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Chapter 2516: You Can Give Them to Me After You Manage to Gather Them

Li Chens face flushed red instantly.

How could they not know that a hundred origin spiritual pills were nothing more than them trying to be shameless

If they converted the number of holy artifacts into whatever currency they liked, selling off a hundred origin spiritual pills wouldnt even be enough to get a millionth of that amount.

Xie Yao quickly interrupted, “Then well give you two hundred of them.” He was afraid Huang Xiaolong would get greedy, and he quickly added, “Thats all we can take out right now.

Take it or leave it.”

Huang Xiaolong turned his cold gaze over to Xie Yao.

“If I refuse to take them, you wont give me a single piece of it”

“I guess Ill leave it then.

When we get back to the city, you can kneel in front of my manor for a day.

Remember to give me my holy artifacts.”

As soon as he spoke, he turned around and left.

He didnt plan to waste his time talking to them.

When Li Chen saw how decisive Huang Xiaolong was, his expression sank.

“Junior Brother Huang, dont go too far! Well take out three hundred level-ten origin spiritual pills! Thats all we have!”

Huang Xiaolong burst into laughter, and he turned around to look at Li Chen.

“Li Chen, Ive seen plenty of shameless people in my life, but you guys take the cake.

If I didnt possess a holy soul and had failed to qualify, would you have left it at three hundred origin spiritual pills You would have probably forced me to hand over all my holy artifacts right now.

Hahaha! You guys wouldnt have been able to wait for us to get back to the city for me to kneel in front of the city gates either….”

“Ill allow you guys to get me my holy artifacts after we return, and thats as far as Ill go! If you ran all the way here in the morning to leave three hundred origin spiritual pills for me to call off the bet, you better think again,” Huang Xiaolong sneered before leaving.

“Dont even think of reneging.

Otherwise, Ill teach you the hard way.”

Li Chen glared at Huang Xiaolongs departing figure and rage boiled in his heart.

When it came down to it, he was more than capable of paying off the debt.

After all, he wasnt a poor cultivator.

However, he wasnt willing to give them to Huang Xiaolong.

Before the trial, he had managed to obtain the All Extinguishing Treasury.

He had also managed to obtain the Primal Ancestor dao artifact, the Eight Sided Desolate Beast Ring.

If he auctioned off the treasury, he would be more than capable of taking out all the holy artifacts he owed.

If he was willing to sell away the dao artifact, Huang Xiaolongs bet would be nothing to him.

He could easily obtain a hundred low-grade holy artifacts if he sold it off!

However, he wasnt willing to give Huang Xiaolong anything!

When he thought about how he had licked Huang Xiaolongs boots after the battle in the Mirage Pavilion, he had wanted nothing more than to tear him piece by piece! How would he allow himself to hand over more than ten holy artifacts to Huang Xiaolong

“Senior Brother, what do we do now” Lin Yijia asked cautiously.

Xie Yao couldnt help but rage when he saw Huang Xiaolong walking away.

“F*ck him! He wont be able to do anything to us even if we refuse to pay up!”

As a core disciple of the Holy Heavens, all of them were more than capable of taking out a single holy artifact.

However, they were like Li Chen.

None of them were willing to hand it over to Huang Xiaolong.

Chen Kaiping hesitated for a moment, and he stuttered, “What… What if he decides to bring this up with the four Primal Ancestors”

Xie Yaos heart trembled violently.

That was the only thing they were afraid of.

If Huang Xiaolong was an ordinary holy prince, he wouldnt have been able to do a thing to them, even after winning the bet.

However, Huang Xiaolong was the direct disciple of all four Primal Ancestors!

“As soon as we return, Ill tell my master, Lord Long, that none of us has a holy artifact.

Well only be able to give it to him after gathering all of them,” Li Chen suggested.

Xie Yao and the others felt their world brightening up once again.

It was true that none of them had a piece of holy artifact on them.

It didnt make sense to force them to hand over something they didnt have.

Even if Huang Xiaolong forced them to hand it over, they wouldnt be able to!

As for the matter of paying up after gathering up all the holy artifacts, they would simply take their time to do it! After a hundred thousand years, who would bother with the bet

Even if Huang Xiaolong tried to force them to hand them over, they could easily think of another excuse.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, youre a genius!” Xie Yao couldnt help but praise.

“What about the matter about kneeling before the Blue Dragon Manor” Lin Yijia asked.

Everyone looked at Li Chen, hoping for a reply.

“After we get back, well beg our respective masters to plead with the four Primal Ancestors.

We can also get some of the people under us to beg for mercy.

As long as the four Primal Ancestors give the nod, Huang Xiaolong wont be able to do a thing.”

Once again, everyone praised Li Chen for his amazing suggestion.

He was right! They could get everyone to beg the four Primal Ancestors to get Huang Xiaolong to call the bet off!

After all, Xie Yaos master was Wu Ge, the grand hall master of the Holy Heavens! The masters of the others werent too low in rank either.

With so many people begging for mercy on their behalf, the four Primal Ancestors would relent.

Moreover, it would be difficult to punish them if all the holy princes backed them up.

Xie Yao burst into joy the next instant.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, youre too damn clever! When we get back, we dont even need to pay him the origin spiritual pills!”

Lin Yijia laughed, “Wont Huang Xiaolong be angered to the point of spitting out blood when that happens Hahaha!”

Everyone roared with laughter.

Several days passed in a flash as everyone boarded the Golden Roc Holy Ship behind Tyrant Chu.

Along the way, Tyrant Chu looked for Huang Xiaolong all the time and anyone could see the amount he cared he had for his disciple.

When Li Chen and the others noticed what was going on, rage boiled in their hearts.

It was especially so for Li Chen as he was the one who had obtained the third spot in the trial! Huang Xiaolong was only fifth!

Despite his performance, Tyrant Chu hadnt even spoken to him after he had left the Ghost Devil City.

In fact, Tyrant Chu hadnt even glanced at him!

Tyrant Chu, one day, youll regret this!

Li Chen swore in his heart.

Since the journey back was long, Huang Xiaolong chatted with Tyrant Chu during the day.

He also spent some time refining the Black Corpse Holy Ring, and he entered secluded cultivation at night.

After leaving the city, Huang Xiaolong had a nagging feeling that the Saint Fate would appear soon.

It might even appear after the opening of the Cangqiong Holy Manor! Unwilling to miss the chance, Huang Xiaolong cultivated with all his might.

Two months passed quickly.

As soon as they returned, a ton of experts went up to welcome their triumphant return.

There wasnt an end to the crowd and Huang Xiaolong was frightened by the number of people who had turned up.

This was the first time he realized how many people were there in the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds!

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