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Chapter 2292: Back to the Headquarters

“Senior Brother Luo Hong, Im afraid Li Wen and the rest will never agree to hand Huang Xiaolong over!” Tan Hongyi spoke to the man in the golden robes.

Luo Hong! He was the top-ranked Holy Prince in the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground!

Even though Jiang Tian was the strongest Holy Prince in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground, and he had terrifying talent, he was clearly inferior when compared to Luo Hong!

A smirk formed on Luo Hongs face when he heard what Tan Hongyi said.

“Refuse to hand him over Im afraid thats not part of their options.

Theyll have to hand him over whether they like it or not!”

Arrogance laced his words, and it was clear that Luo Hong was extremely confident that they would return with Huang Xiaolong as their captive.

Even though the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground didnt send out too many experts, all two hundred members who entered the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground were in the Tenth Order Venerable Realm or higher.

Moreover, Luo Hong was extremely confident in his strength.

With his current strength, even someone like Li Wen wouldnt be able to challenge him!

Right now, there wasnt a single individual in the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground who had the power to hold him back!

That was also the source of his confidence.

Even if his master, the patriarch of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground, wasnt present, he was one hundred percent certain that they would be able to accomplish their mission.

“Senior Brother Luo, if Li Wen really refuses to hand him over, we should do things according to my plan.

Well just annihilate the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground and take it as our own!” Tan Hongyi piped up from the side.

A deep glow flickered in Luo Hongs eyes, but he eventually shook his head.

“We are unable to confirm Wan Zhuoyuans current location.

He might have left the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground temporarily to travel around, or he might have already experienced reincarnation in order to transcend his current cultivation level.

We cannot do anything to the Holy Ground until we are certain that Wan Zhuoyuan has already been reincarnated!”

A trace of fear appeared on Luo Hongs face when he mentioned Wan Zhuoyuan.

Even his master, a Second Heaven True Saint Realm expert, was afraid of Wan Zhuoyuan!

If they could have determined whether or not Wan Zhuoyuan had really entered the reincarnation cycle, they would have long since exterminated the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground.

“Senior Brother Luo Hong, are we really planning to leave the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground alone if we fail to ascertain Wan Zhuoyuans current predicament If he doesnt appear for a hundred thousand years, are we going to let the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground do whatever they want!” Qu Jiangmeng couldnt help but complain.

“A hundred thousand years Thats too long.

We have planted a spy in the Holy Gate, and his position isnt low at all.

As he rises through the ranks, well soon know if Wan Zhuoyuan reincarnated.”

In the Mirage Sea Spiritual City, two grandmist purple dragons revolved in the air above Huang Xiaolongs head.

A look of joy appeared on his face when he looked at the grandmist dragons.

This was because the two grandmist purple dragons were obtained after he had subdued Wang Yuan of the Divine Sea Spiritual Island and ransacked through the Divine Sea Spiritual Islands treasury.

His gains were really an unexpected surprise.

Huang Xiaolong was looking for purple grandmist aura all this while, and he never would have thought that he would obtain it after conquering the Divine Sea Spiritual Island.

Huang Xiaolong also heard from Wang Yuan that the two grandmist purple dragons were obtained when he had traveled through one of the dangerous regions of the Dragon Heart Island somewhere in the Blue Sea.

Moreover, the two purple dragons were obtained in the outer regions of the danger zone.

If he continued to explore, there could be some purple grandmist aura.

“Dragon Heart Island!” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

Dragon Heart Island was pretty famous in the Blue Sea.

It was one of the largest spiritual islands, and it was several times bigger than the Hongtong Island he had come across in the past.

Of course, the Dragon Heart Island was located deep within the Blue Sea and the whirlpools around it along with the strong sea beasts made it several times more dangerous than the Hongtong Island.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong managed to calm himself down, and he started to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

He refined the two grandmist purple dragons easily.

He had decided to head over to Dragon Heart Island after he was done with the refinement process.

If there were really several strands of purple grandmist aura located on the Dragon Heart Island, Huang Xiaolong would be able to reach the peak of the late tenth level of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

There was even a possibility of entering the eleventh level of the legends!

Even his master, the King of Grandmist, wasnt able to cultivate the technique up to the eleventh level!

A trace of anticipation welled up in Huang Xiaolongs heart when he thought about the eleventh level of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

The two grandmist purple dragons eventually transformed into strands of qi before surging into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Purple light enveloped him.

With Huang Xiaolongs newly enhanced saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and his saint physique, the speed of refinement was extremely quick.

In a mere twenty days, he devoured both grandmist purple dragons.

He entered the mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm without much surprise.

Even though he entered the mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm, Huang Xiaolong still felt as though he was ascending too slowly.

With his speed, he would take several tens of years before he could enter the Venerable Realm!

Several tens of years to enter the Venerable Realm from the mid-Tenth Order Sovereign Realm might be a phenomenal speed in the eyes of others, but it was too slow in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

If he improved so slowly, he wouldnt be able to match up to Jiang Tian even if he was given a hundred thousand years!

“It seems like the only way to speed things up will be to improve my Saint attributes….”

Huang Xiaolong wasnt lacking in resources at all.

He had origin spiritual pills at the sixth- and seventh-rank, along with Wan Zhuoyuans treasury! He had even managed to obtain half of the Jiang Familys treasury!

The only problem he would face was his slow cultivation speed!

If his saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physique were to rank in the top one thousand, Huang Xiaolong was certain that he wouldnt take several tens of years to enter the Venerable Realm with the help of his treasures!

After thinking about it for a moment, Huang Xiaolong got to his feet.

Even though the origin spiritual pills could allow him to improve his saint attributes, the speed of improvement was too slow! The best way would be to devour other geniuses with Saint attributes surpassing him!

Of course, there was no way he could set his sights on the disciples of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

With almost no other choice left, Huang Xiaolong decided to head over to the Dragon Heart Island to obtain the purple grandmist aura before returning to the Holy Gate in order to accept missions to hunt down the disciples of the evil factions.

There were tons of disciples in the evil factions, and many of their top geniuses were like those he had killed in the past! They had complete dao saint godheads, saint physiques, and saint bloodlines!

As soon as he left for the Dragon Heart Island with the four guardians, his transmission symbol shook.

Retrieving the symbol, a frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Li Wen was the one who had sent the message, and he was summoning Huang Xiaolong back to the headquarters because of the members of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground.

Even though Li Wen didnt mention their purpose, Huang Xiaolong was more than clear about their objective.

They were definitely there to deal with Yang Rongs death.

“Theyre pretty quick…” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

It seemed as though his plan to head to Dragon Heart Island had to be put on hold.

Li Wen and the others were extremely clear about Huang Xiaolongs importance to the Holy Gate.

Since they were willing to ask him to return, Li Wen should be able to protect him in case anything happened.

Huang Xiaolong quickly passed down his order to Wang Yuan and Liu Zhi, the two island masters, before taking his leave.

Along with the four guardians, Huang Xiaolong brought Feng Tianyu and several others as they headed back to the headquarters.

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