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Chapter 2285: Jiang Familys Shamelessness

Very quickly, Jiang Tian recovered from his anger, and he chuckled, “Of course.

Ive already said that Ill release your friends disciple no matter the outcome.” A round-faced, large-eyed, obedient and quiet lady was released with a wave of his hand.


“Xue Qi!”

Feng Tianyu and the lady exclaimed in shock when they saw each other.

As they rushed to embrace each other, everyone couldnt help but pause for a second to enjoy the touching scene before them.

However, Feng Tianyu soon realized the problem.

His expression changed, and a frosty expression appeared on his face.


He realized that her lightning attributed divine physique, divine bloodline, and godhead was….

Xue Qi revealed a sorrowful expression as she explained, “Master, the members of the Jiang Family crippled my physique, bloodline and, godhead yesterday!”

“What!” Feng Tianyu widened his eyes as he glared at the experts who were keeping her captive.

Huang Xiaolongs heart sank as well.

He glared at Jiang Tian and snapped, “Jiang Tian, you didnt keep your promise!”

His anger was met with a playful chuckle from Jiang Tian, “Huang Xiaolong, I had no idea that your friends disciple would be turned into a cripple.

Someone probably took matters into their own hands.

When I capture him, Ill mete out the harshest punishment the Jiang Family has to offer! Don\'t worry.

Ill definitely give you an explanation for this matter.”

“I promised you to release your friends disciple, but I didnt say that I would be responsible for the injuries she suffered.”

A frosty light flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Jiang Tian was basically wasting his time.

Without an order from Jiang Tian, who would dare to cripple Xue Qi! As for his investigation, Huang Xiaolong knew that no matter how much time he gave Jiang Tian, there would never be any results.

Even if he took a million years, no culprit would be found.

Turning to glare at Jiang Wuji, Huang Xiaolong continued, “The moment I discover the culprit, Ill hang his head one the gates of the Jiang Familys main hall!”

Jiang Tian no longer held back his anger as he snapped at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, who do you think you are! Do you really think that with Li Wen and the others behind you, my Jiang Family wont be able to do a thing to you! Do you believe that I cant cripple you right here and now! Li Wen wont be able to do a thing to me!”

As soon as he spoke, the guardians from the Holy Gate took a step forward in unison.

One of them growled, “Holy Prince Jiang Tian, you better watch what you say!”

A chilly light emerged from Jiang Tians eyes, “Watch what I say Who are you to speak to me about these matters Guardians of the Holy Gate dont have the capabilities to reprimand me!”

“Guardians of the Holy Gate!”

When everyone heard that those were the fabled guardians of the Holy Gate, they experienced no small amount of shock.

Shouldnt the guardians of the Holy Gate be protecting the headquarters! Why were they sent to protect Huang Xiaolong

Light flashed through another guardians eyes, and he spoke, “Holy Prince Jiang Tian, we know that you have arrived at the Seventh Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm.

However, the four of us can still suppress you if we decide to!”

Seventh Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm!

Everyone sucked in a cold breath when they heard what the guardian said.

As the strongest Holy Prince in the Holy Gate, his strength was indeed unfathomable.

There were some who believed that he was only at the fourth or even fifth tribulation!

No one had expected him to be a Seventh Tribulation Half-True Saint!

With his talent ranking in the top one hundred Holy Princes in all the land, even Eighth Tribulation Half-True Saints wouldnt be able to take him on easily.

Huang Xiaolongs heart sank.

He knew that Jiang Tian was strong, but he had never expected him to be that strong….

Peak of the Seventh Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm! Would I even be able to catch up in a thousand years!

Jiang Wuji broke the silence all of a sudden with a laugh and interjected, “Guardians, Jiang Tians tongue slipped, and he means no disrespect.

I hope you can forgive him and this old man will apologize in place of Jiang Tian.”

Jiang Wuji cupped his fist as he bowed to the guardians.

Not accepting or denying the apology, the four of them looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, this old man shall bring you to the treasury now.”

Feng Tianyu hastily turned to Huang Xiaolong and persuaded, “Brother Huang, we should forget about the matter….”

Since Huang Xiaolong was able to rescue his disciple, he was already content.

He didnt want to see Huang Xiaolong going head to head with the Jiang Family for a small matter!

It was also clear to him that the four guardians werent a hundred percent confident of suppressing Jiang Tian!

There was the Jiang Family standing at the side as well.

Despite Jiang Wujis deference, he was no weakling! If it came down to a fight, Jiang Wuji would definitely assist Jiang Tian!

As the pillar of the Jiang Family for the past tens of billions of years, Jiang Wuji was a formidable existence.

In fact, he was a monster! His strength should be no weaker than Jiang Tian.

Staring at Jiang Tian for a solid second, he turned to Jiang Wuji and backed down.

“Forefather Jiang, please.”

He decided to pay them back in the future.

“Your Highness, please!” Jiang Wuji revealed a face full of smiles as he bowed to Huang Xiaolong.

After seeing the smile on Jiang Wujis face, Huang Xiaolong cursed in his heart.

Damn old fox!

After passing through various layers of defenses, Huang Xiaolong and the others finally arrived at the gates of the Jiang Familys treasury.

After unleashing several complicated seals and inserting a special key, Jiang Wuji opened the doors of the treasury.

Instantly, a wave of medicinal fragrance and holy aura poured outwards.

The holy aura was formed by collecting tons of holy bills, and only at a certain level would they be able to produce a type of holy aura.

Even if one managed to gather several hundreds of billions of holy bills, they wouldnt be able to produce a holy aura as thick as the one coming from the Jiang Familys treasury.

Without missing a beat, Huang Xiaolong and the others entered the treasury.

Looking at the endless space before them piled high with treasures, Huang Xiaolong was stunned.

Even though he was prepared to witness opulence wealth, the scene before him was too much for him to take in.

Even the four guardians were stunned for a solid second.

As for Feng Tianyu, there wasnt a need to mention his feelings.

The treasury hosted several large planes, and every single one of them was crafted from rare earth essence.

They were filled with protective formations as they contained all sorts of spiritual medicine, metal essence, jade stones, and holy bills.

Rarely seen level-five and level-six origin spiritual pills could be seen lying about everywhere in the planes.

There were even holy bills in denominations of ten thousand piled high up into mountains.

Very quickly Huang Xiaolongs expression fell.

He realized that the highest-level pills in the treasury were only level-six origin spiritual pills.

There wasnt a single level-seven origin spiritual pill!

It was impossible for the top-ranked family in the holy grounds to be lacking in level-seven origin spiritual pills! There was only one explanation, and it was that Jiang Wuji had already retrieved all the level-seven pills the day before!

He had also done something to the spiritual jade stones! No matter how hard Huang Xiaolong tried looking for them, he couldnt detect the presence of even a single piece of spiritual jade stone!

“Forefather Jiang, are you sure there arent any level-seven origin spiritual pills in your treasury You dont even have jade stones with holy spiritual qi!” Huang Xiaolong sneered and a trace of rage rose in his heart.

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