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Chapter 2405: Hand it Over

Killing intent brewed in Lu Dings heart when he felt the possibility of turning the bleak situation around.

What Yu Fujiang said was true.

Even with the holy soul, it was possible for them to destroy the kids fleshy body.

After all, he was a mere half-True Saint.

Even though he was able to defy logic and form a holy soul in the half-True Saint Realm, it was impossible for him to obtain a body as strong as a True Saint! Once they destroyed his physical body, he would be of no threat to them!

Moreover, he could obtain the Four Seas Holy Symbol after killing the other party! Once he accepted the Four Seas Holy Emperors inheritance, he would be able to enter the Second Heaven True Saint Realm!

There might be several First Heaven True Saints in the Holy World, but Second Heaven True Saints were rarely seen.

Huang Xiaolong sneered when he noticed Lu Dings brewing killing intent.

He was really stubborn.

He even dared to think of killing the person who possessed the Four Seas Holy Symbol to usurp the position of the Four Seas Holy Emperor!

Huang Xiaolong felt that Lu Ding was really tired of living.

Since that was the case, there was no longer a need to hold back.

Holy light emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body and traces of mysterious light pierced into the space around him.

As the Four Seas Holy Manor in the depths of the Holy Gate started to tremble, the movement soon shook the entire Holy Gate.

The space around several forbidden regions along the Holy Gate started to shake.

Terrifying might soon filled every inch of land in the Four Seas Holy Gate.

Lu Ding, who was planning to destroy Huang Xiaolongs physical body before grabbing the Four Seas Holy Symbol to accept the inheritance, couldnt help but freeze when he felt the change around him.

With a dumbfounded expression, he stammered, “This… Whats going on!”

“This is the origin energy of the Four Seas Holy Gate!”

As the patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate, he naturally cultivated many secret arts related to the Holy Gate.

He could use a portion of the origin energy contained in the Holy Gate, and he was more than familiar with its power.

However, he could feel that all the energy in the Four Seas Holy Gate was activated, as though it was awakening from a long slumber.

The energy he could control was nothing compared to this.

“You… You managed to accept the inheritance!”

In the short span of eleven years, Huang Xiaolong had managed to accept the inheritance left behind by the Four Seas Holy Emperor!

How was that even possible!

Yu Fujiang was stunned silly.

He was surprised that Huang Xiaolong had accepted the complete inheritance of the Four Seas Holy Emperor in such a short amount of time! Not to mention the fact that he managed to control the entirety of the Four Seas Holy Gates origin energy!

Even though he was really trying to incite Lu Ding to take Huang Xiaolong down earlier, he never would have expected Huang Xiaolong to have successfully accepted the inheritance.

All the while, he felt that Huang Xiaolong was lying to them!

Under the terrified gaze of Yu Fujiang, and the others, the energy contained in the Four Seas Holy Gate formed a boundless sea above their heads.

The phantom of a supreme figure soon appeared.

When he descended, he stood tall in the middle of the sea of origin energy like a god of creation.

“Ancestor… Martial Ancestor!” Lu Dings voice trembled when he spoke.

As for Yu Jingjian, and the others from the Four Seas Holy Gate, they got to their knees.

The phantom that descended was none other than the Four Seas Holy Emperor.

He was the one, who had used a ton of time and energy to create the Four Seas Holy Gate.

He had filled the Four Seas Holy Gate with the origin energy he had drawn from the world, and when someone managed to call upon the origin energy of the Holy Gate, they naturally managed to awaken the trace of consciousness the Holy Emperor left behind.

The trace of consciousness was different from ordinary phantoms.

It contained the true strength of the Four Seas Holy Emperor.

With a cold gaze, Huang Xiaolong activated the consciousness of the Four Seas Holy Emperor and a palm was sent crashing down towards Lu Ding.

No matter how he tried, Lu Ding realized that there was no way for him to run.

Regardless of where he went, the palm would end up crushing him.

The only way to escape from certain death was by leaving the Four Seas Holy Gate.

However, under the suppression of the origin energy, there was no chance of that happening.

Unprecedented fear appeared in Lu Dings heart, and he finally felt as though his doomsday had arrived.

Even though his holy soul was unkillable, he felt the shadow of death descending on him.

“Thirteen… Patriarch Thirteen, I am willing to submit!” Lu Ding screamed as he kneeled before Huang Xiaolong.

“Submit Its too late now.” Huang Xiaolong stared at Lu Ding coldly, and sneered.

The giant palm of the Four Seas Holy Emperor arrived, and all Lu Ding saw was black.

A massive explosion rang in his ears, and he lost consciousness the next moment.

In that instant, he didnt dare to believe that the other party would kill a mid-First Heaven True Saint Realm expert like it was nothing.

One had to know that with his strength and status, peak powers in the Holy World like the Beast Tamer Holy Gate wouldnt hesitate to give out a ton of benefits to draw him over.

As for the True Saints of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate, they retreated in the face of such destructive might.

When they left the hall at the last second, Lu Dings body was smashed into a paste.

A massive crater was formed in the middle of the main hall, and several half-True Saints from the Beast Tamer Holy Gate followed Lu Ding into the afterlife.

The only thing that remained was his holy soul that shakily hovered in the depths of space.

As for Yu Fujiang, his body no longer listened to him.

He knew that if he had been a little slower, or if the True Saints of his Holy Gate hadnt pulled him back in time, he would have… Uncontrollable fury raged in his heart when he noticed that the brat hadnt considered his safety at all.

When Yu Fujiang was raging in his heart, Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate to reach deep into the void to extract Lu Dings holy soul.

Dragging it before him, he tossed it into the lightning bead.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Seeing as the brat had kept Lu Dings holy soul after the battle.

Yu Fujiangs rage erupted.

“Thirteen, what were you trying to do Are you crazy If I was a little slower, I would have died! If you harm even a hair on my body, your entire clan will be executed!”

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but sneer.

Even after he had killed Lu Ding, Yu Fujiang was still unaware of the situation he was in.

The leader of the Holy Princes of the Beast Tamer Holy Gate might be a lofty position to ordinary people.

Even people like Lu Ding didnt dare to conspire against him.

However, Yu Fujiangs status was worth nothing more than dog sh*t in Huang Xiaolongs eyes!

Slowly approaching Yu Fujiang, Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

“Youll exterminate my clan if I harm you”

A triumphant smile appeared on Yu Fujiangs face as he tilted his head to look down on Huang Xiaolong.

“Its good that you know your place.

Dont think that your position as the Patriarch of the Four Seas Holy Gate will help you.

In my eyes, the Four Seas Holy Gate is nothing but a slightly bigger ant.

If I so desire, Ill crush it with my pinky!”

“Now… If you hand over the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast, Ill consider allowing you into the Beast Tamer Holy Gate to work for me.

People out there are fighting with each other to be my slave, but Ill let you have the chance.

Also, the Vitality Rejuvenating Pill is useless in your hands.

If you give it to me as tribute, Ill give you some preferential treatment in the future!”

Yu Fujiang said everything in one go.

He wasnt afraid that Huang Xiaolong would refuse.

After all, it was an honor for the brat before him to hand over his treasures.

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