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Chapter 2424: Dark Sacred Sword Formation

Song Cheng, and the two others shot towards Huang Xiaolong in a fit of rage but Huang Xiaolong had no intention of retreating.

Snorting, he released two holy souls as the Dark Sacred Sword Formation emerged from the Darkness Holy Ring.

The lightning bead above his head transformed into a giant lightning pool as bolts of lightning swirled above his head restlessly.


Huang Xiaolongs continuous attack swarmed towards Song Cheng, and the others as the heavens and earth rumbled under the horrifying might.

Groaning in pain, the three True Saints were sent flying instantly.

Faring the best out of the three, Song Cheng was sent tumbling off into the distance as the other two were slammed into the foot of the mountain.

Song Cheng scanned his armor that was slashed by the sword qi to bits and pieces, and wiped the blood from his mouth.


This… high-level holy artifact!” He stared at Huang Xiaolong in dismay.

High-level holy artifact!

Not to mention the fact that the other party had two great holy souls!

He couldnt believe his eyes as he stared at the two golden figures above Huang Xiaolongs head.

Ignoring the question and screams of his opponents, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand casually.

The sword qi from the formation in the Darkness Holy Ring exploded once again and dozens of waves slashed at Song Cheng.

At the same time, Zhan Bo was dragged back towards him with a flick of his wrist.

He had allowed Zhan Bo to live not because he was merciful.

Instead, he didnt wish to waste the other partys saint attributes.

“You, what do you want!” Zhan Bo uttered with his last breath, as his eyes widened with fear, perplexion, and regret.

“Nothing much, I just feel like killing you,” Huang Xiaolong mouthed apathetically.

Ignoring the cries of the other party, Huang Xiaolong searched his soul.

He discovered that all of them were extremely interested in heading over to the Devil Fetus Mountain Range and his interest was piqued.

It didnt take long for him to complete the soul search.

Chen Zhi and the others were busy attacking the two mid-First Heaven True Saints as Huang Xiaolong held Song Cheng back with the Darkness Holy Ring and Lightning Bead.

As for the other experts of the Black Inferno Race, Huang Xiaolong simply released several profound beasts to deal with them.

After searching through Zhan Bos memory, Huang Xiaolong immediately started to devour the other partys saint attributes.

“Young Master!” Song Cheng wailed as he could only watch Zhan Bo getting weaker and weaker as Huang Xiaolong devoured him.

“Our Young Master is the son of the Black Inferno Patriarch! Stop right now!” Song Cheng bellowed.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked to realize that Zhan Bo wasnt just a random high-ranking member of the Black Inferno Race.

As it turned out, the man was the young patriarch of the entire race!

His status could be compared to the leader of the holy princes in the various holy gates.

In fact, his status could be compared to Yu Fujiang in the Beast Tamer Holy Gate! If nothing unexpected had happened, Zhan Bo would have become the patriarch of the Black Inferno Race in the future!

Of course, other than slight surprise, Huang Xiaolong wasnt moved.

He continued to devour the other party.

So what if Zhan Bo was the young patriarch of the Black Inferno Race Yu Fujiang had already turned into dust after their confrontation in the past.

The Black Inferno Race might have been pretty influential as a hidden race, but they had been hiding from the eyes of the world for too long.

Their influence and status in the Holy World was far too lacking when compared to the Beast Tamer Holy Gate.

In just a few minutes, Zhan Bo turned into a withered corpse.

“Young patriarch!” Song Cheng howled as rays of black light emerged from his body to form a world of darkness.

The other two True Saints didnt hold back as they turned berserk.

When the other experts of the Black Inferno Race realized that their young patriarch was killed by their opponents, no one held anything back.

Casting their most powerful spells, some of them unleashed everything they could even at the expense of their foundation.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong did not pay much attention to them as the profound beasts were no weaklings.

He was confident that the profound beasts would suppress these people soon.

As he turned his gaze to Song Cheng, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself that when he got rid of him, no one else in their party would be able to stand against them.

Almost instantaneously, Huang Xiaolong released the Dark Sacred Sword Formation from within the Darkness Holy Ring and an infinite amount of swords charged towards Song Cheng like a pouring storm.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had only used the defensive capabilities of the Darkness Holy Ring.

He hadnt expected the Dark Sacred Sword Formation to be so terrifyingly strong! If he didnt release his third holy soul, he would be hard pressed to match the abilities of the formation even if he used the Thousand Armed Holy Devil.


Millions of sword qi hummed incessantly, and the sky trembled under his might.

With the help of Huang Xiaolongs holy souls, brilliant rays of light emerged from the formation and shot up into the nine heavens.

Despite being at the late-First Heaven True Saint Realm, Song Chen was turned into a bloody mess by the Dark Sacred Sword Formation.

As his holy soul tried to struggle free, Song Cheng roared with fury.

Alas, Huang Xiaolongs soul strength was endless and the sword qi was like a vast sea that trapped him in a whirlpool of pain.

“Brat, Im going to kill you!” Song Cheng shrieked hatefully.

The only thing that replied to him were the rays of sword qi stabbing into his body and soul.

As the scars on his body increased, waves of energy shot directly into his body and churned about, causing him to grow weaker and weaker.

Song Cheng had to save part of his strength to suppress the sword qi in his body, and he also had to deal with the incessant attacks from the sword formation.

“Serve me! If not, Ill destroy your body, imprison your holy soul, and torture it till the end of time!” Huang Xiaolong ordered.

“You killed my young patriarch.

Hence, youre dreaming if you think that I will submit! I hate that I wont be able to shred you piece from piece before ripping your soul apart!” Song Cheng glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered.

Without a word, Huang Xiaolong increased the intensity of the formation.

The millions of rays of sword qi started to gather to form giant swords.

As they slowly started to fuse, ten thousand strands of massive sword qi hovered in the air above the mountain range.

Ripping apart the space, the fiery rays of qi from the Fiery Sun Spiritual Mountain dimmed as the energy in the air was claimed by the massive swords.

In a flash, they appeared before Song Chengs face.

“Darkness, assemble! Break!” Song Cheng could sense the incoming threat.

He forced himself to the limit as the dark light around his body turned into massive figures as they tried to defend against the onslaught.

It was too bad he was too weak compared to the other party as the sword qi tore through the figures effortlessly.

A second later, ten thousand strands of sword qi pierced through Song Chengs body.

Song Cheng froze in disbelief when he looked down at his body.

Holes started to appeared on his body as blood streamed out from them.

Unable to withstand the destruction, Song Chengs body exploded.

Before his holy soul could escape, Huang Xiaolong captured him and threw him into the space contained in the lightning bead.

“Elder Song Cheng!” The other True Saints from the Black Inferno Race were shocked to see that Song Cheng was defeated by their enemy and imprisoned.

As the thought of running away appeared in their minds, Huang Xiaolong directed the sword qi towards them, sealing their fates.

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