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Chapter 2514: Pants Equivalent to Four Holy Pills

As soon as Huang Xiaolong spoke, everyone stared at him like they were looking at a monster.

Cao Nan roared with laughter, and his expression was extremely exaggerated.

“I cant take it anymore! My stomach hurts from laughing! I havent heard a joke as funny as this in years!”

Even Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi shook their heads slowly.

Xue Lingyun had the same reaction.

No one thought that Huang Xiaolong was telling the truth as it was impossible for a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint to kill a First Heaven True Saint.

The concept was too far-fetched for everyone present.

Jin Nu from the Vajra Race shook his head in disappointment.

“Huang Xiaolong might be the most talented person in the Holy World, but hes too arrogant.

He even dares to mock a senior cultivator! What a waste of talent…!”

Jin Taiji revealed a disappointed expression.

Li Chen, Xie Yao, and the others smiled in their hearts.

The only person who kept his calm was Tyrant Chu.

A smile remained on his face as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

After seeing the exaggerated smile on Cao Nans face, Huang Xiaolong snickered in his heart.

He was extremely indifferent, and completely unaffected by the mockery of those around him.

Instead, a golden figure slowly emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body.

Even though it wasnt moving very quickly, the golden glow around it attracted the attention of everyone present.

Holy might enveloped the lands.

As soon as the golden figure emerged, the air in the surroundings seemed to have come to a standstill.

The ghost devil qi coming from the Ghost Devil City retreated in the face of the golden qi.

Everyone stopped whatever they were doing as their gazes traveled to the golden figure above Huang Xiaolong.

Those who were laughing at him turned silent in an instant.

Cao Nan stared at the golden figure above Huang Xiaolong, and his body stiffened.

His jaws dropped, and he didnt dare to believe his eyes.

As for Li Chen and the others, they widened their eyes in disbelief.

Xue Lingyun, Mo Cangli, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Jin Nu, Gui Buwang, and every other leader of their faction couldnt believe what they were seeing.

They felt as though a formless hand was grabbing them by the throat when the holy soul flew higher and higher into the skies.

Even Tyrant Chu was shocked when he noticed the holy soul above Huang Xiaolong.

An awkward smile formed on his face.

“This little brat….

He actually managed to form his holy soul!”

He had only come up with the theory recently.

In the past, Huang Xiaolongs soul had transformed when he had entered the Lake of Fire and Ice.

He had also learned about how Huang Xiaolong had found a lake similar to the Lake of Fire and Ice, but the little brat hadnt spoken of his achievements.

As his master, Tyrant Chu and the others didnt ask about his progress.

After all, it was impossible for a half-True Saint to obtain a holy soul.

No one in the Holy World had ever done it before.

As such, none of the four believed that Huang Xiaolong had managed to form his holy soul.

They felt that the transformation had to be a failure, and they didnt wish to rub salt in Huang Xiaolongs wounds.

However, he had finally thought of the possibility when Huang Xiaolong had entered the top ten ranks in the Trial of Blood.

That was also the reason he was in the mood to laugh at Cao Nan when the latters disciples had died.


Huang Xiaolong managed to form his holy soul!

The more he thought about it, the happier he became.

When he looked at the expressions on Cao Nan and Mo Canglis face, he became even happier.

“Nice! Little brat, you deserve your title as Tyrant Chus disciple! Hahaha! You deserve the spot as the number one talent in our Holy Heavens!”

Cao Nans expression turned extremely ugly when he heard Tyrant Chus mockery.

Tyrant Chu is doing this on purpose!

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I knew that the little brat would win so many holy pills, I would have made him bet four instead of two! Now that I think about it, two holy pills are a little too unbefitting of his status!”

Cao Nans face started to twitch.

Too little! F*ck you!

One had to know that Huang Xiaolong had made more than fifty bets! He would earn more than a hundred holy pills from those who had agreed to take on the bet! How could that be considered little!

Cao Nan felt like punching Tyrant Chu in the face after he thought about it.

He glared at the golden figure above Huang Xiaolongs head and another crazy idea appeared in his mind.

He had no idea how a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint had managed to form a holy soul.

Cao Nan wasnt the only one in disbelief.

Xue Lingyun, Mo Cangli, and the others were all in denial.

“This… Could this be fake” One of the disciples present asked.


A weird light flashed in the eyes of everyone present and hope reignited in their heart.

However, when they looked at Huang Xiaolongs holy soul, the hope that had reignited was extinguished immediately.

They could obviously feel that Huang Xiaolongs holy soul was real.

Even if they were mistaken, could Primal Ancestors like the Cangqiong Old Man, Xue Lingyun, or Mo Cangli be wrong

Huang Xiaolong stared at Cao Nan coldly.

“Palace Master Cao Nan, I believe this proves that I have the ability to pass the trial and enter the top ten ranks in the leaderboard.”

Even though he had only revealed a single holy soul, it was enough to prove that he had the ability to challenge a Second Heaven True Saint Realm expert.

Cao Nan felt anger bubbling in his heart, and it was as though someone had rubbed a pile of salt in his wound.

This time, no one dared to mock Huang Xiaolong.

Tyrant Chus laughter broke the silence.

“Cao Nan, if you cant take out four holy pills, Ill pay in your stead.

As long as you take off your pants, Ill pay your debts for you! How about it! Im trying to save four holy pills for you.

It\'s a steal to trade your pants for four holy pills…”

Cao Nans face flushed red and killing intent burst from his body.

Devil qi poured into the space around him.

“What You wanna fight Are you planning on escaping from your debt” Tyrant Chu chuckled happily.

Cao Nan glared at Tyrant Chu for several minutes before growling at the palace master behind him to hand over four holy pills.

The various experts around them heaved a sigh of relief.

After all, none of them would be able to escape if the two Primal Ancestors really started fighting with each other.

If that happened, the entire continent they were on would probably shatter.

Half an hour later, the Cangqiong Old Man announced the results happily, and he rewarded the disciples in the top ten ranks heavily.

It was especially so for Huang Xiaolong as he placed extra attention on the little Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint, who had managed to enter the top ten ranks.

Just like that, the Trial of Blood ended.

As Tyrant Chu led Huang Xiaolong, and the others back to the City of Light, his laughter rang through the skies.

When Xue Lingyun, Mo Cangli, Duan Xuan, and the others saw Huang Xiaolongs departing figure, complicated light flashed in their eyes.

Tyrant Chu passed down an order the moment he returned to the City of Light.

The experts from the various superpowers were invited.

Those who owed Huang Xiaolong holy pills were sent an invitation too.

With Tyrant Chus invitation, those who owed Huang Xiaolong holy pills had to attend even if they felt like killing themselves.

They had to smile, regardless of the emotions in their heart.

Cheers could be heard throughout the celebration.

However, Li Chen, Xie Yao, and the rest couldnt smile no matter how hard they tried.

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