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Chapter 2380: Another True Saint

“This is!” Touching the invisible barrier in front of him, Yu Jizhang was completely in a panic.

“This is a high-grade saint artifact A defensive type high-grade saint artifact”

Huang Xiaolong admitted tepidly, “Thats right! Its a defensive type of high-grade saint artifact!”

“You!” Yu Jizhang tried hard to disguise his panic with anger, “Who are you!”

But instead of getting a reply from Huang Xiaolong, he was attacked by Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured and Buddha-attributed holy souls full force.

Yu Jizhang got hit and smashed into the barrier.

Blood spewed from his mouth, and his already bleak holy soul dimmed further.

Even the solidity of his holy soul was attenuated.

“Arent you afraid of my Scarlet Flame Holy Gates retaliation” Yu Jizhang barked with false bravado.

“You are right, I am not afraid.” As Yu Jizhang tried to frighten him with the entire Scarlet Flame Holy Gate, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Piercing screams once again attracted Yu Jizhangs attention.

On the other side, the dozen profound beasts were rampaging through the Scarlet Flame Holy Gates group.

Some disciples were sent flying, some were slapped into the ground, but the majority of them were thrown to the ground half-dead.

Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi were both enraged.

“What do you want in order to let us go” Yu Jizhang demanded grimly.

After seeing that Yu Jizhang was still dreaming of leaving safely at this point, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help laughing, “Do you think I will let any of you go at this point” After saying this, Huang Xiaolongs hand reached out, grabbing Chen Zifeng across space and dragged him in front of him.

“Punk, dont feel smug...” Chen Zifeng, who was abused until half-dead by the profound beast, glared at Huang Xiaolong, but the rest of his words were cut off by Huang Xiaolong, “Do you know why that profound beast did not kill you right away”

Chen Zifeng was caught off guard by the question.

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Mediums eleventh stage, and a grandmist holy spiritual dragon flew out and drilled into Chen Zifengs body.

Chen Zifeng saw his body disintegrated into wisps of energy starting from his legs up to his waist.

“You, what are you doing!” Chen Zifeng shouted in panic.

“What do I want to do” Huang Xiaolong sneered, and then began to absorb the grandmist holy spiritual aura assimilated with Chen Zifeng into his body.

Soon, Chen Zifeng, including his complete dao saint godhead, saint bloodline, and saint physique were assimilated into grandmist holy spiritual aura and fully absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

The profound beasts chasing Chen Zifeng and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciples did not kill them because Huang Xiaolong planned to devour their complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques.

These attributes couldnt be wasted.

“Zifeng!” Yu Jizhang hollered in rage and fury.

Flames surged from his body, soaring to the sky as he pounced red-eyed towards Huang Xiaolong.

But before he could reach Huang Xiaolong, he was slapped away by Huang Xiaolongs two holy souls, the raging flames around his body extinguished in an instant.

In a similar process, Huang Xiaolong grabbed all the remaining Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciples up to him.

This time, he planned to devour all these disciples together.

Over ten grandmist holy spiritual dragons flew out and entered these Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples bodies.

Before the horrified faces of Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi, these Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciples turned into wisps of energy, gathered into a stream, and they were devoured by Huang Xiaolong.

Everything ended in less than ten breaths.

After Huang Xiaolong devoured these dozen of Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques, he immediately felt his own complete dao saint godheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques improved slightly.

“Hall Master Yu, well combine our power and break this barrier together!” Chen Zhi exerted force and disentangled himself from the Departing Sword Sage as he shouted at Yu Jizhang.

“Agreed!” Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi leaped towards the same direction at the same time as their fists clenched hard and struck at the barrier.

“Twin Phoenix Opening Sky!” As their fists struck out at full force, boundless flames burned, forming two giant fire phoenixes that smashed against the Darkness Holy Rings boundary barrier.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong pushed his three holy souls power further, and the boundary barrier emitted an intense bright light as it became more solid.

At the same time, the Departing Sword Sage slashed his sword at the two fire phoenixes.

Almost at the same time the Departing Sword Sages sword slashed at the two phoenixes, and they hit the barrier.

A world-shaking explosion shook the land.

The Darkness Holy Rings barrier shook violently, and dimmed considerably.

The spot where the barrier was hit protruded outwards.

Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi were ecstatic at this result.

But in the next moment, a bright light rippled over the barriers surface, and the weak, protruded part returned to normal.

“NO!!” Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi despaired.

The Departing Sword Sage slashed out again with his sword.

Sword qi roiled, churning the Profound Rivers energy, enshrouding Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi.


Half an hour later.

Yu Jizhang and Chen Zhi were laden with injuries, drenched in blood, and they were barely breathing on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong and the Departing Sword Sage looked coldly at the two on the ground.

“Ill give you both one chance.

You can choose to serve me or Ill destroy your physique, and then imprison your holy souls, hindering you from entering reincarnation.” Huang Xiaolong stated flatly.

Yu Jizhangs face became distorted as he laughed, “Serve you You want me, a True Saint, to serve a mere Seventh Order Venerable snot-nosed brat like you! Go to hell! Therell be a day when I will tear off the flesh on your body piece by piece, drink your blood, rip off the skin on you, and I would still want…!”

But Yu Jizhang didnt get to finish his savage words.

A burst of light came from Huang Xiaolongs darkness boundary barrier, holy darkness energy spiraled into thousands of black blades, stabbing into Yu Jizhangs body, and they spun at rapid speed, grinding away his flesh into pieces.

Yu Jizhangs physical body was destroyed, leaving only his holy soul.

Without another word, Huang Xiaolong suppressed his holy soul and imprisoned it inside the Barbarian Space lightning bead.

Huang Xiaolongs attention then fell on Chen Zhi without any expression as he asked curtly, “What about you”

Chen Zhi struggled inwardly, and his eyes flickered, but in all honesty, no True Saint would be willing to let his physical body to be destroyed, and holy soul imprisoned without seeing the light of day, never to reincarnate.

On the other hand, Chen Zhi was worried about the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate because if he submitted to Huang Xiaolong, then that was betraying the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate, and the way the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate treated traitors…!

“Rest assured, as long as you submit to me, I will ensure your safety.” Huang Xiaolong, who had been observing Chen Zhis expression said, adding, “You wont have to worry about the Scarlet Flame Holy Gates pursuit.”

In the end, Chen Zhi nodded his head.

After Chen Zhi swore an oath, Huang Xiaolong branded his soul with a grandmist holy spiritual mark.

The three people subsequently left the site.

They found an obscured place where Huang Xiaolong gave Chen Zhi a Vitality Rejuvenating Pill and Rejuvenating Divine Pill to heal his injuries.

Half a month later, when Chen Zhi was back to his peak condition, Huang Xiaolong brought the two out, looking for holy herbs and origin treasures, his tasks required.

Huang Xiaolong didnt plan to leave the Profound River so fast, as not all places had so many holy herbs as the Profound River.

To Huang Xiaolong, this ten thousand zhang underwater space of the Profound River was literally an undiscovered treasure trove.

He wanted to find more holy herbs!

Find as many holy herbs as he could!

With these holy herbs, he needed to strive to improve his strength as much as possible.

Of course, while searching for holy herbs, Huang Xiaolong did not delay his cultivation.

He continued to snack on level-ten origin spiritual pills.

While keeping an eye out for holy herbs, Huang Xiaolong spurred his three holy souls, and Holy Mandate Imprint, absorbing the Holy Worlds origin energy at all times.

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