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Chapter 2477: You Want to Pay Homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong

Ji Cai and the old man, Guard Chen both looked dumbfounded.

“Elder Brother, are you really called Huang Xiaolong” Ji Cai asked again, her spirited eyes turning around.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head seriously, without a hint of humor at all.

“My name is really Huang Xiaolong.”

Ji Cai suddenly burst out laughing, “Elder Brother, your name is really Huang Xiaolong, ah.

Its the same as His Highness Huang Xiaolong, ah.”

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded in return by Ji Cais reaction, and was left with a wry smile.

Alright, I will take it.

He didnt say a thing at all.

As they traveled on, passing by the various cities of the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, Ji Cai exclaimed in splendors of awe, “These cities are so big! So prosperous, ah!”

Ji Cais reaction was very common.

Anyone arriving at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds for the first time would show a dramatic reaction to a certain degree.

The first time Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai had come to the Heavenly Master Holy Ground, their reactions were similar.

“Elder Brother, what is that city called” Ji Cai pointed at a city up ahead, built on a scarlet mountain range.

Against the burning red surroundings, the entirely black city was extremely eye-catching.

Huang Xiaolong thought for a second only to answer, “I dont know.”

Although the jade token Wu Ge had given him previously contained the general situations in the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, it mostly introduced the more important cities.

Within the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds vast territory, Huang Xiaolong could not recognise every city.

Moreover, apart from the short periods Huang Xiaolong spent at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, most of the time, he was exploring outside, and he rarely had the time for touring around the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

Thus, there were many places within the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds that he didnt know about.

Subsequently, every time they were passing by a strange city or odd-looking mountain, Ji Cai would ask Huang Xiaolong about it.

But Huang Xiaolongs answer was a shake of his head the entire way.

Ji Cai clamored, “Elder Brother, didnt you say that youre a Holy Heavens disciple How come you dont know these cities and mountain ranges names”

Ji Cai said it unintentionally, without any concealed satire, but the old man Guard Chen became suspicious of Huang Xiaolong.

Clearly, he was beginning to doubt if Huang Xiaolong was really a Holy Heavens disciple like he claimed to be, or if Huang Xiaolong had unspoken intention by pretending to be one.

Not to mention, they had run into Huang Xiaolongs group just as they had arrived at the outer peripheral region of the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, then Ji Yu and her group had appeared.

There were too many coincidences.

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled a nonchalant smile when he sensed the old mans wary gaze, and he wasnt bothered by it at all.

He said to Ji Cai, “Ive only entered the Holy Heavens for several decades, and it hasnt been very long.

Moreover, most of the time, I only stayed at the Holy Heavens City, and rarely walked around the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

Hence, I am not very familiar with these cities and mountain ranges.”

Ji Cai nodded her head as she believed Huang Xiaolongs words, but the old man remained sceptical and vigilant.

He secretly held an ancient talisman between his fingers, ready to crush it in a split second and take the young girl away if something went wrong.

However, the old mans heart finally relaxed when Huang Xiaolong did nothing out of the ordinary the entire way.

Two weeks later, they arrived at the Holy Heavens City.

“This is the Holy Heavens City Its so beautiful!” As she looked at the magnificent city floating in the air, Ji Cai sighed in awe, and her eyes sparkled.

Huang Xiaolong didnt expect this description as most people would sigh in awe at the citys size instead of saying that its beautiful.

The group paid ten thousand holy bills per person and then entered the city.

“Elder Brother, where are we going now” After passing through the city gates, Ji Cai asked Huang Xiaolong, her head swiveling left and right as her eyes drank in the sights.

“Going to the Blue Dragon Manor,” Huang Xiaolong answered.

“Blue Dragon Manor!” Ji Cai was shocked, “Ive heard that the Blue Dragon Manor is His Highness Huang Xiaolongs residence, located in the central areas most prosperous street of Holy Heavens City.

It is said that His Highness Huang Xiaolong spent several trillions of holy bills to purchase it!”

The old man Guard Chen looked just as astonished, as he hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to directly lead them to the Blue Dragon Manor.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and said, “It looks like you know quite a lot, and you even know that.”

Ji Cai was feeling nervous now, “Elder Brother, ar-are we going to the Blue Dragon Manor just like this Shouldnt we pass a calling card to the Blue Dragon Manors guard first Ive heard many holy grounds experts tried to see His Highness Huang Xiaolong like that but all of them were blocked at the entrance.

One must first send a calling card, then wait for approval from the Blue Dragon Manors steward before we can enter the Blue Dragon Manor.”

Huang Xiaolongs smile widened.

“Itll be fine.

Im familiar with the Blue Dragon Manors steward, so there is no need to send any calling card.”

The Blue Dragon Manors steward was naturally Di Huai.

Ji Cais small face was beaming with joy.

“Really Elder Brother, are you really familiar with the Blue Dragon Manors steward!”

“En,” Huang Xiaolong nodded and continued, “I also know that the Blue Dragon Manors steward is called Di Huai.”

The old man Guard Chens eyes widened as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Could this kid really be a Holy Heavens disciple One that was familiar with the Blue Dragon Manors steward

“Thats so great!” Ji Cai cheered.

“Elder Brother, how did you become friends with the Blue Dragon Manors Steward Di Huai” Ji Cai asked out of curiosity.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “Frankly, I knew Di Huai before I entered the Holy Heavens, and he had helped me a lot.” As he said, Di Huai had helped him a lot, especially during his time at the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate.

Yu Ming, Chen Zhi, Departing Sword Sage, and the rest followed behind the three, and they tactfully remained silent with a faint smile on their faces.

While Huang Xiaolongs group headed to the Blue Dragon Manor, inside a luxurious residence somewhere in the Holy Heavens City, Ji Yu was standing respectfully in front of the Holy Heavens Mission Halls Elder Ceng Ze.

Ceng Ze was full of smiles as he looked into the jade box on his left hand.

Inside was Dragon Blood Jade Ganoderma that exuded a holy spiritual aura, and although it had not reached the grade of a holy herb, it was definitely a top, level-ten origin herb.

This quality would be difficult to get even from a big auction house.

Ji Yu saw that Ceng Ze was satisfied with the gift.

Thus, she smiled and said, “Uncle Ceng Ze, my father knows that you cultivates the Taming Dragon Tactics, and you need this Dragon Blood Jade Ganoderma, so he told me to send it over to Uncle Ceng Ze.”

Ceng Ze smiled.

“Your father is too polite.

With the friendship between us, there is no need for such courtesy.” He said so as he put away the jade box containing the Dragon Blood Jade Ganoderma, and went on, “Niece Ji Yu must be tired coming all the way.

Ill have people arrange a courtyard for you.

Take some rest first, and when you are rested, someone will guide you around.

There are many interesting things here.”

Ji Yu smiled brightly, “Thank you, Uncle Ceng Ze.” Then she added, “This niece still has one matter to take care of, and I need to trouble Uncle Ceng Ze for that.” She then recounted the incident related to Ji Cai.

Ceng Ze chuckled and promised, “Here I was wondering what big problem it might be, so its this.

Its just a small matter, Ill send people to find out Ji Cais current whereabouts, and then have her escorted to you.

As long as Ji Cai is still in the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, she wont be able to escape.”

Ji Yu was elated, “Many thanks, Uncle Ceng Ze.”

Just as she wanted to take her leave, Ji Yu remembered something and brought up that she wanted to pay homage to Huang Xiaolong, hoping Ceng Ze could help her.

“You want to pay homage to His Highness Huang Xiaolong” Ceng Ze was surprised by this request.

He took a long look at her and smiled, “Niece Ji Yu also admires His Highness Huang Xiaolong!”

Ever since the battles at the Mirage Pavilions battle stage, there had been many daughters and female disciples of holy grounds and ancient races patriarchs, who came for Huang Xiaolong in recent years.

These daughters of heavens aim in coming to see Huang Xiaolong was obvious to all.

Ji Yu felt a little embarrassed under Ceng Zes stare, and a faint pink hue crept up her face.

“His Highness Huang Xiaolongs valiance is incomparable.

I failed to catch a glimpse of His Highness at the Mirage Pavilion, and since I am here at the Holy Heavens City this time, I want to go to pay my respects.”

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