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Chapter 2495: Despicable Means!


It wasn’t surprising that everyone couldn’t believe the fact that Huang Xiaolong had managed to enter the top one thousand ranks.

Even though they thought that he was merely lucky, he had already broken through the nine hundredth rank!

“This brat… He’s really something else! Hahaha!” Tyrant Chu snickered in his heart, “You have to keep this up! Don’t lose your place in the top nine hundred!”

That was how human emotion worked.

Previously, he had wanted Huang Xiaolong to remain on the stele.

Right now, he hoped that Huang Xiaolong would maintain his spot above the nine hundred mark.

As the crowd outside the city got fired up, everyone else taking part in the Trial of Blood couldn’t help but notice Huang Xiaolong’s rise.

From the light ring around their wrist, they could observe the ranking list.

“How can little doggy Huang obtain a place on the stele!” Li Chen frowned when he saw the ranking board.

“Did he actually comprehend the Nirvana Purity Holy Art!”

Even though others might not know what the Nirvana Purity Holy Art was, as the leader of the holy princes in the Holy Heavens, he knew what it was.

It was a high-level holy art, and he had failed when he had tried to cultivate it in the past.

Moreover, he also knew the secrets behind the holy art.

It was especially useful when dealing with the ghost devils and with Huang Xiaolong’s Buddhism attributed saint godhead, he would be able to fully utilize the holy art.

In the Ghost Devil City, Huang Xiaolong’s combat prowess would be no weaker than some Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints….

However, Li Chen chuckled to himself sinisterly, “Even though the Nirvana Purity Holy Art is strong, he can only last for an hour.

When he uses up all his energy, he will definitely fall out of the leaderboards.”

No longer bothering with Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen continued to kill ghost devils.

In one of the desolate regions in the Ghost Devil City, Lin Xiaoying slew a ghost devil with a cultivation realm at the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm and looked at the leaderboards.

When she noticed Huang Xiaolong’s name, she sucked in a cold breath.

“Did someone help Thirteen to kill ghost devils!” Lin Xiaoying’s mind was filled with question marks.

She didn’t understand how Huang Xiaolong could kill ghost devils so quickly.

A sense of fear washed over her heart all of a sudden.

Didn’t they say that one couldn’t rely on external assistance in the trial If anyone were to discover any traces of foul play, they would be disqualified! They would also need to apologize to everyone present!

That wasn’t all.

The faction behind them would also need to pay up a hundred thousand high-grade holy spiritual jade stones as a penalty!

She wasn’t the only one who was shocked.

Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, and the others didn’t believe their eyes when they saw Huang Xiaolong entering the top thousand.

A similar thought flashed through their minds.

Someone was killing the ghost devils for Huang Xiaolong!

“Dumb*ss! How can someone be stupid enough to cheat in the Trial of Blood” Huai Po sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, are you stupid enough to use such methods to win the bet”

As everyone locked their attention onto Huang Xiaolong’s rank, they discovered that it continued to rise.

After two short hours, he reached the 790th rank.

It was obvious that he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

By this time, everyone in the plaza was confused.

They no longer believed that Huang Xiaolong was using his own abilities to take part in the trial, and they shook their heads in disappointment.

Xue Lingyun of the Clear Snow Palace felt that Huang Xiaolong had violated the rules of the trial.

She didn’t believe that he could climb to the seven hundredth rank with his abilities.

How could a Fourth Tribulation Half-True Saint kill ghost devils faster than a Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint

It didn’t make sense.

Even if some sort of miracle happened, it was impossible for something like that to happen.

Cao Nan couldn’t help but reveal a mocking smile, “Tyrant Chu, are you sure your disciple is merely lucky Are you sure no one else is killing ghost devils for him”

Tyrant Chu’s expression sank.

“I believe in him.” Even though he could say that to Cao Nan, a trace of doubt remained in his mind.

According to what he knew, Huang Xiaolong was extremely clear with the rules of the trial.

There was no way he would choose to cheat.

However, no one could explain his terrifying achievement.

Could he actually say that Huang Xiaolong’s combat abilities had already surpassed the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm

Even if he said that, who would believe him

When Duan Xuan and Shen Jiewen saw Huang Xiaolong’s rank, they turned to Mo Cangli and chuckled, “Huang Xiaolong is crazy.

Even if he manages to enter the top ten position, he won’t be able to win the bet.

When he comes out, Tyrant Chu will probably vomit blood.”

“It will be a wonder if he doesn’t.

He has to pay a hundred thousand high-grade holy spiritual jade stones as compensation!”

The fine was something that terrified even Primal Ancestors.

Even an organization like the Holy Heavens wouldn’t be able to take them out at will.

Duan Xuan and Shen Buwen weren’t the only ones who were gloating.

“Patriarch, I’m afraid the Holy Heavens will go bankrupt this time…,” One of the palace masters from the Ghost Talisman Holy Gate laughed.

Gui Buwang roared with laughter.

As for the person they were sneering at, he didn’t care about the rumors floating in the outside world.

He killed ghost devils at his own pace.

Since the trail would go on for one entire month, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t in a hurry at all.

He hadn’t revealed his three holy souls, and he hadn’t activated his dao heart.

He merely killed the ghost devils using his three saint godheads and Holy Mandate Imprint.

“Nirvana Purity!”

Whenever Huang Xiaolong slapped out, countless golden buddhas and holy figures would fill the skies.

Ghost devils were exterminated everytime he laid eyes on them.

Li Chen’s guess was on point.

He was right.

Huang Xiaolong had been using the Nirvana Purity Holy Art after entering the city.

The energy the Nirvana Purity Holy Art consumed wasn’t negligible, and it was at a terrifying level for someone at the half-True Saint Realm.

However, Huang Xiaolong was someone who had the Inextinguishable Dao Heart! With a single breath, he could recover all the energy he wanted by absorbing the pure holy spiritual qi contained in the Holy World’s core.

Even though he didn’t use his holy souls and the dao heart, he could draw on their power to recover the energy he used.

It went without saying that his rank would shoot upwards.

In half a day, he had already entered the top five hundred ranks.

Stopping in the space above a mountain range, Huang Xiaolong swept his gaze across the lands.

Ghost qi filled his sight, and it was so dense that clouds of ghost qi formed in the skies.

They rolled about like waves, and devil qi scattered around within the clouds.

Strands of devil qi swam around the clouds of ghost qi like tiny snakes.

The Ghost Devil City was large, and it seemed to have formed a world by itself.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong was transported in, he flew around trying to find another disciple, but to no avail.

Looking in a random direction, Huang Xiaolong shot through the skies.

A horrifying cry rang through the skies all of a sudden, and Huang Xiaolong stared at two disciples of the Devil Palace running away from a ghost devil.

To be fair, the ghost devil emitted a terrifying aura that caused gusts of ghost qi to sweep through the surroundings.

Since they were running away like headless chickens, they didn’t notice that they were flying straight towards Huang Xiaolong.


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