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Chapter 2273: Heads to the Holy Central Dynasty

“Central Holy Dynasty, Chen Family, Jiang Family!” Huang Xiaolong muttered icily.

Since Feng Tianyu was imprisoned by Chen Family as a family slave, his days naturally wouldnt be good.

Not only were his days not good, but his current life was literally inhumane.

Huang Xiaolong stood up, it seemed like he needed to make a trip to the Central Holy Dynasty and pay avisit to the Chen Family.

Feng Tianyu was his friend from the Heavenly World.

Thus, here in the Holy World, Feng Tianyu was an old friend.

No matter what, since Feng Tianyu was in trouble, he could not sit back and watch.

Moreover, he already had a plan to go to the Central Holy Dynasty sooner or later, to recruit some subordinates and expand his own force a little.

The Myriad Dragon Peak was too deserted with merely him and Zhang Wenyue as occupants.

Stepping out from his palace, Huang Xiaolong reached Zhang Wenyue at the side hall a moment later.

“Young Master, you want to go to the Central Holy Dynasty” Zhang Wenyue was surprised by Huang Xiaolongs sudden decision.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and said, “I have just received news related to an old friend, so I will go see him.”

After hearing that Huang Xiaolong wanted to go meet with an old friend, Zhang Wenyue hesitated, and she was a little nervous as she asked cautiously, “Young Masters old friend, is it a man or a woman”

A mirthful spark lit up Huang Xiaolongs eyes at that question.

He asked playfully in return, “What if its a man Again, so what if its a woman”

Zhang Wenyue blushed and stuttered due to nerves, “I, Im just asking, its nothing, its nothing.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled meaningfully at her reply.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong leaped onto the golden pig and set off before Zhang Wenyues reluctant gaze.

Two weeks or so later, Huang Xiaolong appeared at the Central Holy Dynastys capital city.

However, there were additional four middle-aged men by his side.

These four middle-aged men were Zhuoyuan Holy Gates secret guardans.

Upon learning that Huang Xiaolong was going out, Li Wen, Xu Jun, Guo Qirong, and the rest of the thirteen Eminent Elders had arranged these four for Huang Xiaolongs protection without a word.

The four were ordered to fully comply with Huang Xiaolongs orders.

Huang Xiaolong did not refuse the Eminent Elders arrangement.

Then again, amongst the many Holy Gates many Holy Princes, only Huang Xiaolong received this special treatment.

Even Jiang Tian did not have the honor.

Generally speaking, the Holy Gates guardians would not leave the Holy Gate headquarters, yet in order to protect Huang Xiaolong, four guardians were sent to protect Huang Xiaolong.

One could surmise how much Li Wen and the Eminent Eldersdoted on Huang Xiaolong.

As they walked down the streets of the Central Holy Dynastys prosperous and bustling capital city, Huang Xiaolong saw rows after rows of luxuriously decorated, large, spacious shops, restaurants, and inns.

There were endless lines of experts from various forces, some even riding on beast mounts.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help sighing in admiration,No wonder the Central Holy Dynasty was hailed as the holy grounds most powerful dynasty.

Merely the grandeur of the Holy Central Dynasty already threw other dynasties in the dust.

The architectural level of the capital city was not inferior to some of the buildings in the Holy Gate headquarters grounds.

“Ive heard that the Night Shrine Gates Chief has prepared the level-five origin treasure Silver Cold Cloud Fruit as a gift for the Jiang Familys forefather\'s birthday banquet!”

“Whats a mere Silver Cold Cloud Fruit The Revered River Divine Sect Chiefs birthday gift is a level-six Treasure Dragon Longevity Divine Pill!”

“What! Level-six Treasure Dragon Longevity Divine Pill! Thats too generous!”

Not long after Huang Xiaolong entered the capital city, conversations of passersby on the streets entered Huang Xiaolongs ears.

The Jiang Familys forefather

Huang Xiaolongs curiosity was stoked.

Only now did he remember why Jiang Tians nephew, Jiang Heyu, wanted to snatch his Nine Dragon Vine at the Spirit Fire Island.

Wasnt it because the Jiang Familys forefathers birthday was around the corner

The Jiang Familys forefathers birthday banquet was after two days.

However, Huang Xiaolong hadn\'t expected the Revered River Divine Sect Chief to have actually prepared a level-six Treasure Dragon Longevity Divine Pill as a birthday gift!

Although the Treasure Dragon Longevity Divine Pill was a common level-six origin pill, it successfully created the intended impact.

After all, not even a Holy Gates Holy Prince had the chance to taste a level-six origin pill.

A Holy Gates disciple could be rewarded with a level-six origin pill only by completing higher difficulty tasks at higher, or making great contributions to the Holy Gate to a certain degree.

On top of that, all thirteen Eminent Elders needed to give their approval.

“Revered River Divine Sect.” Huang Xiaolongs forehead furrowed slightly.

The Jiang Familys roots truly run deep.

Even the chief of a force like the Revered River Divine Sect personally attended the Jiang Familys birthday celebration banquet.

The Central Holy Dynasty was the holy grounds number one dynasty, and Jiang Family was the Central Holy Dynastys number one family, indirectly, the Jiang Family was also the holy grounds number one family.

On the other hand, the Revered River Divine Sect was the holy grounds number one sect headed by a Venerable.

Venerable experts were as numerous as the clouds within the Revered River Divine Sect, and its overall strength was not weaker than the Jiang Family.

Moreover, the Revered River Divine Sects headquarters was not located in the Central Holy Dynasty, yet the Revered River Divine Sect Chief was willing to traverse millions of miles just to attend the Jiang Family forefathers birthday banquet….

Hence, one could see the magnitude of Jiang Familys influence.

While Huang Xiaolong was pondering about the Revered River Divine Sect, a waft of fragrance suddenly tickled Huang Xiaolongs nose.

“Elder Brother, are you also here to attend the Jiang Family forefathers birthday banquet” A crisp lilting voice entered Huang Xiaolongs ears.

Huang Xiaolong turned to look and saw a pretty young woman clad in intricate and complex dress approaching him as she inquired.

Her big eyes were full of life.

The way she talked, and her mannerism resembled a mischievous elf.

There were a dozen sword-carrying women experts following the young woman.

Judging from their demeanors, they were her subordinates.

“No.” Huang Xiaolong showed no surprise at the other side\'s initiative, smiling as he answered.

This young woman reminded Huang Xiaolong of the Silver Fox Commerces Bei Xiaomei.

The young woman assumed Huang Xiaolong was like her and other experts, who were to attend the Jiang Family forefathers birthday celebration banquet.

So, when Huang Xiaolong answered no, she blanked for a second.

“Chen Family imprisoned a good friend of mine, so I came to take the person back from the Chen Family.” Seeing the young womans surprised expression, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

The young woman reacted quickly, and her eyes bent like crescents as she smiled charmingly, “What if the Chen Family refuses to release your good friend”

Clearly, she did not believe Huang Xiaolong was speaking the truth.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, swinging his fist, “If they dont release my friend, Ill send their front door flying with one punch and completely remove their main entrance.”

The young woman laughed, and her laughter was like music to the ears.

“Elder Brother is really funny.” She commented.

One of the sword-carrying female experts behind her stepped forward at this time, and her frosty gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong as she said, “Young man, you have no idea of heavens immensity.

You better stop making such jokes.

If your words fall on the ears of the Chen Family members, the elders of your family wouldnt be able to save you! Didnt the elders in your family educate you about the Chen Family The Chen Family and Jiang Family are in-laws.

So, there are not many people who dare to remove their main entrance.”

In the eyes of the female expert, Huang Xiaolong was instantly reduced to a prodigal son who liked to talk big.

Huang Xiaolong obviously did not make a good impression on her..

“Miss, your identity is noble, so you should not associate with such a familys disciples in the future.” The female subordinate then persuaded the young woman.

The Holy Gates guardians behind Huang Xiaolong frowned listening to the female experts words.

With Huang Xiaolongs current identity, it was not an exaggeration if they were to mete the female subordinate with death just because of her words.

Right at this time, a group of disciples approached them from the opposite side.

Judging from their attire, these were Chen Familys disciples.

“Miss Ma Hui, youre here!” The young man at the head of the group lit up when he saw the young woman.

When the young woman saw that Chen Familys young man, her willow brows wrinkled, but a smile bloomed on her female experts face.

She quickly cupped her fists in greeting, and she even appeared to be slightly fawning, “Young Master Chen Zhaorui.”

Chen Zhaorui was one of the Chen Familys young lords.

He was also the current Chen Family Patriarchs grandson.

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