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Chapter 2265: Make A Battle Appointment for Tomorrow

Back in the Holy Gate headquarters, Huang Xiaolong did not return to the Myriad Dragon Peak.

He went straight to the Mission Hall to hand in his completed mission scroll.

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Mission Hall, the Mission Halls Hall Master Zheng Xu came out to greet him personally.

Zheng Xu was full of smiles seeing that Huang Xiaolong had returned one month ahead of the deadline and spoke first, “Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong, you returned so fast.

It seems that you have successfully completed your task!”

Though Zheng Xu was smiling, there was a hint of mockery hidden within his smile.

He clearly thought that Huang Xiaolong had finally realized that there was no hope in completing the task given to him.

Thus he had returned early.

Huang Xiaolong answered casually, “Thanks to Hall Master Zheng Xus blessings, I have completed the task.

Therefore, I came to hand in my mission scroll.” As he was saying this, he took out the Three Red Devils heads and threw them to the ground.

Zheng Xu looked at the Three Red Devils heads on the ground dazedly.

A moment later, with a wave of his hand, the three heads flew towards him.

He tried to match the Three Red Devils auras with the ones they had in the record.

Upon matching, these three heads, indeed, belonged to the Three Red Devils!

When Zheng Xu matched their auras a second time, it truly matched!

Huang Xiaolong took out his mission scroll and casually threw it towards Zheng Xu as he said, “Hall Master Zheng Xu, have you verified it Since its verified, please sign the mission scroll with a drop of your blood!”

Only after Zheng Xu signed the mission scroll with his blood would Huang Xiaolongs task be officially acknowledged as completed.

Zheng Xu was a little dazed as he held the mission scroll.

It had never crossed his mind to sign the mission scroll for Huang Xiaolong.

“What is it, Hall Master Zheng Xu Are the Three Red Devils auras incorrect” Huang Xiaolong asked when he saw Zheng Xu standing dazed.

Inwardly, he sneered coldly.

Zheng Xu regained his composure, squeezing a smile on his face as he responded, “No, no, the Three Red Devils auras are correct.

Congratulations to Your Highness Holy Prince Huang Xiaolong for successfully completing your new disciple task!”

He then dripped a drop of blood on the mission scroll to sign and seal it before placing it into the task storehouse.

At the same time, Zheng Xu issued Huang Xiaolong a certification that proved he had passed the new disciples training task.

When Huang Xiaolong was leaving the Mission Hall, heinvited Zheng Xu, “To celebrate the successful completion of my new disciple training task, I will be holding a banquet at my Myriad Dragon Peak.

Hall Master Zheng Xu must come.”

Zheng Xus facial nerves twitched as he made an effort to maintain the smile on his face, “That, I am in charge of the Mission Hall.

I am quite busy and probably wont be able to attend.

I hope Your Highness Holy Prince can excuse me.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, “You are right, but even though the Mission Halls matters keep you busy, Hall Master Zheng Xu should pay attention to your health., You shouldnt tire yourself too much.”

The smile on Zheng Xus face stiffened as he answered, “Naturally, naturally.”

He watched Huang Xiaolong leave until he was out of sight.

The smile immediately disappeared from Zheng Xus face, and it was replaced by a gloomy expression as he turned and arrived at Eminent Elder Guo Qirongs cultivation palace.

He reported that Huang Xiaolong had successfully completed the given new disciple training task.

“What Completed already So fast” Eminent Elder Guo Qirong was genuinely astonished.

Xu Jun, Li Yuhui, and Gong Chen were clearly surprised.

“Could he have asked someone to do it for him” Gong Chen voiced his doubt with a frown on his forehead.

The Mission Hall Masters voice was solemn, “Shall I tell the disciples at the Blue Sea branch to check out if the kid asked for help.”

Xu Jun sneered, “Its no longer important whether he completed the task himself or had helpers.

At the end of the day, hes bound to die in the arena! He killed Jiang Tians nephew.

At the moment, Jiang Tian wishes for nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood! I think Jiang Tian, and the Holy Alliances Holy Princes are already waiting for him at the Myriad Dragon Peak!”


A day after Huang Xiaolong left the Mission Hall, the Myriad Dragon Peak came into sight on the horizon.

With the Myriad Dragon Peak in sight, it gave Huang Xiaolong a sense of ease.

If he had a place to call home in the Holy World, then it would be the Myriad Dragon Peak.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolongs expression changed greatly.

He flew off from the Golden Pig Treasures back and accelerated straight to the Myriad Dragon Peak.

Huang Xiaolong stopped in the air above the Myriad Dragon Peak.

The Myriad Dragon Peak that he had spent several months to change was reduced to ruins!

The dozens of buildings on the peak were completely in ruins, and it was clear that someone had shattered it to pieces with a punch!

And the peak that was planted with spiritual herbs and divine trees were burned black by someone with divine fire!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes were scarily icy.

Right at this time, a group of people flew over, led by Jiang Tian.

There was Huang Zhouping and other Holy Alliances Holy Princes as well as their subordinates.

“You guys did this!” Huang Xiaolongs icy gaze was fixed on Jiang Tians body.

Although he had never met Jiang Tian before this, he could be certain that this young man wearing a golden black brocade robe was Jiang Tian!

Hearing that, Jiang Tian let out wanton laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, your words are wrong.

Do you think someone of my status and identity would be so idle to do something so low”

If an investigation were to be conducted, even Jiang Tian would get punished for destroying a Holy Princes cultivation palace.

Therefore, Jiang Tian naturally would not admit to such a crime.

Then again, he really hadnt acted personally.

Just like he said, with his status and identity, he didnt need to engage in such lowly actions personally.

Of course, the other side of the story was that this matter was done by the Holy Alliances disciples on the sly.

“Where are my people” The killing intent in Huang Xiaolongs intensified at Jiang Tians denial, and his voice was icier.

Jiang Tian chuckled with obvious malice, “Your people Oh, you mean that maid Hmm, how about this If you promise to battle in the arena after three days from now, we will bring that maid to spectate the battle.

If you defeat Junior Brother Huang Zhouping, then we will return the maid to you, but if you die in the arena, I dont think you will be in any capacity to worry about your maid anymore.

So, I advise you that its better to worry about how miserably you are going to die in the arena!”

Then, as if he had just remembered something, Jiang Tian added, “Oh right! The Enforcement Halls disciples killed those several divine beasts you had guarding around because they were running around unfettered.

Their flesh must have been roasted by now and turned into dishes to go with wine for the Enforcement Halls disciples!”

Upon hearing that the Six Eyed Ice Lion, Titan, and other beasts were killed, and reduced to grilled meat as dishes for the Enforcement Halls disciples, Huang Xiaolongs eyes glinted with unprecedented sharpness.

He gritted his teeth and nearly spat out each word, “Jiang Tian, I will make you regret this soon, regret everything you did today!”

Jiang Tian smiled arrogantly, detecting Huang Xiaolongs killing intent, “Huang Xiaolong, you killed my nephew.

This is just the beginning.

I will make you understand the real meaning of regret in the arena battle, giving you the taste of how it feels to get your heart crushed!”

Huang Zhouping stepped forward and said, “Huang Xiaolong, according to our agreement, our battle was scheduled after your new disciple training tasks completion.

Now that youve returned, Ill see you in the arena in three days!”

“There is no need to wait for three days.

Tomorrow is fine!” Huang Xiaolong responded coldly.

Tomorrow Huang Zhouping and the others were caught off guard.

The smile in Jiang Tians eyes deepened, “Since you want to die two days earlier, we shall fulfill your wish!” He nodded at Huang Zhouping.

“Fine, tomorrow then!” Huang Zhouping grinned at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, after I kill you tomorrow, I will take my pleasure from your little maids virgin blood! Its a pity that you wont be able to see that!”

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