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Chapter 2431: Snatching back the Grandmist Holy Spiritual Aura

“Young Master Zhang Yihui, how dare Xu Haidong give us fake information… When we return, Ill drag him before you to receive his punishment!” Eminent Elder An Li raged.

Xu Haidong was a branch president of a super chamber of commerce in the Holy World.

Zhang Yihui\'s eyes flashed with a trace of coldness when the nameXu Haidong was mentioned.

As they flew through the skies, An Li stopped and stared in a certain direction in amazement.

“Eminent Elder An Li, why did you stop” Zhang Yihui was baffled after seeing him stop so suddenly.

Strange rays of light shot out from An Lis eyes, and he looked towards the direction Huang Xiaolong was in.

A chuckle left his lips.

“Young Master Zhang Yihui, it seems like were pretty lucky!”

The other True Saint beside him smiled in response, “Eminent Elder An Li is right, theres a violent fluctuation of holy spiritual aura in the air up ahead.

Someone is definitely trying to subdue a super high grade treasure! With the energy level its giving off, its definitely something extremely valuable!”

Zhang Yihui was delighted and a smile soon appeared on his face, “Really! It looks like lady luck is on my side! Hahaha! I cant stop it if Im destined to obtain the treasure! Lets go! We cant risk the treasure falling into the hands of someone else!”

Nodding slowly, An Li and the others quickly led the way towards Huang Xiaolong.

With the two True Saints leading the way, everyone from the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds rushed towards the northern region of the Devil Fetus Mountain Range.

It didnt take long for the few of them to notice something they would only see once in their lives.

A black haired young man was currently using all his strength to hold onto the tail of a purple-golden dragon.

More than half of the dragon had been dragged out from the void.

Even though one could only see half of the body, it was evident that the dragon was enormous.

No one could believe their eyes and even though dragons from the Ancient Dragon Race were no strangers to them, nothing they saw could compete with the purple-golden dragon the youngster was dragging out from the void.

“How can this be! What a massive dragon! Even the True Saint Realm dragons in the Ancient Dragon Race cant compare to this! Is this a holy beast!” One of the disciples from the Ancient Emperor Holy Land exclaimed in shock.

An Li quickly regained his senses and a loud chuckle left his lips.

“This isnt a holy beast! Its a strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura! This is a one in a ten billion years strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura! By looking at the size of it, its definitely an extremely high graded one!!”

“What! How is this a strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura!”

The disciples of the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds were shocked.

Zhang Yihui quickly regained his senses and said urgently, “Quick, Eminent Elder An Li, the two of you join hands and seize the dragon! As long as you manage to obtain it, I will request for the founder to reward you guys heavily once we return!”

Founder! He was going to speak to the first generation Ancient Emperor on their behalf!

“Yes, Young Master!” An Li and the other True Saint soared through the skies and grabbed at the purple gold dragon.

They didnt hesitate to send their attacks towards Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to kill him in a single blow.

“Presumptuous!” The five True Saints around Huang Xiaolong noticed the sneak attack instantly, and they started to lash out with counter attacks.


As a loud blast resounded through the skies, An Li and the other True Saint managed to stop the combined attacks of all five True Saints.

The surrounding mountain range was torn apart by the impact, and cold light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

The moment he noticed the members of the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds, a trace of killing intent rose in his heart.

Pushing himself to the limit, he tore the purple golden dragon out from the depths of the void.

Even though he had expected the size of the grandmist holy spiritual aura to be large, he couldnt help but gasp in surprise when it was revealed before him.

It was like a massive purple mountain range that stretched out to cover the skies.

It was over a million feet long!

If Huang Xiaolong was shocked, then the members of the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds were even more so shocked!

After all, Huang Xiaolong had obtained several strands of grandmist holy spiritual aura in the past.

This was the first time Zhang Yihui and the others were even seeing a strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura; not to mention, one as large as the one before them!

Zhang Yihuis gaze turned malevolent, and he couldnt control his emotions.

He shouted at An Li, “Hurry up and deal with them! This strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura belongs to my Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds! Kill anyone who dares to snatch it from us!”

Kill anyone who dares to snatch it from us!

Looking at the sheer size of the grandmist holy spiritual aura, it was worth it for the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds to go all out to obtain it.

Even if other forces were present, they would have definitely gone all out.

After all, that was the largest amount of grandmist holy spiritual aura in the Holy World! The value was immeasurable!

If they placed such a huge strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura in their territory, they would be able to nourish their lands with grandmist holy spiritual aura.

The density of spiritual qi in their holy grounds would reach a frightening degree.

Even holy spiritual jade stones used to power their spiritual gathering grand array would be used up in a day.

However, the sheer amount of grandmist holy spiritual aura in front of Huang Xiaolong right now could gather the energy within the heavens and earth to strengthen itself.

It would never be used up if not directly absorbed!

That was simply a priceless treasure!

“Kill!” An Li roared, and he didnt care about anything else as he dove towards Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Zhi and the others were furious when they discovered An Lis target.

They pushed themselves to the limit, and they shot towards An Li.

Even though the two True Saints from the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds were peak late-First Heaven True Saints, they were no match for the combined strength and coordination of five True Saints.

When Zhang Yihui saw that Chen Zhi and the others were blocking An Li, he turned furious.

He pointed at Sun Jiang and roared, “Why is your Black Inferno Race not handing over my grandmist holy spiritual aura! How dare you steal from us!” Earlier, he hadnt barged through the restrictions as there was no need to make an unnecessary enemy.

However, the grandmist holy spiritual aura was much more important than any enmity he would create.

Huang Xiaolong snorted when he heard how Zhang Yihui had laid claim to the grandmist holy spiritual aura.

Huang Xiaolong circulated his holy soul and absorbed the strand of grandmist holy spiritual aura into the Darkness Holy Ring.

Zhang Yihui turned even more furious when he saw how Huang Xiaolong kept the strand of spiritual qi.

Whistling sounds tore through the air and several figures arrived.

They arrived at the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

As it turned out, the battle between so many True Saints had drawn the attention of the surrounding True Saint Realm experts.

Zhang Yihui was elated to see them, and he quickly stepped forward.

“Senior Guo Chang, its good that you are here.

Hurry up and attack them! They snatched out grandmist holy spiritual aura! You have to take it back for me!”

Amongst the six people who had come, three of them were from the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds.

One of them was even a high-level True Saint, and he was a hall master in the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds! As for the remaining three, they were coincidentally from the Holy Heavens.

Hall master Shi Feng of the enforcement hall and two other vice hall masters were present.

Guo Chang, Shi Feng, and the other expert, who had rushed over, were shocked when they heard what Zhang Yihui said.

Grandmist holy spiritual aura!

Everyone turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong instantly.

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