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Chapter 2272: Feng Tianyus News

“Senior Brother Jiang Tian, we have let Junior Brother Huang down!” Zheng Yongjia growled with sadness as he watched Huang Zhoupings cultivation palace being taken down piece by piece.

There was no temperature in Jiang Tians voice as he spoke, “I will settle this account with Huang Xiaolong.” A split-second pause later, he added, “It seems we have greatly underestimated Huang Xiaolongs importance!”

Underestimated Huang Xiaolongs importance!

Although capturing the murderers and dismantling Huang Zhoupings cultivation palace seemed to be Eminent Elder Li Yuhuis orders, anyone could see that the Eminent Elders actions were biased towards Huang Xiaolong.

However, the more the Eminent Elders were biased towards Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Tians desire to kill him also became stronger!

His instincts were screaming not to allow Huang Xiaolong to grow, or he knew that the Holy Alliance might cease to exist.


By the time Huang Xiaolong returned to the Myriad Dragon Peak, the Construction Hall Master Feng Jing had already dismantled materials from Huang Zhoupings cultivation palace, and he had organized people to send the materials over to Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui selected a large batch of the best quality iron ores and jade materials from their own places and personally sent them to Huang Xiaolong.

Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, and the other two Eminent Elders had personally selected these iron ores and jade stones.

Thus these materials were naturally better than most of the materials used by other Holy Princes cultivation palaces.

Huang Zhouping had once taken away Huang Xiaolongs ten million tons of iron ores and jade stones.

Today, the number of materials Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui sent over far exceeded a hundred million tons.

That was not all.

After the four Eminent Elders sent the materials over and obtained Huang Xiaolongs permission, they oversaw the Construction Hall Master Feng Jing, and Construction Halls disciples rebuild Huang Xiaolongs cultivation palace.

Under the Construction Halls tens of thousands of disciples diligent effort, Huang Xiaolongs ruined Myriad Dragon Peak soon changed into an ethereal immortal landscape.

Abundant holy spiritual qi enveloped the lush Myriad Dragon Peak.

The rebuilt palace was opulent and magnificent, comparable to Jiang Tians Holy Alliance Palace.

From a certain aspect, Huang Xiaolongs new cultivation palace surpassed the Holy Alliance Palace.

On top of that, Xu Jun also ordered the Construction Hall to clean up the nearby mountain peaks, and they built more than a dozen side palaces for Huang Xiaolong.

The four Eminent Elders even wanted the Construction Halls disciples to clear the mountain peaks and build palaces through the entire Wilderness Deity Mountain Range, but Huang Xiaolong thought that it would be wasteful to do so.

Half a month later, after constructions on the Myriad Dragon Peak were completed, Li Wen, Song Yi, and other Eminent Elders arrived.

Thirteen Eminent Elders cooperated and laid out several layers of defensive and offensive formations around Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak and the nearby mountain peaks, turning the area into a complete steel fort.

Li Wen and the other twelve Eminent Elders were all half-True Saints, and that too, not the average half-True Saints.

So one could imagine how powerful were the grand formations they jointly laid out.

Probably, only a True Saint would be able to break into Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak from now on.

This was also a precaution on the Eminent Elders side in case Jiang Tian and his Holy Alliancedid not fear death and came to destroy Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak again.

Therefore, the thirteen Eminent Elders had joined hands to lay the defensive and offensive formations around Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak.

Huang Xiaolong was currently, their Zhuoyuan Holy Gates most precious treasure that was rarer than a real panda, and absolutely nothing could go wrong with him.

After the thirteen Eminent Elders finished arranging the formations around Huang Xiaolongs Myriad Dragon Peak, they inquired about Huang Xiaolongs opinions on certain things before taking their leave.

Before leaving, Li Yuhui informed Huang Xiaolong that the Holy Alliances six members and Jiang Tian and other Holy Princes dozen subordinates had already been punished with death.

Zhang Wenyue choked on her tears when she heard the sinners who had destroyed the Myriad Dragon Peak and killed her father and brother were punished.

Zhang Wenyu, her father, and her brother, only had each other to count on in the long journey from the Jinyuan Kingdom to Falling Jade Dynasty, and finally to the Holy Gate headquarters.

They had originally thought that they had reached a place where they could settle down and focus on their cultivation in peace, but who wouldve thought that her father and brother would die at the hands of the Holy Alliance members.

“Dont worry.

Within a thousand years, I will dig the Holy Alliance up by the root to avenge your father, and brother.” Huang Xiaolong promised Zhang Wenyue.

Although his saint physique, saint bloodline, and saint godheads evolution rate was slow, Huang Xiaolong understood the direction of his evolution was fundamentally different from the eight predecessors because he could evolve by devouring other Holy Gates Holy Princes or disciples saint physique, saint bloodline, and saint godhead, while the eight predecessors couldnt do that.

They relied on absorbing unique origin treasures and origin pills to evolve.

Huang Xiaolong was confident that within a thousand years, he could raise his saint physique, saint bloodline, and saint godheads ranking up to top thirty, maybe even top twenty!

Huang Xiaolong was confident that within one thousand years, his strength would reach Jiang Tians heights.

Not only his saint physique, saint bloodline, and saint godhead could evolve, but he also had three saint bloodlines, and three saint godheads that could evolve!

Later on, Huang Xiaolong took out the Nine Dragon Vine he had bought from the Spirit Fire Island as well as other origin treasures.

He extracted them into liquid and concocted a medicinal potion.

He placed the holy beast egg he had obtained and soaked it in the medicinal potion to speed up its hatching.

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong once again entered into cultivation state.

He planned to refine the level-six origin treasures and origin pills Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, Gong Chen, and Li Yuhui had offered him as an apology gift.

As for the level-seven Golden Buddha Divine Pills, Huang Xiaolong decided to leave them until he advanced to half-step Venerable before taking them, so he could forge ahead and break through to Venerable Realm in one go.

Although the level-six origin pillsgifted by the four Eminent Elders were more common, they were still a better choice compared to the level-five origin pills inside Wan Zhuoyuans treasury.

And with Huang Xiaolongs saint physique, three saint bloodlines, and three complete dao saint godheads latest evolution, Huang Xiaolongs progress was twice as rapid.

Some of the holy grounds Holy Princes had merely received common level-four origin pills while their cultivation was still at the Ninth Order Sovereign.

Whereas Huang Xiaolong was already consuming level-six origin pills.

The gap between the two was like heaven and earth.

Then again, most likely in the entire vast Holy World, Huang Xiaolong was the only Ninth Order Sovereign who consumed level-six origin pills to cultivate.

If the Holy Worlds experts were to hear about this, their hearts would bleed from heartache.

After all, even someone like Jiang Tian, the chief of disciples, who was already a half-True Saint, merely consumed mid-grade, level-five origin pills when he cultivated.

Soon, more than a year passed.

With Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, and three saint bloodlines frenzied absorption of the level-six origin pills he had received from the four Eminent Elders, his cultivation that was close to the peak late-Ninth Order Sovereign, smoothly rose to the early Tenth Order Sovereign Realm.

This shocking speed was never heard of.

On this day, while Huang Xiaolong was still in cultivation seclusion when his transmission symbol suddenly shook.

Huang Xiaolong retreated from his cultivating state and read the message in his transmission symbol.

The message was sent by the External Affairs Hall Master Pang Dexin.

“There is news of Feng Tianyu!” Seeing the content of the message, Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up.

Some days ago, the External Affairs Hall Master Pang Dexin had paid Huang Xiaolong a visit on the Myriad Dragon Peak.

So he had made a request to Pang Dexin to look out for news about the 33 Heavens Races Patriarch Feng Tianyu.

Who knew Pang Dexin would really get results!

“Holy Central Dynasty, Chen Family!” Huang Xiaolong muttered as his eyes narrowed slightly.

According to Pang Dexins message, Feng Tianyu was currently at the Holy Central Dynastys Chen Familys place.

However, Feng Tianyu was not there as a guest, but was imprisoned by the Chen Family as their familys slave!

Pang Dexin had also mentioned that the Chen Family had close ties with the Jiang Family.

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