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Chapter 2306: Mortal from the Mortal World!

As Di Huai and the rest made their way to the Myriad Dragon Peak, Huang Xiaolong had already emerged from the secret room.

“What!” Huang Xiaolong met Feng Tianyus gaze the moment he emerged.

Seeing the weird look in the eyes of everyone around him, he couldnt help but look at himself.

“Did I wear my clothes wrong today”

A bitter smile appeared on Feng Tianyus face.

“Of course not… Brother Huang, arent you a little too merciless! How can you enter the Venerable realm so quickly! At this rate, I wont be able to catch up to you even if my cultivation soared!”

His complaints were met with a chuckle from Huang Xiaolong.

Xue Qi and Zhang Wenyue giggled in their clear voices.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong finally felt that it was time to set up another banquet to congratulate himself.

Previously, he was a mere half-step Venerable.

Now, he was a real Venerable and that was something he could celebrate.

Of course, he wasnt merely celebrating the fact that he had broken into the Venerable Realm.

He had never expected for himself to receive the care and assistance of the Holy Worlds source energy when he broke through! Even though he knew that his talent was terrifying, he didnt expect to receive a Holy Mandate Imprint when entering the Venerable Realm.

That was a Holy Mandate Imprint they were talking about!

As no stranger to the history of the Holy World, he knew that he had obtained the fourth piece of the Holy Mandate Imprint fragment in the history of the Holy World.

Initially, he was troubled at the fact that he wouldnt be able to enter the peak of the Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint Realm in a thousand years to challenge Jiang Tians position.

However, he knew that there was no longer anything he needed to be afraid of!

Soon, Di Huai and the elders arrived on the Myriad Dragon Peak.

When they looked at him, a complicated look swirled in their eyes.

At the same time, traces of admiration and amazement appeared in them.

Huang Xiaolongs hair stood on end when he felt their burning gazes on him.

“Eminent Elder Li Wen, can you stop looking at me like that” Huang Xiaolong joked.

“I hope nobody gets the wrong idea….”

Laughter rang through the air as the Eminent Elders broke into laughter.

Di Huai stared at the Holy Mandate Imprint on Huang Xiaolongs forehead, and a look of appreciation appeared in his eyes.

“Little brat, I really wish to take a look at your parents….”

Hearing Di Huais words, Huang Xiaolong stared at him in shock.

“Who in the world had the ability to give birth to a monster like you!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “My parents Lord Di Huai, you should be mistaken.

They arent terrifying experts.

They are mortals in the Mortal World.”

“Mortals!” Di Huai jumped in fright.

However, there was a trace of suspicion flashing in his eyes.

“Thats impossible.”

“Of course its possible! My parents came from the Mortal World!” Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to hide anything, and he quickly spoke about his experience of crossing the 33 Heavens Gates to arrive in the Holy World.

“Feng Tianyu is a friend I made in the lower worlds before coming here.

We came to the Holy World together.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at Feng Tianyu.

Noticing the doubts in the eyes of everyone present, Feng Tianyu started to explain the situation.

“Lord Di Huai, Eminent Elders… Its great that all of you are here!” Huang Xiaolong welcomed everyone into the main palace.

After an entire day of feasting and celebrating, Di Huai and the Eminent Elders left the next morning.

Returning to the secret room, Huang Xiaolong touched the imprint in the space between his eyebrows.

Without Huang Xiaolongs activation, it remained as a tiny red spot that remained on his forehead.

Anyone who didnt know what it was would only think that it was a type of ancient rune.

There were several ancient races who ingrained special runes into their glabella.

As such, Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid that anyone would recognize the Holy Mandate Imprint!

Only Di Huai and the Eminent Elders knew about his Holy Mandate Imprint.

Even people like Feng Tianyu and Zhang Wenyue had no idea!

Regardless, the Holy Mandate Imprint wasnt the only thing Huang Xiaolong obtained in the baptism of source energy.

After careful observation, Huang Xiaolong realized that he had managed to awaken another two saint physiques!

Like his godheads and saint bloodlines, he now had three saint physiques!

Moreover, his ability to evolve his saint attributes didnt change!

Despite not knowing the ranking of his two new saint physiques, Huang Xiaolong knew that they were a little stronger than his original saint physique.

At the very least, they were ranked in the top one thousand.

He didnt take too long to observe the changes to his body.

After leaving the secret room, Huang Xiaolong entered the space under the Myriad Dragon Peak and opened Wan Zhuoyuans treasury.

With the strength he had obtained, he was confident of opening the second hall in Wan Zhuoyuans treasury!

Just the night before, he had spoken to Di Huai about lots of stuff.

They had decided to leave the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground two days later to head over to the Holy Heavens.

As such, Huang Xiaolong had decided to take everything he could.

Passing through the first hall, Huang Xiaolong retrieved everything and tossed them into the space inside the lightning bead.

Walking towards the second hall, Huang Xiaolong swept away all the rank-six origin spiritual pills and spiritual herbs.

Trying his luck, Huang Xiaolong tried to open the third hall but to no avail.

“I can only try after coming back in the future….” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he stared at the entrance to the third hall.

The treasury was hidden really well, and one could only enter if they used a special method.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid that anyone would be able to enter by mistake.

Taking away everything in the first and second hall, Huang Xiaolong took it upon himself to mess with Wan Zhuoyuan.

The moment he met Wan Zhuoyuans holy soul, streams of profanities entered his ears.

After having a nice chat with Wan Zhuoyuans holy soul, Huang Xiaolong continued to plunder the treasury.

After leaving the Zhuoyuan Holy Grounds, Huang Xiaolong didnt know when he would be able to return.

There were many things he needed to arrange and take care of before he could leave.

Two days passed in a flash, and Di Huai appeared on the Myriad Dragon Peak to meet with Huang Xiaolong.

They had to travel a considerable distance to the headquarters of the Holy Heavens, and Di Huai decided to personally protect Huang Xiaolong along the way in order to ensure his safety.

Huang Xiaolong didnt reject his goodwill.

After all, the journey was indeed far.

With his strength at the First Order Venerable Realm, he would definitely meet pirates who lived in the void spaces in the Holy World.

The pirates and bandits who could establish themselves in the Holy World werent weaklings! Even though he would be enough to deal with most problems, it would be troublesome if he met with high-level Venerables or Half Saints!

After considering the fact that there was a possibility of the Evolving Dragon Holy Ground launching an attack on the Zhuoyuan Holy Ground, Huang Xiaolong brought Feng Tianyu and the others with him.

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