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Chapter 2315: Registration

Seeing Fan Xia once again, the killing intent in Di Huai reignited as his expression fell.

This time, Fu Yunjie was the one to approach.

“I didnt get brothers name the last time.

I wonder where brothers saint godhead ranks among the rest”

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he replied, “Im Huang Xiaolong.

My talent cant compare to yours.

My saint godhead ranks in the nine hundred.”

As soon as the words left Huang Xiaolongs lips, everyone fell silent.

Even someone like Fan Xia felt his world spinning.

Nine… Nine hundred!

Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie stared at Huang Xiaolong in silence.

They only managed to react after Huang Xiaolong left with Di Huai.

“How dare the brat mess with me!” Flames emerged from Fu Yunjies eyes, and he raged.

Neither of them believed that Huang Xiaolongs Saint godhead ranked in the nine hundred! How could anyone with such sh*tty talent head to the headquarters of the Holy Heavens! Fu Yunjie had already reached the conclusion that Huang Xiaolong was lying to him.

Fan Xias expression turned frosty, and he sneered, “How dare a f*cking Venerable mess with me Lets go.

Cut in line and register before him.”

“Yes, Master.”

The two of them accelerated and rushed past Di Huai and Huang Xiaolong, inserting them into the queue before them.

Seeing as Fu Yunjie had cut in line, a frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Since there was a long line in front of the two of them, Huang Xiaolong really didnt mind it too much.

For the top-ranked organization in the Holy World, the number of disciples trying to enter the Holy Heavens definitely didnt number in the tens.

There were several people who had nothing but time on their hands, and they did some calculations.

In the past billions of years, there hadnt been a day when no one had tried to enter the Holy Heavens!

Even so, Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried at all.

He merely waited his turn.

Half a day passed.

Finally, Fu Yunjie was called to enter the testing venue.

Stepping forward, Fu Yunjie greeted the True Saint Realm expert, who was in charge of the registration process, respectfully.

He also introduced his master, Fan Xia before paying the fee of a hundred million holy bills.

It cost a hundred million holy bills to take the test!

Moreover, that was merely the fee for the first segment!

Disciples of ordinary sects wouldnt be able to gather the amount for the entrance fee!

The True Saint Realm expert recorded everything Fu Yunjie said on a piece of jade slip before sending him towards the location to test his saint attributes.

In the Holy World, they used holy spiritual formations to test ones aptitude in the various superpowers.

The Holy Heavens was different as they used a special sort of sacred stele to test it!

The sacred stele was a special artifact crafted by an expert who had surpassed the True Saint Realm, and it was extremely accurate in determining ones saint attributes.

Fu Yunjie approached the stele and pressed his right hand into the middle of the runes carved into the stele.

Circulating the energy in his body, qi poured out from his palm into the stele.

The stele lit up with rays of resplendent light and the hall seemed to bathe in holy light.

“Thats too bright!”

“His saint attributes definitely rank in the top hundreds! Otherwise, the light wouldnt be as blinding as this!”

“Top hundred The holy light seems to have congealed into something corporeal! Im afraid….”

Several disciples who were there to register were shocked when they noticed the light coming off the sacred stele.

Even the True Saint Realm expert in charge of registrations couldnt help but widen his eyes in shock.

Despite the fact that most people who had arrived were disciples of the super Holy Gates with astounding talent, not all of them had saint attributes ranking in the top hundred.

Out of the thousands and thousands of disciples who tried to enter the Holy Heavens every day, it was a blessing if they managed to discover ten talents with saint attributes ranking in the top hundred!

Moreover, it was rare to see someone like Fu Yunjie, whose talent was shocking to the point that it caused the holy light to turn corporeal!

Fu Yunjie couldnt hide the delight in his heart when he noticed the envious and shocked gazes of everyone present.

Fan Xia was also laughing wildly at the side.

In front of everyone, a row of words appeared in the air.

“Complete Buddha Saint Godhead, ranked 68, single attributed.”

“Rank sixty-eight!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath, and the registration hall erupted.

Even though the results only mentioned Fu Yunjies complete dao aaint godhead, they knew that his other saint attributes wouldnt fall far behind.

As soon as he entered the Holy Heavens, he would be an inner disciple!

The glory he would receive wasnt something they could imagine!

Soon, Fu Yunjie continued with the test.

“Brilliant Buddha Saint Bloodline, ranked 69, single attributed!”

Finally, the test of his saint physique commenced.

“Revered Moon Saint Physiques ranked 64, single attributed!”

The hall fell into silence for a second as shock swept through the minds of everyone present.

“Holy Emperor True Reason, congratulations! You managed to accept a brilliant disciple!” The various experts turned to Fan Xia and offered their congratulations as a look of envy burned in their eyes.

Fan Xia cupped his hands and bowed.

He couldnt stop laughing.

Even the True Saint Realm expert in charge of the registration process stood up to congratulate him.

Even though one had to pass the second test before they would be accepted into the organization, it would be of no difficulty for someone of Fu Yunjies talent.

One could say that Fu Yunjies entrance to the Holy Heavens was basically confirmed.

Fan Xia turned and bowed, “Many thanks!”

After a whole lot of *ss kissing, Fu Yunjie moved to the side.

Huang Xiaolongs turn finally came.

Walking towards the True Saint, Huang Xiaolong introduced himself and paid the fee.

Standing before the sacred stele, Huang Xiaolong placed his hand above the rune and sucked in a deep breath.

He activated his dragon attributed saint godhead.

Raising his head, Huang Xiaolong was extremely interested in finding out the extent to which his godhead evolved!

However, the stele didnt light up like Huang Xiaolong expected.

It barely flickered with light, and even the True Saint Realm expert who was in charge of the registration process stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

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