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Chapter 2279: Welcoming

Jiang Tian was surprised by the obvious change on Jiang Wujis face, “Forefather, what did you think of just now”

Jiang Wuji reacted.

He suppressed the shock from his conjecture and shook his head, “Nothing, nothing.” Because his conjecture was simply absurd, Jiang Wuji didnt even know where to begin if he was to explain to Jiang Tian and the others.

At this moment, he would rather wish that his conjecture was wrong.

Jiang Tian once again looked at the present patriarchs and sect chiefs, and said in a cold voice, “Ill be frank with everyone here.

Huang Xiaolong killed my nephew, and then Junior Brother Huang Zhouping.

He has taunted and disregarded the Holy Alliance as well as the Jiang Family.

There is an abyss of blood feud between me and Huang Xiaolong.

There can only be one of us in this holy ground.

Everyone here has always been a friend and an ally of my Jiang Family.

Our connections are tied up by various forms of profits.

If the Jiang Family happens to be destroyed, everyone here definitely wont be far off from us.

I trust everyone here understands this point!”

The Revered River Divine Sect Chief and the others chests tightened nervously.

Jiang Tian went on, “I dont care what youve heard before this.

However, all of us have taken oaths on our saint dao, and signed blood contracts.

I hope everyone remembers that.”

Some time back, some of these patriarchs and sect chiefs had heard news claiming that after the arena battle, the Holy Gates Eminent Elders had begun to value Huang Xiaolong to an extreme extent.

There were also signs of the Holy Alliance being suppressed.

Moments ago, some of these patriarchs and sect chiefs were still wavering, desiring to maintain a neutral stance while they waited to see the situation, but this thought was nipped in the bud by Jiang Tians words.

“Your Highness Holy Prince Jiang Tians words are heavy.

We have been the Jiang Familys friends and allies since long, and it will always remain so in the future.” The Gao Familys Patriarch took it upon himself to show his stance first, “My family will follow Holy Prince Jiang Tian to the end!”

Other patriarchs and sect chiefs followed suit, quickly showing theirloyalty in their alliance with the Jiang Family.

In the end, the Revered River Divine Sect Chief as well as the Central Holy Dynastys imperial family prince, also nodded their heads, indicating that they would follow Jiang Tians decision.

Though there was a rumor that the Holy Gates Eminent Elders now valued Huang Xiaolong and were suppressing the Holy Alliance instead, it remained a rumor after all.

Moreover, the Revered River Divine Sect and the others had great confidence in Jiang Tian.

They were confident in Jiang Tians talent and potential, and they believed that Jiang Tian would be the person to ascend to the Holy Gate Patriarchs position.

This was especially true for the Revered River Divine Sect and several others.

It had almost become a faith to these people that Jiang Tian would be able to step into True Saint Realm within a hundred thousand years, becoming a True Saint, and after that he would take over the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, as well as the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

So what if the Holy Gates Eminent Elders valued Huang Xiaolong So what if they support Huang Xiaolong Once Jiang Tian stepped into True Saint Realm, those Holy Gates Eminent Elders could only surrender and become Jiang Tiansministers.

It was no secret that the current Huang Xiaolong was a mere Sovereign Realm cultivator.

Thus it was impossible for him to advance to the True Saint Realm in a hundred thousand years.

Breaking through from Sovereign Realm to True Saint Realm within a hundred thousand years was an impossible feat even for someone with a complete dao saint godhead in the top one hundred rankings.

After all these patriarchs and sect chiefs stated their stance, Jiang Wuji smiled reassuredly.

The Jiang Family had Jiang Tian.

Then, why would they fear anyone

“Still, Huang Xiaolong is a Holy Prince.

Of course, we cannot kill him like this.” Jiang Wuji spoke solemnly.

At the moment, regardless of whether his earlier conjecture was right or not, Huang Xiaolong needed to die!

Just like what Jiang Tian had said, they had already stood on the opposite side of Huang Xiaolong, and only one side could live at the end!

Moreover, if his conjecture was spot on, it was all the more reason for Huang Xiaolong to die!

Killing intent emerged on Jiang Wujis benevolent features.

At this time, the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Prince Tan Hongyi spoke, “It is inconvenient for Brother Jiang and others here to kill him.

Then, let us do Brother Jiang a favor!”

Hearing that, Jiang Tians face shone with delight, and he accepted the offer, “If Brother Tan is willing to help, thats more than perfect.

However, if Brother Tan really kills Huang Xiaolong, it might bring trouble to you and others!”

One of the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Prince, Qu Jiangmeng, said proudly, “Even if we really kill Huang Xiaolong, will Li Wen dare to kill us in retaliation At most, hell capture us, and have the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground pay some compensation.

Thats about it.”

Based on the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds current rising momentum, Li Wen and the other Eminent Elders will not dare to kill Tan Hongyi or those with him, without thinking twice, in most situations.

Tan Hongyi flashed a wide grin as he said, “Junior Brother Qu is right.

If that Huang Xiaolong really dies, will Li Wen go to war against our Evolving Dragon Holy Ground for a dead Holy Prince”

He went on in a more serious tone, “However, if we attack recklessly and kill him, we wont be able to withstand public scrutiny.

Moreover, we are attacking within the Jiang Familys compound.

If Huang Xiaolong dies, it would bring trouble to the Jiang Family to a certain degree.”

“Then, Brother Tans meaning is…” The Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Prince Yang Rong asked.

An obscured light gleamed in Tan Hongyis eyes as he said to Jiang Tian, “Didnt Huang Xiaolong have a battle with Huang Zhouping If I am right, there is also an arena that has existed since ancient times in this Central Holy Dynastys capital city, hasnt it”

Jiang Tian, Jiang Wuji, and the others eyes lit up.

“Brother Tan, thats a wonderful idea!” Jiang Tian laughed heartily, “If that Huang Xiaolong dies in the arena, Li Wen and the others wont be able to argue about it.

If Huang Xiaolong could kill Junior Brother Huang Zhuoping on the stage, then why cant we kill Huang Xiaolong on the Central Holy Dynastys battle stage”

“Excellent! This way, not only we will avenge Junior Brother Huang Zhouping and my nephew, but also repay an eye for an eye by letting Huang Xiaolong die the same way! Wonderful, wonderful!”

Jiang Tian could not stop laughing.

“However, Huang Xiaolong might not agree to battle Holy Prince Tan Hongyi or the other Holy Princes so easily.” Jiang Wuji highlighted.

Tan Hongyi smiled, “If he doesnt agree, then well just have to think of a way to make him agree, and force him to agree!”

Moments later, a Jiang Familys grand elder reported that Huang Xiaolong was about to arrive.

“Everyone, Brother Tan, please come with me.

Lets take a look at this Huang Xiaolong.

What do you think” Jiang Tian invited as he stood up from his seat.

Tan Hongyi chuckled meaningfully and responded, “Since he came to deliver his own head, we have to definitely welcome him in.”

Everyone laughed.

When Jiang Tian and the rest appeared at the Jiang Familys main entrance, Huang Xiaolong, Feng Tianyu, and the four guardians just arrived.

As he saw Jiang Tian coming out with a bunch of people, Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

“Huang Xiaolong, its really you!” Jiang Tian snickered coldly as soon as he saw Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong had not hidden his whereabouts at all, so it was not strange that Jiang Tian knew that he was coming to the Jiang Family.

However, Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised to see Tan Hongyis group.

“Ive heard that it is the Jiang Familys forefathers birthday.

So, I came to offer my well wishes to him.

Why Senior Brother Jiang Tian does not welcome me” Huang Xiaolong responded nonchalantly.

“Came to offer well wishes” Jiang Tian scoffed, “Welcome, of course we welcome you.

Look, I came out with my forefather and these patriarchs and sect chiefs to receive you.”

Everyone knew clearly if Huang Xiaolong had really come to offer his well wishes.

Then again, everyone knew whether they were really welcoming Huang Xiaolong or not.

Jiang Tian subsequently intoroduced Jiang Wuji, the Evolving Dragon Holy Grounds Holy Princes, the patriarchs and sect chiefs to Huang Xiaolong.

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