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Chapter 245: Entering the Bedlam Lands

“The owner of Godly Mt.

Xumi won’t fall so easily” Huang Peng and Su Yan were dumbfounded.

Although both of them were aware of their son possessing the Heavenly Treasure, neither of them had heard about this particular detail.

At this point, Zhao Shu stepped forward to reaffirmed, “House Master Huang, what Young Lord said is true, there indeed is such a legend.”

Zhang Fu behind him nodded convincingly as well.

Both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu did heard legends related to it.

Seeing this, Huang Peng and Su Yan’s worried hearts loosened a little.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t escape when Su Yan clutched at his hand, telling him for more than an hour he should take care of himself, safety first, pay attention, be vigilant, don’t fight with others, etc, and more.

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly in his heart as he patiently listened to his mother, nagging for more than an hour.

Close to two hours later, Huang Xiaolong bid farewell to the four people looking at him, Huang Peng, Su Yan, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu.

Huang Xiaolong left Duanren Imperial City on foot, he had the flying twin dragon martial spirits and the Godly Mt.

Xumi, therefore he did not require a mount.

Watching her son’s figure grow smaller, dimmer, and vaguer before her eyes, Su Yan couldn’t resist getting teary eyed.

“It’ll be fine, don’t cry.

Long’er promised, he’ll be back within two years.” Huang Peng wrapped an arm around his wife’s shoulders, comforting her.

Su Yan nodded, wiping away her tears.

Then she suddenly added, “I wonder how is that child Li Lu doing.”

Huang Peng was taken aback at the abrupt topic, but he said, “Don’t worry, Long’er and her will definitely be together!”

Su Yan nodded her head again.

The four of them turned around and returned to the Southern Hill Estate a while later.

At this time, in a certain kingdom under Duanren Empire’s territory, Yao Fei was listening to his subordinate’s report.

Cruel lights of excitement flashed in his pupils, “You’re very sure, Huang Xiaolong left Duanren Imperial City alone”

“Yes Young Lord, there's no mistake about it!” That subordinate answered respectfully, “Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu did not follow him, both are still in the Southern Hill Estate!”

Yao Fei burst out in a hearty laughter hearing that, “Huang Xiaolong, oh Huang Xiaolong, this time I’ll see how you can escape from my hand!” he turned towards his subordinate again, “Did you find out where he’s heading to”

“Not yet,” the subordinate added, “But he’s traveling towards the southeast direction.”

“Southeast direction.” Yao Fei repeated to himself, he turned around saying, “Continue to have people watch the Southern Hill Estate’s movements, go.” He waved the subordinate away after finished giving the instruction.

That subordinate saluted with respect before making his way out.

“Southeast direction…” Yao Fei’s figure leaped into the air, disappearing in a blur as he flew southeast, piercing through space.

Ten days later, Yao Fei landed on a piece of bare land.

When his feet touched the ground, Yao Fei struck out his fist in anger, shattering a hundred zhang small hill not far away into pieces.

For the last ten days, he had been chasing and tracking, but not to mention Huang Xiaolong’s shadow, he couldn’t even find a hair left behind by Huang Xiaolong along the way.

According to his subordinate’s report, Huang Xiaolong was confirmed to be traveling in the same southeast direction, but ten days! He had been pursuing Huang Xiaolong for ten days and he didn’t catch a wisp of Huang Xiaolong’s presence.

“Huang Xiaolong, I don’t believe you can hide under this heaven and earth!” Yao Fei snarled ferociously, and disappeared from the spot, continuing his pursuit.

He waited a long time for an opportunity like this one, he would not let it go so easily.

One month later.

In the air close to one of Spring Faun Empire’s borders, with a flash, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette appeared.

Looking at the dark sky, Huang Xiaolong surveyed the surroundings.

Deciding on a spot to rest for the night, he leaped towards one of the hills in front.

He would continue his journey tomorrow.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t aware that Yao Fei was chasing him.

This one month’s time, he traveled using the Godly Mt.

Xumi, controlling it to fly as he practiced at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation.

That piece of heaven grade spirit stone given by Shi Fantian, Huang Xiaolong used it as the Ten Buddha Formation’s energy source.

Heaven grade spirit stones were undoubtedly valuable, but for Huang Xiaolong nothing was more important than enhancing his strength.

Only by becoming stronger could he have the qualifications to stand at the top of the Martial Spirit World.

Otherwise, this so-called wealth and power were nothing more than a mirage.

And because he was cultivating within the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Huang Xiaolong had inadvertently avoided Yao Fei’s pursue.

The Godly Mt.

Xumi was practically an independent space on its own, cutting off any nature of tracking from the outside.

Not to mention Yao Fei, who was a peak late-Xiantian Tenth Order, not even an early Saint realm expert could sense it.

Landing in the vicinity of a small forest, Huang Xiaolong chose a spot, ran his internal force and built a fire.

The winter weather had yet to pass and with a small camp fire going, it quickly warmed up the area, dispersing the lingering cold.

“If my Body Metamorphose Scripture reached stage twelve, reaching perfection, would I really be able to condense a true core…” Huang Xiaolong pondered as he watched the burning fire, his hand moved to take out a jug of Sapidity Wine from the Asura Ring.

Just a few more days and his Body Metamorphose Scripture would advance into Stage Eleven: Fighting Form.

During his time on Earth, the explanation passed down by his ancestors stated that by completing the twelve stages of Body Metamorphose Scripture, an individual would enter the small perfection realm and the true qi internal force inside their dantian would evolve into true essence energy.

Following that, true essence energy would then rebuild and improve upon the body's physical potential to the extent that one would remain youthful-looking.

In addition, it even added years to one's lifespan! At that time, Huang Xiaolong's dantian would also transform into an inner core.

Bearing an inner true core, it would grow and multiply by itself, absorbing spiritual energy at all times, meaning Huang Xiaolong could cultivate his internal force at all times.

The most crucial point wasㅡafter the dantian evolved into an inner true core, Huang Xiaolong could fly on a sword.

Sword flight...

by Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, would be much faster than flying on the blue dragon.

According to ancient legends, practitioners that successfully formed an internal core could fly ten thousand li in a day on their swords.

“There’s also the Asura Tactics, I’m on the edge of breaking through the fourth stage.” Huang Xiaolong mumbled to no one.

The Asura Tactics.

Entering the fourth stage, Huang Xiaolong could open the Eye of Hell, which could see through all illusions, penetrating all space barriers, to the extent of seeing another mountain behind a mountain.

Not to mention, the Eye of Hell had a bizarre spiritual attack.

If Huang Xiaolong opened the Eye of Hell, it meant he had another trump card in his hand.

More importantly, it would save him a lot of trouble.

Morning arrived and Huang Xiaolong leaped up, shuttling in the air, continuing his journey to the Bedlam Lands.

Three months passed.

Huang Xiaolong finally traversed through Snow Wind Continent, arriving at the Bedlam Lands.

Other than rushing on the journey, he spent most of the three months cultivating in the Xumi Temple, thus avoiding unnecessary troubles.

Only sometimes, when Huang Xiaolong stayed out in the wilderness, would he run into some small groups of bandits that took Huang Xiaolong for some vulnerable lone traveler.

All of them were easily taken care of by Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s current strength allowed him to easily deal with two average Xiantian Seventh Order without breaking much of a sweat.

“This is the Bedlam Lands!” Huang Xiaolong stared at the vast of parched land in front of him, sand and dust rolling in the dry wind.

The instant he stepped onto the land, Huang Xiaolong felt a strong death aura in the air as well as a demonic energy and an indescribable bloodthirst, evil, and desolateness.

Huang Xiaolong ran his internal force and battle qi, vigilantly preparing for any unforeseen events.

He moved forward slowly, unhurriedly, northward, where the Sin City was located, in the most northern part of the Bedlam Lands.

“The death aura in front and the smell of blood is too dense!” After flying for two hours, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped.

His vigilance soared.


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