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Chapter 2358: Grandmist Holy Spiritual Aura

“Does the Senior Sister also think he looks familiar” Lin Xiaoying was genuinely surprised to hear that.

Tan Juan nodded, then added as an afterthought, “However, I cant put my finger on where I might have seen him, which only leaves one explanation.

That person must have performed some kind of illusion or disguise on himself.

What we saw are not his original features.” Her doubt increased as she went on, “The strange thing is that I could not tell what kind of illusion he had executed when looking at him just now.

Thus I could not see his original face.”

Ji Xinyi smiled as she joined the conversation, “We should stop guessing who that young man might be, but it is certain that his cultivation is just at the mid-Sixth Order Venerable.

This point cant be wrong! He poses no danger to us! Ive heard the Devil Palaces Dou Rui and Mo Wuxin also came here.

Our biggest enemies this time are Dou Rui and Mo Wuxin!”

Dou Rui, Mo Wuxin!

Two of the Devil Palaces six Devil Princes.

Mo Wuxins strength and battle prowess was higher than Dou Rui.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was not the only reason the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties had come to the Profound River this time.

Merely a Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was not enough to make the three of them come out on a task together.

“The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast might not be Dou Rui and Mo Wuxins sole purpose at the Profound River, and their real purpose might be the same as us.

They could have come for the grandmist holy spiritual aura.” Ji Xinyi analyzed.

Tan Juan nodded her head in agreement.

“There has not been any discovery of grandmist holy spiritual aura for a very long time, so who would have thought that it would appear at the Profound River this time.”

Lin Xiaoying took over, “More importantly, there might be more than one source.

If we can get one source each, how wonderful would that be As long as I get one source of grandmist holy spiritual aura, and absorb it, when the Saint Fate appears, I definitely would be able to win a Saint Fates acceptance.

I can integrate it successfully, and break through to True Saint in one go!”

Tan Juan smiled and said, “Your plan is really ideal with one person having one grandmist holy spiritual aura source.

If our Clear Snow Palace could grab even one we would be already considered lucky given the level of that treasure.”

“It is said Li Chen, Lin Yijia, Xie Yao, and other familiar faces would come as well.” Ji Xinyi pointed out.

“The Holy Heavens probably havent heard anything related to the grandmist holy spiritual aura yet.” Lin Xiaoying chuckled, “So, the Holy Heavens merely sent some inner disciples and core disciples over.”

Ji Xinyi teased Lin Xiaoying, “What a pity Huang Xiaolong didnt come.”

“Senior Sister Xinyi, I heard that Ao Fang came,” Lin Xiaoying said with a smug smile.

Ao Fang was the chief disciple of Pendent Holy Grounds Holy Lands Alliance.

He was one of Ji Xinyis most ardent pursuers.

The corners of Tan Juans lips curved into a slight smile listening to their banters.


Not long after leaving the Profound City, Huang Xiaolong and the Rainbow Phoenix Little Nine reached the edge of Profound Rivers banks.

On the Profound River banks, Huang Xiaolong looked at the stretch of cold and dark waters that did not reflect any light.

No one knew how long the Profound River was.

It was akin to a bottomless, colossal dark abyss that took root in the galaxy.

It remained a mystery as to what was on the other side of the river.

In short, the Profound River had existed for so long that no one had ever reached the bottom of the river, much less reached the other side of the river.

Hence, there was a saying in the Holy World that the Profound River was the end of the Holy World.

But there were many that thought that the Profound River was not the end of the Holy World.

Another world probably existed on the other side of the river.

No matter what the opinions were, no one was able to verify one or the other.

Through the ages, there were people who wanted to verify it, but even experts transcending True Saint Realm had failed to reach the other side of the river.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong and the Rainbow Phoenix disappeared into the black roiling waves of the Profound River.

The instant Huang Xiaolong was completely submerged in the Profound River, it felt like the whole world had quieted, and something had weakened or limited his six senses.

His body felt very much lighter.

“This seems to be the Profound Rivers buoyant power!” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

The Profound Rivers buoyant power covered every inch of the river, and anyone who entered the river would be affected by this buoyant power, including experts who had transcended True Saint Realm.

Huang Xiaolong summoned the Golden Pig Treasure.

He climbed onto its back and ordered it to swim towards the riverbed.

In the years since Huang Xiaolong had arrived in the Holy World, through Huang Xiaolongs continuous feeding, the Golden Pig Treasure too had changed greatly.

In the past, the Golden Pig Treasure\'s body was entirely dazzling golden in color.

Whereas now, the golden color of its body was more muted, as if its brilliance was converged within.

Not only that, its speed had also increased tremendously.

At its maximum speed, the average Tenth Order Venerable expert probably could not grasp the Golden Pig Treasures shadow.

As the Golden Pig Treasure continued to descend to the riverbed, Huang Xiaolong felt his body weight continue to lighten further.

It was said that when one reached ten thousand zhang underwater of the Profound River, there was barely any weight left on the body.

By that time, one already lost their six senses, and completely lost control of their body.

Many experts did not believe this, and by the time they reached ten thousand zhang underwater, the river became their burial ground, and they never saw the light of day again.

Huang Xiaolong continued to descend according to the location his Master, Lord Long had mentioned.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong saw a mainland shaped like a great coral that was probably as big as a holy ground.

This was one of many coral reef mainlands found on the Profound Rivers riverbed.

On these coral reef mainlands at the bottom of Profound River were various precious origin treasures, profound beasts, and even holy spiritual jade stones, as well as many other treasures that could not be found outside.

But just as Huang Xiaolong intended to head towards the mainland, a school of sea beasts, resembling fish, rushed towards him from the mainland below.

These were profound beasts.

Any expert who entered the Profound River would be affected by the Profound Rivers buoyant power, but the profound beasts living in the river were an exception.

Not only were these profound beasts unaffected by the Profound Rivers buoyant power, but their speed was faster than most of the beasts outside.

Watching these profound beasts coming at him, Huang Xiaolong didnt make any move but had the Golden Pig Treasure and Rainbow Phoenix deal with them.

The Golden Pig Treasure bull-dozed forward, ramming straight into the school of profound beasts.

The Rainbow Phoenix glided through the water, and with a stroke of its wings, it sent out a wave of blazing colorful flames burning forward.

Those early Ninth Order Venerable profound beasts were powerless against the Rainbow Phoenix Little Nines overwhelming flames.

Soon, the school of profound beasts were reduced to charcoal pieces, and sunk to the riverbed.

Huang Xiaolong sped forward unimpeded towards the coral mainland.

Upon touching down on the coral mainland, there were hilly terrains Huang Xiaolong, and no forest or high mountain peaks could be seen anywhere.

The tallest hill within his sight was merely three thousand meters in height.

Other than these hills, there were winding rivers.

Sitting on the Golden Pig Treasures back, Huang Xiaolong flew over a big river.

Water of these rivers on the coral mainland were all blueish-black, and they gave off a dangerous feeling.

Huang Xiaolong spread out his divine sense as the Golden Pig Treasure flew forward, searching for the origin treasures on the tasks he had taken on.

“Sun Moon Crystal Jade!”

“Black Iron Mushroom!”

“Evergreen Fruit!”

These origin treasures were hard to find even on the coral mainland, and these especially grew in hidden crooks and cranny.

But Huang Xiaolongs soul had already halfway transformed to a holy soul, so he could easily locate these origin treasures.

While Huang Xiaolong was collecting materials as he passed by, a group of people appeared on the horizon and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

The leader of this group was the Blue Whale Races Lan Meihui.

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