient number of tasks, which would help them rise through the ranks, holding some positions within the sect.

Even for a Holy Prince, he needed to obtain enough merits to climb to the Patriarch position.

On the Holy Alliances side, when Jiang Tian, Huang Zhouping, and the others heard that Huang Xiaolongs task was to kill the Three Red Devils, all of them shook their heads, gloating and laughing.

“However, if that kid fails to complete his task, and returns in failure, I wont feel any satisfaction whether I cripple him or kill him in the arena.” Huang Zhouping lamented a little.

“Had we known this, we could have suggested to Eminent Elder Guo Qirong to arrange an easier task for him.” Jiang Tian laughed and nodded in agreement to Huang Zhoupings words.

“Senior Brother Jiang Tian, say, do you think we should leak the news to the Three Red Devils in advance, so that they can prepare and make things more exciting for Huang Xiaolong” Holy Prince Zheng Yongjia suggested wickedly.

Jiang Tian asked Huang Zhouping, “What does Junior Brother Huang think”

Huang Zhouping shrugged his shoulders, “It doesnt matter to me.

Ill listen to Senior Brother Jiang Tians sacred order.”

“Alright, then, leak the news to the Three Red Devils!”


An hour later, Huang Xiaolong left the Myriad Dragon Peak on the Golden Pig Treasure, in the direction of the Blue Sea.

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