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Chapter 2387: Current PatriarChapter of the Holy Gate

The Four Seas Holy Emperor used to be a mid-level True Saint!

Even though anyone in the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm was considered a mid-level True Saint, the Four Seas Holy Emperor was a powerhouse at the late-Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm!

Despite his inheritance containing only a portion of his holy essence, a portion of the holy essence contained in the body of a Fourth Heaven True Saint was terrifying!

With Huang Xiaolongs three saint godheads, bloodlines, and physiques, the amount of energy he needed to advance to the next level was terrifying.

However, the holy essence left behind by the holy emperor was more than enough to push him straight into the half-True Saint Realm!

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong and his party arrived in the Direction Mountain City of the Holy Ground.

The city was one of the largest cities in the Four Seas Holy Ground.

It was bustling with activities.

The three of them changed their mounts and rode on ordinary profound beasts and entered the city.

“Did you hear that the young master of the Teng Family, Teng Yunlong, passed the test to enter the Four Seas Holy Gate His talent allowed him to become a Holy Prince and an Eminent Elder took him in as a disciple.

He will probably be back in a few days!”

“What! Wouldnt that mean that the Yang Family is finished”

“What a pity… The Patriarch of the Yang Family has always upheld justice for the masses.

Ive heard that Teng Yunlong ordered for the patriarch of the Yang Family to personally kneel at the gates of the Teng Family to apologize! He even wants the daughter of the Yang Family, Yang Xin, to be his personal maid!”

“Yang Xin Thats the top beauty of our Fangshan City! Will the patriarch of the Yang Family really be willing to let his daughter be a maid of the Teng Family”

“If hes not willing, he can wait for his family to be exterminated.”

Everyone couldnt help but whisper to each other under their breaths.

There were some who were sympathetic, but there were others who were gloating in the Yang Familys misfortune.

“Teng Family Yang Family” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

The Departing Sword Sage explained, “Young Master, the Teng Family, and Yang Family are the largest families in the city.

They can be considered one of the largest superpowers in the Four Seas Holy Grounds, and when I was traveling around in the past, I heard of the rivalry between them.

Since a long time ago, they were fighting with each other, and none of them managed to gain the upper hand over the other.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly.

From the most recent news he had heard, the Yang Family was finished! After all, the young master of the Teng Family had managed to become a Holy Prince of the Four Seas Holy Gate! He was even able to take an Eminent Elder as his master!

The lofty status of a Holy Prince was something Huang Xiaolong was extremely familiar with.

Even the hall masters in the Holy Gate had to kneel when they met a Holy Prince!

The only person a Holy Prince had to kneel to was the Holy Emperor!

Since the Yang Family had offended a Holy Prince, their extermination was merely a word away.

After all, the person the Yang Family had offended wasnt a mere inner disciple.

“Whos the current patriarch of the Holy Gate” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

“Hes called Lu Ding, and his strength is at the mid-First Heaven True Saint Realm.

Hes comparable to Hall Master Yu Jizhang of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.” Chen Zhi replied.

“Li Dian is the martial disciple of the Four Seas Holy Emperor, but his talent has far surpassed his master.

As such, he managed to obtain the position of the second patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate.”

Huang Xiaoloing nodded his head.

That was basically the situation in all the Holy Gates.

When the disciple had talent surpassing their master, it wasnt surprising that the position of the patriarch was passed on to them.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong continued to ask about matters related to the Four Seas Holy Gate.

The Departing Sword Sage could be said to be somewhat familiar with the situation, and he started to explain everything he knew to Huang Xiaolong.

In the past, he had exchanged pointers with Lu Ding when he had traveled the world.

Even though he was only an early-First Heaven True Saint in the past, he had managed to fight Lu Ding to a draw.

Despite there only being a single True Saint in the Four Seas Holy Gate, there were tons of half- True Saint Realm experts.

There were nearly a hundred Eminent Elders, and most of them were high-level half-True Saints.

There were nearly a dozen of them at the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, and there were three of them at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

In the Four Seas Holy Gate, there were probably three hundred half-True Saints!

After learning about the situation in the Four Seas Holy Gate, Huang Xiaolong realized that they were leagues ahead of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate he had once joined.

However, the number of half-True Saints didnt matter.

The only ones who could threaten him were True Saints!

During the time he had spent in the Profound River, Huang Xiaolong had managed to subdue nearly 1,400 Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm profound beasts!

Among them were nearly two hundred beasts at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm!

When he thought about them, a feeling of disappointment threatened to overwhelm him.

He had wanted to take the chance to subdue several True Saint Realm profound beasts, but he had failed to do so! True Saint beasts in the Profound River were too terrifying.

Even if they were early-First Heaven True Saints, they were way stronger than Yu Jizhang from the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate!

After walking around the city for a bit, Huang Xiaolong found an inn.

After requesting a large courtyard, they planned to stay in the city for a little longer.

After all, two days of waiting wouldnt cause the inheritance to run away.

“Young Master, even though you manage to obtain the Four Seas Holy Emperors will and his holy artifacts, Lu Ding wouldnt hand over the Holy Gate without a fight.” Chen Zhi hesitated for a moment and spoke.

The Departing Sword Holy Emperor agreed, “Hes right.

Lu Ding has controlled the Holy Gate for several hundred thousand years.

All the Eminent Elders are especially loyal to him, and he might even plot against Young Master!”

Huang Xiaolong had anticipated something like this.

“Also, Ive heard that Lu Ding managed to latch onto the coattails of the Beast Tamer Holy Grounds! He managed to form a pretty good relationship with Holy Prince Yu Fu of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate.” Chen Zhi continued, “Lu Ding is pretty daring.

With his relations, he wouldnt need to hand over his seat as the Patriarch easily.”

A frosty expression formed on Huang Xiaolongs face when he heard what Chen Zhi said.

“Everything will be fine if he hands me what I want.

Otherwise, he cant blame me for razing the Four Seas Holy Gate to the ground!”

The reason he was there was because of the Four Seas Holy Emperors inheritance.

He didnt care about the position of the patriarch at all! If Lu Ding was willing to cooperate, Huang Xiaolong would leave after obtaining what he had come for.

Otherwise, the Four Seas Holy Gate would probably experience a change in their management soon!

Chen Zhi looked at the Departing Sword Sage, and the two of them fell silent for a moment.

In the next two days, the three of them went around the city and shopped around.

All they were looking for were origin spiritual pills and pill furnaces.

The holy herbs on Huang Xiaolong were dwindling, and he had refined all the level ten origin spiritual pills he had.

Huang Xiaolong planned to look for a better furnace in order to refine level ten origin spiritual pills on his own.

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