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Chapter 2321 Xiaolong, Good Job!

“Quickly capture him and throw him into the prison! We have to interrogate him! This guy is definitely a spy from the Devil Palace!” When everyone was still in shock, Fu Yunjie yelled even louder, “He cant comprehend a stele in less than a second!”

Immediately, the entire plaza became agitated.

Everyone was filled with righteous indignation as they pointed fingers at Huang Xiaolong.

“Spy from the Devil Palace! Get down here right now!” Someone screamed.

Zhuo Ruo, the presiding examiner, frowned.

She didnt believe that anyone would be able to comprehend the heavenly stele in a single second.

Even the most talented disciple in the Holy Heavens, Li Chen, had used forty-two seconds to complete his comprehension!

When he had arrived at the second stele, Li Chen had used a full minute and thirty-five seconds!

Then, how was it possible for Huang Xiaolong to take less than a second to comprehend the first stele! It was even more ridiculous for him to take less than a second to comprehend the second stele!

Could he really be a spy sent by the Devil Palace!

It wasnt anything new for the Devil Palace to send spies into the Holy Heavens.

The disciples they sent would participate in the selection process to enter the Holy Heavens as a Holy Prince!

However, most of the spies they sent had saint godheads ranking in the top hundreds.

Why would they send over someone with no talent whatsoever like Huang Xiaolong

When Zhuo Ruo was thinking of whether she should stop the examination to interrogate Huang Xiaolong, the anger in the crowd reached its peak under Fu Yunjue and Feng Yuanyuans incitation.

Just as she was about to come to a decision, the space shook as a group of soldiers, clad in golden armor, mounted on beasts charged into the venue.

Terrifying killing intent filled the air in an instant.

“The Holy Heavens law enforcement squad!” Someone exclaimed in shock as his expression changed drastically.

The clamor died out in an instant.

Even Fu Yunjie, who was berating Huang Xiaolong, felt his chest tightening up.

He didnt dare to breathe loudly, and he silenced himself.

In the next moment, Deacon Zhang Hanwen of the law enforcement hall approached Zhuo Ruo.

Zhuo Ruo was stunned for a full second.

“Senior Hanwen, this…”

“Junior Zhuo Ruo, continue the examination.

Theres no need to worry.” Zhang Hanwen then swept his gaze across the examination venue, “If theres someone trying to incite trouble deliberately and interfere with the exam, I will punish them according to the rules of the Holy Heavens!”

Everyone screaming and shouting under the bridge felt their bodies going numb when they heard what Zhang Hanwen said.

Under the gaze of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong placed his palm on the third heavenly stele, and blinding light filled the skies.

One second!

Everyone in the plaza was dumbfounded.

Fu Yunjie felt an overwhelming sense of anger, coupled with jealousy, and he stepped forward to speak to Zhang Hanwen.

“My Lord, its obvious that Huang Xiaolong is from the Devil Palace! Hes currently using some sort of demonic art to pass through the test!”

“I beg Lord Haowen to capture this person to ensure fairness to us all!” Fu Yunjie said righteously.

Just as Zhuo Ruo thought of stopping Fu Yunjie from speaking, Zhang Hanwens expression turned frosty.

“Demonic art Spy from the Devil Palace”

“If you say that hes a spy from the Devil Palace, am I supposed to take your word for it”

“If you say that hes using some sort of demonic art, can you prove it Who do you think you are Do you think that I need someone like you to teach my law enforcement squad how to do things”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Nobody had expected Zhang Hanwen to rebuke Fu Yunjie so harshly.

Even Fu Yunjie himself was stunned as his expression turned unsightly.

“My Lord, Yunjie was wrong!” Fan Xias face changed drastically as he rushed forward to apologize, “Yunjie is frank and outspoken, and means no harm! Please dont take offense.” He then turned around and chided Fu Yunjie, “Yunjie, apologize right now!”

Fu Yunjie gritted his teeth as his head hung low.

He muttered an apology halfheartedly.

Without sparing another glance at Fu Yunjie, Zhang Hanwen turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong.

Even though he looked calm on the outside, towering waves were crashing in his mind.

Just a moment ago, he had received an order from the hall master of the law enforcement hall to lead the squad in to ensure order in the examination venue!

The hall master had placed special emphasis that the disciple called Huang Xiaolong could not be disturbed in any way! If the examination was interrupted, Zhang Hanwen would have to pay for it with his life!

When he thought about the killing intent hidden behind the orders he had received, he knew that the hall master wasnt messing around.

If Huang Xiaolongs examination was affected, he would be the first to die!

Fu Yunjies face turned unsightly when he realized that Zhang Hanwen was ignoring him.

Anger boiled in his heart when he thought of how Zhang Hanwens eyes were focused on Huang Xiaolong.

Initially, Zhuo Ruo had wanted to back Fu Yunjie up and request for a pause in the examination.

However, her subconsciousness told her that she would be in deep sh*t if she opened her mouth.

Looking at Zhang Hanwens attitude on the matter, she shivered in fear.

Seeing the sudden change in the situation, she knew that something was off.

After comprehending the third heavenly stele, Huang Xiaolong arrived in front of the fourth heavenly stele.

Unlike the first three steles, Huang Xiaolong took five seconds to comprehend the fourth stele!

Without a second of rest, Huang Xiaolong comprehended the fifth and sixth stele in succession.

Like the fourth stele, he took five seconds to comprehend them.

Seeing that he had comprehended six saint steles consecutively, Fu Yunjie and Fan Xias face turned unsightly.

No one could remain indifferent when they noticed Huang Xiaolongs progress.

“Good, good!” When Di Huai saw that Huang Xiaolong had comprehended six steles, he couldnt help but feel a sense of relief wash over his entire body.

Feeling refreshed, he clapped and cheered, “Xiaolong, good job!”

Everyone turned to stare at Di Huai.

His laughter was like a slap in the face for Fan Xia and Fu Yunjie.

Arriving at the seventh stele, Huang Xiaolong placed his hand on it.

This was the furthest Fu Yunjie had got previously.

Ten seconds slowly passed….

Twenty seconds eventually passed, and everyone stared at him with bated breaths.

“Brother Yunjie, relax! Even if he used a demonic art to pass the first six steles, he wont be able to pass the seventh!” Feng Yuanyuan reassured him.

Fu Yunjie nodded his head.

At the exact moment he nodded, holy light emerged from the seventh stele and dyed the venue a brilliant hue of gold.

A deafening explosion filled the skies, and it seemed to contain the secrets of the heavens and earth.

The seventh stele, passed!

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