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Chapter 2430: A Large Amount of Grandmist Holy Spiritual Aura

At this time, Sun Jiang stepped forward and said, “Im an Elder from the Black Inferno Race, and our young master is currently meditating in the icy mountain.

The five of us have laid down restrictions to stop others from disturbing him.

I seek the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds understanding on the matter.”

Black Inferno Race!

Zhang Yihui was taken aback.

An Li and Yang He both turned to look at Zhang Yihui.

As he stared at the icy mountain behind Sun Jiang, a smile slowly formed on Zhang Yihuis face.

“Sorry for bothering you guys.

We didnt know that your Young Master was present.” Turning to speak to An Li and the others, he sighed, “Lets leave.”

The Black Inferno Race was one of the most ancient races in the Holy World.

If there wasnt a need, Zhang Yihui wouldnt start a fight with them.

For five True Saints to protect the oung master, his identity was definitely among the upper echelons in the Black Inferno Race.

Zhang Yihui quickly decided against charging in through using brute force.

After Zhang Yihui left, the True Saints on Huang Xiaolongs side sighed with relief.

If Zhang Yihui had insisted on breaking through their defenses, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation would definitely be disturbed.

If his refinement of the Devil Fetus was disrupted, he could face a backlash from the devilish treasure.

Not even a hundred deaths would be enough for them to atone for their mistakes.

Chen Zhi and the others quickly returned to their positions.

After the incident, the five of them became even more careful.

They took turns using their holy souls to observe their surroundings.

Another three months passed.

When they were busy looking around for threats that might appear, pillars of light appeared from deep within the icy mountain as a figure slowly made his appearance.

“Young Master!” The five of them were elated to see Huang Xiaolong, and they immediately flew over to greet him.

“Congratulations on the successful refinement of the Devil Fetus!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in satisfaction.

After absorbing the Devil Fetus, he had finally arrived at the mid of the Second Tribulation Half-True Saint Realm.

Of course, he felt that it was a pity because, according to his estimations, he felt that the peak of the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm was within reach.

If any other Second Tribulation half-True Saint were to refine a treasure like the Devil Fetus, they would have reached the Third Tribulation half-True Saint Realm easily.

Of course, he had to factor in three complete dao saint godheads, bloodlines, and physiques! Breaking into the next realm would be a difficult task for someone like him!

“Did anything happen while I was in seclusion” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The five of them shook their heads.

Yu Ming thought of something and spoke up all of a sudden, “Oh right, Young Master, three months ago, some people from the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds arrived.” Chen Zhi and the others filled Huang Xiaolong in on the happenings.

“Oh, Zhang Yihui” Huang Xiaolong was startled, “The Young Patriarch of the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds”

Zhang Yihuis reputation wasnt inferior to Lin Xiaoying, and he was ranked third among the Saint Fate List.

After asking a little more about Zhang Yihui, Huang Xiaolong decided to change the topic.

After all, Zhang Yihui wasnt worth worrying about.

There were countless treasures, natural spiritual herbs, and holy beasts in the Purple Clouds Sea.

It wasnt weird for people like Zhang Yihui and Lin Xiaoying to be trying their luck in the region.

After shattering the restrictions laid down around the icy mountain, Huang Xiaolong soared through the skies and left.

Since he had refined the Devil Fetus, it was time to search for the grandmist holy spiritual aura.

He took out the piece of metal stained with the qi and tried to look for any traces of it as he flew towards the northern part of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

According to the owner who had sold him the piece of metal, it had originated from the northern part of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

As long as what the shop owner had said was true, he would definitely be able to sense the presence of the grandmist holy spiritual aura.

After all, he had cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and he was extremely familiar with grandmist qi.

It didnt take long for them to arrive at the mountain range.

“What!” Not long after they started flying towards the northern region of the mountain range, the grandmist holy spiritual aura in his body started acting up.

Moreover, the piece of black gold was emitting rays of purple and gold light.

Unable to contain the surprise in his heart, Huang Xiaolong started to speed up.

The shop owner hadnt lied to him!

When the five True Saints saw how Huang Xiaolong increased his speed, they followed closely behind him as they were afraid that they would lose sight of him.

If that were to happen, things might get troublesome.

The closer he got to the northern region, the stronger the reaction of the grandmist qi in his body became.

The beams of light from the metal slab started to grow in intensity.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at a certain space above the northern region of the mountain range.

Another mountain range stood tall under him, and the devil qi that surrounded it was different from the devil qi swirling about the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

It was jade green in color, and it emitted a strong aura of vitality.

Purple light could be seen occasionally among the green, but it was so weak that one couldnt notice if they didnt know what to look for.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on a certain space within the mountain range.

He could feel that the grandmist holy spiritual aura was located deep within the space!

At its level, the grandmist holy spiritual aura had birthed its own consciousness.

Even if a True Saint expert appeared, they wouldnt be able to sense its presence if it chose to hide.

After ordering the five of them to lay down numerous restrictions, Huang Xiaolong decided to make his move.

“Shattering Dragon Hand!”

As a massive dragon materialized before him, it shot into the depths of the void.

After grabbing the entire mountain range, Huang Xiaolong was shocked to discover that he couldnt cause it to budge.

Even at the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm, he could pick up a chaos essence mountain range with ease.

He was shocked to discover that he couldnt move a strand of the grandmist holy spiritual aura hidden before him!

This shouldnt be the case.

Instead of summoning his holy souls, he decided to activate the Holy Mandate Imprint.

As the energy that came from the origin of the Holy World poured into his body, he became stronger once again.


Huang Xiaolongs arm that entered the depths of the space jerked and a purple-gold dragon tail was torn out from the depths of the space.

Even though only the tail was revealed, Chen Zhi and the others were shocked.

The tail was too damn big!

Even Huang Xiaolong was shocked as the presence of the dragon tail showed that the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura before him was countless times larger than everything he had obtained in the Profound River combined.

It went without saying that there were different grades of grandmist holy spiritual aura.

The larger the strand was, the older it was.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt contain the joy in his heart as he knew that the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura before him was definitely a priceless treasure.

At this exact same moment, Zhang Yihui and the others noticed the fluctuations in the air and they quickly made their way over.

Zhang Yihuis expression was unsightly as he failed to find anything along his way.

He had received news of a tenth-grade origin spiritual herb, and he wanted to try his luck around the Purple Clouds Sea.

Even after several months, he had failed to find anything.

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