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Chapter 2338: Saint Fate List!

When the other disciples of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate saw what happened to their senior brother, the blood drained from their faces as they followed behind the patrol guards obediently.

A bitter smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face when he saw Yu Fujiangs end.

After looking at the half-dead figure being dragged across the street by the guards, Grand Hall Master Wu Ges introduction of Du Zhenjun came to mind.

He had heard about how Du Zhenjun was a demon-like existence who killed anyone who got in his way.

But now, he finally witnessed a part of that blood-thirst for himself.

Of course, it didnt matter too much to him.

They had sealed their fates when they acted against him for the Nine Colored Fox Phoenix.

If the matter blew up, the Holy Lands Alliance wouldnt dare to utter a peep.

“Senior Du Zhenjun, shall we leave” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Alright, lets go!” Du Zhenjun smiled before shooting up into the skies.

Complicated gazes lingered in the eyes of everyone around them as they left.

“That brat was tired of living….” When he thought of Yu Fujiangs resistance, Du Zhenjun laughed, “If I was still as hot-headed as I was in the past, he would have turned to dust the instant he poked his head out!”

He wasnt boasting or anything.

With his temper in the past, a thousand Yu Fujiangs would have already died by the time he could scream and shout at the two of them.

“I guess those from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate will soon hear about this.” Huang Xiaolong said all of a sudden.

Du Zhenjun said with a face of indifference, “Who cares about them Are they going to run over to the four Primal Ancestors to complain about what we did The furthest they will go is to ask Grand Hall Master Wu Ge for mercy.”

It didnt take long for Du Zhenjun to lead Huang Xiaolong over to the hidden space where the four Primal Ancestors resided.

As soon as he entered, Huang Xiaolong swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

The holy spiritual qi in the air was so dense that they could form clouds.

Du Zhenjun laughed when he noticed Huang Xiaolongs reactions, “Young Master Huang, you dont have to be jealous of your Masters.

After the apprenticeship ceremony, you can move in here to cultivate.

The four Primal Ancestors will definitely arrange for your residence to be built soon.”

According to the rules of the Holy Heavens, any disciple of the Primal Ancestors could obtain a spot in the Primal Ancestors space.

After flying over several mountain ranges formed from holy spiritual ores, the two of them arrived at the gates of a massive holy palace.

The smile on Du Zhenjuns face vaporized as he reported in a solemn voice, “Ancestors, I have brought Huang Xiaolong over!”

“Come in.” A majestic voice rang in their ears.

Du Zhenjun only brought Huang Xiaolong into the palace after obtaining permission.

As soon as they entered, Huang Xiaolong noticed that the size of the hall was extraordinarily large.

Four men sat in the middle of the hall, and one of them looked a little strange.

Beside him sat a middle-aged man surrounded by dragon qi, and there was another who looked like a scholar.

The last was an old man who had a cold look in his eyes.

“Greetings to the four Ancestors!” Du Zhenjun fell to his knees and bowed respectfully.

Mirroring Du Zhenjuns actions, Huang Xiaolong paid his respect to the four Primal Ancestors.

After letting them get to their feet, Lord Long, the man with a fierce expression, snapped, “Arent you a little too good at getting into trouble The moment you leave, you get into a fight with the chief disciple of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate! You nearly killed him!”

Even though he looked like he was scolding the kid, Lord Long didnt seem to blame Huang Xiaolong in the slightest.

“Yu Fujiang wanted to grab my beast….”

The strange-looking young man, Tyrant Chu, sneered lightly in response.

“If I was there, he would have exploded into a billion pieces with a single snort.

How dare a chief disciple of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate ignore the laws of our Holy Heavens He even made a move on one of our disciples inside the Holy Heavens City! The last time I checked, the city was named after our organization! Those of the Holy Lands Alliance are getting bolder and bolder….”

The old man, Elder Crow, slowly turned to Tyrant Chu and said, “You should know that they managed to obtain Mo Canglis support.”

Mo Cangli

Huang Xiaolongs heart shook.

He was acutely aware of the name, Mo Cangli.

Before him, Mo Cangli was crowned as the most talented individual in the Holy World.

He was projected to be the strongest expert in the future, but Huang Xiaolong had popped out of nowhere.

Rumor had it that his saint attributes were the strongest among the Primal Ancestors of the Holy World.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had to show up one day and comprehend the sacred steles in six minutes.

At that instant, Huang Xiaolongs image in everyones heart had already surpassed Mo Cangli.

Lord Long turned to Tyrant Chu and spoke, “I have heard that Huai Po, Mo Canglis disciple, got close to those from the Holy Lands Alliance.”

Tyrant Chu snorted in response, “Hmph, the only thing Huai Po learned from his Master was the old freaks arrogance.”

An amicable smile formed on the Heavenly Masters face as he turned to address Huang Xiaolong.


We can speak of these matters in the future.

Kid, we saw the battle in the Devil Cave.

You managed to surprise us.”

Lord Long, Tyrant Chu, and Elder Wu stared at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated expression on their faces.

Like what the Heavenly Master said, every battle Huang Xiaolong took part in had shaken them greatly.

They felt that his combat strength had increased at an astonishing speed whenever he completed a battle.

Compared to a year ago, he was on a completely different level, both in the combat strength and cultivation realm.

A trace of embarrassment formed on Huang Xiaolongs face when he heard the Heavenly Masters praises.

“Disciple still feels that Im too slow.”

Not a single person could maintain the expression on their face when they heard what he said.

Tyrant Chu tutted when he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “In one year, you managed to break through to the early-Fourth Order Venerable Realm from the peak early-Third Order Realm.

If you feel that youre slow, those on the Saint Fate List should ram their heads into the wall and kill themselves.”

The Saint Fate List was a list of geniuses under the True Saint Realm.

Experts from various holy grounds were recorded on it.

With a smile on his face, Huang Xiaolong was smart enough to keep quiet.

Seeing as their disciple wasnt planning to explain his talent, they quickly changed the topic and briefed him about the events that would happen during the apprenticeship ceremony.

They also warned him that the Clear Snow Palace and the Holy Lands Alliance would be sending several disciples over to spar with him.

Speaking of the ceremony, Huang Xiaolong asked, “Four ancestors, I have heard that during Senior Brother Li Chens apprenticeship ceremony, he requested a favor from Master Lord Long….”

The four Primal Ancestors stared at each other silently.

“What do you want” The Heavenly Master asked.

“I wish to enter the Lake of Fire and Ice.”

The four of them couldnt believe their ears.

“You wish to cultivate in the Lake of Fire and Ice” Tyrant Chu muttered, “According to the rules set by the Holy Heavens, only disciples ranking in the top three are allowed to cultivate within.

You know what If you manage to defeat either the disciple of the Clear Snow Palace or the Holy Lands Alliance, we shall allow you to enter.”

Huang Xiaolong bowed respectfully and agreed.

Seeing as their disciple had agreed without hesitation, the Heavenly Master laughed.

“Are you sure about this The Clear Snow Palace is sending a disciple called Zhao Ya over and her Saint godhead ranks seventy-third! She has the Ice Lotus Saint Godhead, and she wont be an easy opponent.

As for the Holy Lands Alliance, they wouldnt send anyone weaker than that.

It should be a little difficult for you to defeat them, no Ill give you a chance to request something else.”

The four of them could tell that Huang Xiaolongs combat strength had grown tremendously in the past year, but they still felt that it was somewhat lacking when compared to Zhao Ya.

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