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Chapter 2344: The Sacrificial Battle Spirit

Experts and disciples from various forces that came to join in the celebration were only allowed as far as the edge of the plaza.

Every person on the Sacrificial Mountain, on the plaza or outside of the plaza, was standing, including Huang Xiaolong, except for one person!

In the most conspicuous position on the square in front of the sacrificial altar, in front of the Clear Snow Palaces experts, sat a woman that was beautiful beyond words.

This woman was clad in a delicate white brocade dress, as those from the Clear Snow Palace.

Her skin was white as snow, and others feared looking at her for too long, fearing that their gazes might blaspheme her.

She was the Clear Snow Palaces Palace Master Xue Lingyun!

She was reputed as the most beautiful woman in the Holy World since ancient times!

Even now, she was still the number one beauty in many experts hearts.

The Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying, stood straight behind Xie Lingyun.

Even as the leader among the three, Tan Juan seemed a little lackluster when compared to Xue Lingyun.

There were numerous Holy Gates, ancient families, and ancient races patriarchs around the plaza, and their gazes fell on Xue Lingyun from time to time.

Regardless which direction or which angle one looked at Xue Lingyun, her beauty made ones heart race.

These experts from various forces waited in silence.

Suddenly, four shocking auras descended from the void, enveloping the entire holy ground.

It was not only the Sacrificial Mountain, but it enveloped further than the Holy Heavens City, encompassing the entire holy grounds continents.

Trillions of experts felt the majestic auras.

Except for the Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun, all other experts faces changed, including the Holy Lands Alliance holy masters.

Their expressions tensed as they lowered their heads.

Under everyones revered respect, the four people slowly descended from high air.

At these four peoples appearance, the Holy Gates and ancient families patriarchs, and others, including the Holy Lands Alliances ten great holy masters, and the Holy Heavens hall masters, everyone knelt respectfully in salute.

“Greetings to the Holy Heavens four Lord Primal Ancestors!”

“Greetings to the four Lord Primal Ancestors!”

Undulating voices from the Sacrificial Mountain and nearby mountains reverberated in the air.

The Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun rose from her seat at this time and said, “Greetings, four Senior Brothers!” Her crisp voice was music to the ears, as it was clear and charming.

Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Elder Crow, and Tyrant Chu nodded slightly at the Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun.

“Fellow Daoist Lingyun need not stand on ceremony.” Heavenly Master smiled amiably, then turned to the Holy Lands Alliances ten holy masters, patriarchs, and experts, “Everyone as well.”

His voice reached every corner of the Holy Heavens City, carrying an inviolable aura.

Only then did everyone in the crowd stand up.

The four Primal Ancestors then sat cross-legged in the air above the sacrificial altar.

“Begin the sacrificial ceremony.” Lord Long said to the Holy Heavens Grand Hall Master Wu Ge.

“Yes, Lord Long!” Wu Ge complied respectfully, and then issued orders for the sacrificial ceremony to begin.

According to the proceedings of the apprenticeship ceremony, the first event was offering prayers to heaven, the second event was the apprenticeship ceremony, and the third event was the friendly sparring exchange.

As the prayer offerings began, Huang Xiaolong stepped to the center of the sacrificial altar on the third floor.

Wu Ge started forming seals with his hands to activate all the three holy spiritual formations on the altar.

Seconds later, pillars of sacred light rose to the heavens.

The Sacrificial Altar had been lit three times previously.

The first time was when the Holy Heavens was established, the second time was when Tyrant Chu had joined the Holy Heavens, and the third time was during Li Chens apprenticeship ceremony.

Counting Huang Xiaolongs apprenticeship ceremony, this was the fourth time the Sacrificial Altar was lit.

Bathed in the resplendent lights from the sacrificial altars holy spiritual formation, Huang Xiaolong began worshipping the heavens.

Soon, holy lights gathered behind Huang Xiaolongs back, condensing into a giant golden battle spirit.

This golden battle spirit seemed to be born of heaven and earth, born of the Holy Worlds great daos.

This golden battle spirit was over ten thousand zhang tall, exuding a heart-palpitating momentum, standing in the air right behind Huang Xiaolong as crepuscular rays of golden light shone from its body.

Watching this sight, the various forces experts showed shock, and low murmurs ran through the crowd.

Even the Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun could not conceal the barest shock on her face.

“Mas-Master, whats that!” The leader of Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, Tan Juan, could not help asking.

She had never heard of this kind of situation during the prayer offerings on the sacrificial altar.

Previously, the sacrificial altar had been lit three times, but this kind of situation has never appeared.

Ji Xinyi and Lin Xiaoying stared wide-eyed at this scene, astounded yet curious at the same time.

The Clear Snow Palace Hall Master Xue Lingyun sucked in a breath of cold air, and her expression grew serious as she spoke, “If I am not wrong, this should be the sacrificial battle spirit from the legends!”

“The sac-sacrificial battle spirit” Tan Juan was astonished, “What is that”

Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun explained, “This sacrificial altar is actually a primal artifact! More accurately, it is a naturally born primal artifact!”

“What!” The Clear Snow Palaces three beauties were greatly surprised.

They hadnt expected this sacrificial altar to be actually a primal artifact born of nature.

None of them had ever heard of such a thing.

Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun went on, “In truth, there is a reason why the apprenticeship ceremony is held here on the Sacrificial Mountain instead of the Holy Heavens Manor.

It is said that this sacrificial altars origins are quite mysterious, and even the Holy Heavens four Primal Ancestors could not fully control it! It was because even the four Primal Ancestors could not awaken the sacrificial battle spirit!”

“Only by awakening the sacrificial battle spirit and obtaining its recognition can one truly control the sacrificial altar!”

Lin Xiaoyings breathing quickened, “Now that the sacrificial battle spirit appears when Huang Xiaolong is offering prayers, does that mean, Huang Xiaolong, he…!”

The Clear Snow Palace Master Xue Lingyun nodded, “Yes!”

High in the air above the three floors of the sacrificial altar, the Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Elder Crow, and Tyrant Chu were just as astonished as everyone else.

“It looks like this kid is really our Holy Heavens blessed general since he actually awakened the sacrificial battle spirit!” The Heavenly Master muttered with a beaming face.

Lord Long chuckled comfortably, “We should give this kid some rewards afterwards.”

Elder Crow and Tyrant Chu both nodded in agreement.

The Beast Tamer Holy Gates Yu Fujiangs chest was filled with raging jealousy as he watched this scene below the altar.

The prayers offering lasted for a good half an hour.

After it ended, it was the beginning of Huang Xiaolongs apprenticeship ceremony, worshipping the Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Elder Crow, and Tyrant Chu as his masters.

The four Primal Ancestors were beaming, and the Heavenly Master even reached out and lightly held Huang Xiaolongs arm as Huang Xiaolong got up.

The apprenticeship ceremony ended with cheers of congratulations from various forces experts.

The first to present the congratulatory gift was the Clear Snow Palace.

“Clear Snow Palace gifts one pellet of Clear Jade Grand Rebirth Holy Pill!” A Holy Heavens Elder announced sonorously.

“What Holy pill!!” When the crowd heard that Clear Snow Palace had actually gifted a holy pill to Huang Xiaolong, all around were astounded expressions.

Subsequently, it was the Holy Lands Alliance.

Although the Holy Lands Alliance did not gift a holy pill, they still gifted high-grade origin spiritual pills.

Moreover, there were ten pills!

Further down were the first-tier forces below the Clear Snow Palace and Holy Lands Alliance.

When the congratulatory gifts session ended, it signaled the start of the third event—a sparring exchange on stage!

A battle stage quietly rose from the ground at the plaza center.

Huang Xiaolong and the female disciple sent out by the Clear Snow Palace, Zhao Ya, stood on the battle stage facing each other.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, please enlighten me,” said Zhao Ya.

“Please enlighten me.” Experts around the plaza stared fixedly at the battle stage, afraid of missing something if they happened to blink.

Inexplicably, Lin Xiaoying felt nervous.

Noticing Lin Xiaoyings nervousness, Tan Juan reassured her through voice transmission, “Junior Sister Xiaoying, rest assured.

Junior Sister Zhao Ya has measures of things and she knows when she should stop.

She will not injure Huang Xiaolong.”

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