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Chapter 2363: Three Powerful Holy Souls

Huang Xiaolongs personal grandmist energy was originally grayish with a hint of purple glow.

But now, the grayish energy began to be tainted with a brilliant golden color, and it was rapidly expanding, enveloping the previous purple glow.

The grandmist energy around Huang Xiaolong condensed into many purple grandmist dragons, and these dragons purple skin began to shed, revealing the golden skin below—they had turned into golden grandmist dragons! No, it was more accurate to call them golden grandmist holy dragons!

These grandmist holy dragons looked exactly like the four great dragons coiling in the air above Huang Xiaolongs head, except for they were significantly smaller in size.

Nourished by the golden lakes ice and fire holy spiritual qi as well as grandmist holy spiritual aura, Huang Xiaolongs strength rose with each passing day.

Huang Xiaolongs mid-Sixth Order Venerable Realm cultivation soon rose to the peak of mid-Sixth Order Venerable, and six months later, he advanced to late-Sixth Order Venerable without suspense.

A year went by.

Inside the boundary space, energy currents were rolling like boiling water.

The entire space was filled with fiery lights, icy cold glares, and flickering brilliant golden rays.

Originally, outside the boundary space was endless darkness but as the fiery lights, icy glares and golden rays seeped out from the boundary line, the terrifying corrosive energy actually started to recede inch by inch.

Half a meter, one meter, two meters!

Month after month passed, and suddenly, on this day, a crisp humming noise came from Huang Xiaolongs body, and the whole boundary space rumbled.

A majestic might swept out from his body, soaring to the sky.

In fact, this might rushed out from Huang Xiaolongs dragon nature complete dao saint godhead.

Inside Huang Xiaolongs dragon nature complete dao saint godhead, a golden soul was slowly condensing in the shape of a human.

This golden human-shaped soul looked exactly like Huang Xiaolong, with divine dragons winding around the soul.

Horns protruded from their foreheads and exuded powerful auras.

This was none other than Huang Xiaolongs dragon nature complete dao saint godheads soul!

Then, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Complete Dao Saint Godhead and Golden Buddha Complete Dao Saint Godhead began to condense an archdevil soul and golden Buddha soul.

The lights shining from these three souls grew increasingly brighter and stronger.

Huang Xiaolongs three souls began to emit bright rays of holy light.

It started with the souls arms, and gradually the holy light filled the three souls entire bodies.

When all three souls were brimming with holy light, the accumulation of holy light actually penetrated to the outside world.

The holy light blasted away the darkness outside the boundary space, rising to the cliff, and continued to soar out of the coral mainlands void.

One could feel an astounding holy aura from the light!

The air currents of this coral mainlands space turned turbulent in an instant as if they were stimulated by something, and even the coral mainlands ground was quaking violently.

All profound beasts on the coral mainland were staring at the holy light in horror.

A group of disciples were approaching the same coral mainland where Huang Xiaolng was.

All of them were shocked upon sensing a strong holy aura that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“This, did someone just step into True Saint Realm!” Someone exclaimed in astonishment, but refuted himself a second later, “But, the Saint Fate has not appeared yet.

How could someone possibly break through to True Saint Realm at this time!”

If Huang Xiaolong was here, he would recognize this disciple.

This person was none other than the Beast Tamer Holy Gates chief disciple, Yu Fujiang.

Together with Yu Fujiang were other experts of the Holy Lands Alliance, and most of them were Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints.

More importantly, there were two True Saint experts in his group.

One of the True Saint experts eyes glimmered with unknown light as he tried to get a grasp of the holy aura.

He muttered in confusion, “Its strange that this holy aura seems to be the combination of three different energies!”

“Three different energies” Others were bewildered, hearing his words.

“Im certain, there are three different energies.” The other True Saint expert nodded his head.

“Is it possible that three people broke through to True Saint Realm” Yu Fujiang voiced his doubt, but then shook his head.

“Thats impossible, how is it possible at all!”

The former True Saint experts gaze deepened as he spoke, “Lets head over there.

Well know after we check it out!”

With that said, he was the first to fly away, towards the coral mainland Huang Xiaolong was at.

The rest quickly followed after him.

Although Yu Fujiang and the others were experts of Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints and above, their speed was still greatly affected in this environment.

To reach the rift valley where Huang Xiaolong was located, it would take them at least three hours.

But a few minutes after Yu Fujiangs group entered the coral mainland, the holy light vanished all of a sudden.

The rich holy aura scattered away, and everything returned to normal.


“Its gone! So fast!”

Generally speaking, when a cultivator breaks through to True Saint Realm, it would take several days for their soul to transform to a holy soul.

“Everyone split into two groups and search! One more thing.

There is a high chance that Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast is on this coral mainland, or nearby coral mainlands, so search carefully!”

One of the True Saint experts solemnly said, “Whoever finds that Dual-Pupiled profound Beast, I will report their credit to the upper echelons accordingly, and the Holy Lands Alliance would heavily reward that person!”



In the rift valley, Huang Xiaolong was still sitting cross-legged above the golden lake, absorbing the lakes ice and fire holy spiritual qi.

Three souls that looked exactly like Huang Xiaolong were sitting cross-legged in meditation inside each of Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, and their bodies were enshrouded by holy aura.

Huang Xiaolong had just successfully completed the transformation of his souls into holy souls!

Because Huang Xiaolong possessed three complete dao saint godheads, he also had three holy souls.

Nourished by the lakes holy spiritual qi, Huang Xiaolongs holy soul became ever more translucent and coruscant.

The Holy Mandate Imprint between Huang Xiaolongs eyebrows was brighter than ever.

Moreover, with the enhancement from Huang Xiaolongs new three holy souls, the amount of Holy Worlds origin energy it could attract was a hundred times greater!

Under the Holy Mandate Imprints attraction, the Holy Worlds origin energy fell like the rolling waves of a great rapid river, straight into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Huang Xiaolongs body flickered in and out under the constant fall of origin energy.

Another half a year went by.

Huang Xiaolong finally finished absorbing every last shred of holy spiritual energy in the golden lake.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong did not stop cultivating.

He continued to circulate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and absorbed the grandmist spiritual aura.

The four golden grandmist holy dragons were now half the size of what they used to be a year ago.

The grandmist holy dragons circling Huang Xiaolong had grown more solid, shiny, exuding an even more powerful aura.

Huang Xiaolong had already reached the limit of peak late-Sixth Order Venerable Realm at this point, and he could advance to the Seventh Order Venerable at any moment.

A year later, while Huang Xiaolong was still absorbing the four golden grandmist holy spiritual aura dragons, a figure suddenly fell from the sky onto the rocky mountain not far away from the cliff above the rift valley.

Barely a second after the figure fell, several figures appeared with the howling winds, and encircled the person.

“Heihei! Lin Xiaoying, wouldnt it be better if you surrender obediently, and save yourself from suffering.” One of them chuckled smugly as he looked at the person on the ground.

The person who had fallen from the sky was one of the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, Lin Xiaoying, and the people encircling her were experts of the Devil Palace.

Lin Xiaoying glared at the speaker icily, “Li Luo, your Devil Palace is really despicable and shameless, sneaking up on us and ambushing us.

Even if Im heavily injured, do you really think the likes of you can really capture me”

Li Luo was a Devil Palaces Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert.

He was also one of Dou Ruis personal disciples.

Li Luo cackled loudly, “Did you only learn that our Devil Palace is despicable and shameless today The four of us are more than enough to capture you!” He took out a rod confidently as he said that.

“Ghost Staff!” Seeing the rod Li Luo had taken out, Lin Xiaoyings face paled as she exclaimed.

“Thats right, this is our Devil Palaces famous Ghost Staff!” Li Luo laughed again, “Lin Xiaoying, dont worry.

Disciples of the Devil Palace love nothing more than taking good care of a delicate beauty like you, as were reluctant to let you die too fast!”

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