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Chapter 2409: How Dare You Stare At Me

The Rainbow Phoenix was several hundred times faster compared to the time he had left the city, and they seemed to tear through a large portion of space with a single flap of its wings.

At its current level, Little Nine no longer ate low-grade origin spiritual pills.

Level six origin spiritual pills were all it ate.

Luckily for Huang Xiaolong, it only ate a single one every ten days.

Otherwise, no matter how rich he was, Huang Xiaolong would be reduced to a pauper soon.

As Huang Xiaolong raced back into the city, Heavenly Master stared at the other three in the depths of the Holy Heavens, and he chuckled, “The brat is finally back!”

He managed to detect Huang Xiaolongs presence the moment he entered the Holy Grounds.

“Not bad…” Lord Long roared with laughter.

“I thought he would only return for the opening of the Cangqiong Holy Manor! Hes back after forty short years!”

Tyrant Chu chuckled softly.

“How strong do you think the brat is right now”

Elder Crow couldnt help but mutter to himself, “In forty years, people like us would probably be able to enter the mid-Seventh Order Venerable Realm from his initial cultivation level.

With the kids speed, he should probably have entered the Eighth Order Venerable Realm.”

Lord Long laughed, “My thoughts exactly.

He should have entered the mid-Eighth Order Venerable Realm.”

A weird smile formed on Heavenly Masters face as he shook his head slowly.

“I dont think so.

According to my estimations, he has already entered the early-Ninth Order Venerable Realm.”

The other three stared at him in shock.

“That shouldnt be possible, right!” Tyrant Chu frowned.

“When he left, he had barely entered the Sixth Order Venerable Realm.

Its impossible to enter the Ninth Order Venerable Realm in forty short years!”

Elder Crow and Lord Long shook their heads in unison.

After all, advancing to the Ninth Order Venerable Realm was impossible in such a short amount of time.

Even people like them didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong could improve his cultivation so quickly.

To existences at their level, forty years was equivalent to the blink of an eye.

Many talented Holy Princes wouldnt be able to raise their cultivation so quickly.

With forty years, they would probably be able to enter the mid-Sixth Order Venerable Realm from the early-Sixth Order Venerable Realm.

There wasnt even a need to mention reaching the Seventh Order.

Moreover, breaking through would only get harder when they entered the high-level Venerable Realm.

No matter how talented Huang Xiaolong was, none of them believed that he could enter the Ninth Order Venerable Realm.

Even if they knew that he had two Saint godheads with the ability to evolve, it was impossible!

“Hahaha why dont we bet on it” The Heavenly Master laughed when he saw the looks on their faces.

Tyrant Chus eyes lit up the moment he heard what the Heavenly Master said.

“What are we betting on Whats the bet”

“Well bet if Huang Xiaolong has already entered the Ninth Order Venerable Realm.

If he had entered the early-Ninth Order Venerable Realm, all of you will have to give me ten Star Transferring Holy Pills! If youre right, and he hasnt entered the Ninth Order Venerable Realm, then Ill give all of you ten each.

How about that”

Ten Star Transferring Holy Pills!

Tyrant Chu and the others hesitated for a moment.

Ten Star Transferring Pills could be considered a small fortune to them.

However, a weird smile appeared on Tyrant Chus face in the next instant.

“Well take the bet! However, lets bet on whether or not Huang Xiaolong has managed to enter the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm.

If he has broken through to the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm, well give you ten Star Transferring Holy Pills each! Otherwise, youll have to give us ten pills each! Hahahaha!”

Lord Long and Elder Crow quickly nodded their heads.

The smile on the Heavenly Masters face froze in an instant.

Mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm!

According to him, Huang Xiaolong had a sixty percent chance of entering the early-Ninth Order Venerable Realm in forty years.

However, the chance of him entering the mid-Ninth Order Venerable Realm was less than forty percent!

Under the gleeful stares of the three others, the Heavenly Master clenched his teeth and agreed.


Tyrant Chu instantly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! Youre definitely going to lose this time!”

Their desire for Huang Xiaolong to appear before them reached the peak in an instant.

Two days later…

Huang Xiaolong finally arrived in the Holy Heavens City.

Even though he had returned to his original appearance, Huang Xiaolong hadnt donned the robes of a Holy Heavens disciple.

Since the disciple at the gates had no idea who he was, Huang Xiaolong was stopped.

According to the rules of the city, he had to pay ten thousand holy bills before getting the permission to enter the city.

This had also happened when he come for the first time.

According to the rules set by the Holy Heavens, outsiders could only stay for a year after paying ten thousand holy bills.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and chuckled to himself when he was stopped by the guard.

Too lazy to explain himself, he passed ten thousand holy bills over to the disciple.

However, his actions seemed to anger the disciple.

With a cold sneer, the disciple turned to Huang Xiaolong.

“Whats the matter Are you indignant about handing over ten thousand holy bills Do you have a problem with the rules set by the Holy Heavens”

Huang Xiaolong stared at the guard with a smile that didnt look like a smile.

“Dont you recognize me”

The guard casually swept his gaze across Huang Xiaolongs face, and he mocked, “Who do you think you are Are you some sort of big shot in the Holy World Do you think everyone has to recognize you wherever you go”

Huang Xiaolong merely shook his head as a trace of amusement appeared in his heart.

He was too lazy to explain himself to the guard disciple, and he prepared to enter the city.

The guard disciple snapped when he realized that Huang Xiaolong wasnt going to bother apologizing to him.

His expression fell as he turned to the other guard disciples.

“Take him down! I suspect that hes a spy from the Devil Palace! Throw him into jail and interrogate him until he confesses!”

Huang Xiaolong never wanted to mess with the disciple, and all he wanted was to enter the city.

However, a trace of irritation appeared in his heart when he heard how the disciple accused him of being a spy from the Devil Palace.

The guard disciple even wanted to throw him into the prison to force out a confession!

Turning around, Huang Xiaolong stared at the disciple with a cold gaze.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong dared to stare at him, the guard disciple couldnt help but sneer, “How dare you stare at me” The whip in his hand lashed out towards Huang Xiaolong without warning.

“Hold it!” A yell broke through the air before the whip could land on Huang Xiaolong.

The guard disciple turned around when he heard the yell, and he nearly fell over when he saw the people rushing towards him.

“Disciple greets General Li and the various lords!”

Great General Li from the Holy Heavens Patrol Team and several guard captains were rushing towards him.

Initially, Li Da was bored out of his mind, and he had decided to take a stroll around the city with his subordinates.

He hadnt expected to see one of the guard disciples raising his hand against Huang Xiaolong.

His heart nearly stopped beating when he thought about the repercussions.

Li Da ignored the disciple completely and rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Falling to his knees, he practically kissed the ground as he greeted Huang Xiaolong, “Li Da greets Your Highness, Huang Xiaolong!”

The guard captains fell to their knees instantly when they heard what Li Da called Huang Xiaolong.

“We greet Your Highness, Huang Xiaolong!”

The guard disciple felt his mind going blank when he witnessed the scene before him.

“His Highness Huang Xiaolong” His life flashed past his eyes in the next instant as uncontrollable fear took over his body.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Li Da, who was kneeling before him, and he spoke, “The guard ordered for people to throw me, a spy from the Devil Palace, into the prisons.

What do you think about that”

Initially, Li Da had felt that he would be able to get the matter over with with an apology.

But, when he heard what the guard disciple had tried to do, he felt beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

“Please forgive me for not teaching my subordinates well.

I will deal with him according to the rules of the Holy Heavens!”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong didnt wish to pursue the matter, and he left on Little Nines back.

As soon as he entered the city, he raced towards the city center and a smile formed on his face when he thought about seeing Di Huai and the others again.

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