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Chapter 2526: Entering the Cangqiong Holy Manor!

Even though the Cangqiong Holy Grounds was born from the Cangqiong Old Mans hard work, and it was comparable in size to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, there wasnt a soul in sight.

The Cangqiong Old Man had never accepted disciples, and Xue Lingyun from the Clear Snow Palace was merely an adopted daughter of his.

He had given her pointers in the past, but he had never accepted her as his direct disciple.

The reason he had opened the Cangqiong Holy Manor was to look for a proper successor.

He wanted to find a junior capable of entering the seventh level in order to accept his inheritance!

As soon as they entered the Cangqiong Holy Grounds, Tyrant Chu brought Huang Xiaolong and the others towards the Cangqiong Holy Mountain located in the heart of the holy grounds.

The Cangqiong Holy Mountain was also where the Cangqiong Old Man lived, and it housed the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

Along the way, they were greeted with beautiful scenery, and spirit beasts roamed about freely.

Even though there werent cultivators living in the Cangqiong Holy Grounds, the scenery was breathtaking.

Compared to the hustle and bustle of the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds, it portrayed another type of beauty.

Tyrant Chu sighed when he saw the sights around the Cangqiong Holy Grounds.

“Were really bumpkins compared to Dao Friend Cangqiong….”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly.

“Isnt your Primal Ancestors space comparable to this”

Tyrant Chu snickered, “Oh right.”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned by Tyrant Chus shamelessness.

He was merely trying to comfort the old man.

Why did he take it seriously Did they not know how lacking their Primal Ancestors space was compared to the Cangqiong Holy Grounds!

Of course, Huang Xiaolong wasnt referring to the material surroundings in the Primal Ancestors space.

He was referring to the traces of grand dao in the air.

“Theres definitely a reason for the old man to come up with the Trial of Blood….” Tyrant Chu changed the topic suddenly.

“Fourth Master, are you saying that the Cangqiong Old Man is planning to hand his inheritance down to one of the three hundred disciples who pass” Huang Xiaolong felt his heart trembling in excitement.

Li Chen and the others quickly perked up their ears.

“Its possible.

The Cangqiong Old Man has been waiting for so many years for someone to pick up his mantle.

Hes probably getting impatient.

Moreover, there are rumors that the Cangqiong Old Man is planning to leave the Holy World!”

“Leave the Holy World!” Huang Xiaolong and the others were shocked.

“Lord Tyrant Chu, are you saying that the Cangqiong Old Man is planning to head to the Alien Lands” Wu Ge interrupted all of a sudden.

Wu Ge had volunteered to take part in the expedition this time alongside Tyrant Chu.

A complicated look appeared in Tyrant Chus eyes as he growled, “No….”


Everyone stared at him in shock.

A possibility flashed in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Could the Cangqiong Old Man be headed to another Holy World After ascending the Divine Tuo Mountain, Huang Xiaolong had learned of its secrets.

He knew that when one arrived at the peak of the mountain, they would be able to enter another space.

The space was comparable to the Holy World, and one could even call it the Divine Tuo Holy Wold! The highest step on the Divine Tuo Mountain was actually the entrance to the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Tyrant Chus voice boomed in the ears of everyone present, sucking them out of their thoughts.

“All of you have to enter the sixth level as quickly as possible.

Locate the key to the seventh level with everything you have!”


Huang Xiaolong and the others acknowledged instantly.

The Cangqiong Old Mans inheritance!

Huang Xiaolong was determined to obtain it!

Right now, he was already a Fifth Tribulation half-True Saint.

With the old mans inheritance, he might be able to enter the Seventh Tribulation half-True Saint Realm! In fact, it was possible for him to go higher!

When that happened, he would look for the Black Corpse Holy Emperors inheritance when he was about to enter the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm! He would no longer need to worry about being unable to fight for the Saint Fate when it appeared.

Of course, the same fantasy was playing out in the minds of Li Chen and the others.

The look in Li Chens eyes became deeper, and it was clear he was determined to obtain the old mans inheritance.

Several days passed, and they finally arrived.

When they stepped foot at the bottom of the Cangqiong Holy Mountain, they received a warm welcome from the spiritual beast reared by the old man.

After following the spiritual beast, they quickly arrived at the Cangqiong Old Mans palace in the middle of the mountain.

“Dao Friend Cangqiong!” Tyrant Chu took the lead and greeted the Cangqiong Old Man.

Huang Xiaolong and the others bowed hastily.

“Dao Friend Tyrant Chu….” The Cangqiong Old Man returned the greeting before allowing the others to get up.

With his gaze landing on Huang Xiaolong, the Cangqiong Old Man chuckled, “Little friend Huang Xiaolong is really the biggest genius our Holy World has seen.

You took less than ten years to enter the Fifth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm….”

“Junior only managed to do so because of a certain miracle.

Its pure luck.”

The Cangqiong Old Man chuckled heartily.

“Theres no need to be humble.

The Holy World has already acknowledged your talent!”

A sense of irritation appeared in Li Chens heart when he noticed their pleasant conversation.

After inviting Tyrant Chu and the others into the palace, the Cangqiong Old Man spoke of his intentions to open the Cangqiong Holy Manor after a few days.

After Huang Xiaolong and the others settled down, the members of the other superpowers started to show up.

Very quickly, the Cangqiong Palace started bustling with activity.

Since only those who qualified could enter the manor, not too many people came.

Only around a hundred superpowers turned up.

There were some superpowers with a single qualifying disciple, and that was a real pity.

After adding the guards and seniors who followed their disciples over, there were only a total of two thousand people in the Cangqiong Palace.

When the Clear Snow Palace arrived, the three beauties quickly headed over togreet Huang Xiaolong.

They invited him over to take a stroll around the Cangqiong Holy Mountain, and Huang Xiaolong was in no position to refuse.

When everyone noticed that all three beauties were attracted to Huang Xiaolong, they oozed with jealousy.

The various patriarches were green with envy, but they couldnt do a thing!

As Li Chen stared at the four figures walking around the mountain, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Tan Juan!”

What a f*cking sl*t! Youll regret this when you leave the Cangqiong Holy Manor!

Before he could continue, his transmission symbol shook.

As Li Chen scanned through it, he read everything Xie Bufan said.

After thinking for a moment, he replied.

Just like that, four days passed uneventfully.

The day the Cangqiong Holy Manor opened, finally arrived!

Everyone who qualified to enter the Cangqiong Holy Manor gathered at the plaza in front of the Cangqiong Palace.

As the Cangqiong Old Man swept his gaze across everyone present, he gave them a simple introduction of the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

However, Huang Xiaolong and the others were long since aware of the points he spoke about.

After he was done, the Cangqiong Old Man giggled when he saw the looks of anticipation on the faces of those present.

He waved his arms and a massive gate appeared in the space behind him.

The Cangqiong Holy Manor!


Everyone who passed the Trial of Blood can enter!” Reaching out with a single hand, the old man removed the restriction on the gates of the Cangqiong Holy Manor.

In an instant, several figures shot to the skies as they charged through the entrance.

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