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Li Chen couldnt help but roar with laughter in response.

“Huang XIaolong, are you dreaming Do you really think that you can kill me with your early-Second Heaven True Saint Realm holy soul!”

“The four Primal Ancestors probably gave you a dao artifact to boost your confidence….”

“However, that wont be enough to save you!”

As soon as he spoke, Li Chen released his aura.

Late-Second Heaven True Saint!

Thats right, Li Chen had already advanced to the late-Second Heaven True Saint Realm.

When he had received a part of the All Extinguishing Holy Emperors inheritance, he had managed to push himself to the late-Second Heaven True Saint Realm.

Of course, the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring had something to do with it.

After seeing that Li Chen had arrived at the late-Second Heaven True Saint Realm, Huang Xiaolong was a little surprised.

It was no wonder Li Chen was so confident of killing him.

It seemed as though the rumors of him receiving an inheritance were true.

With his aura suppressing Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen rose into the skies and sneered, “What do you think Are you surprised! Are you surprised I have already entered the late-Second Heaven True Saint Realm!”

“Huang Xiaolong, its your turn to run!”

“Enjoy your last moments in this world!”

Li Chens arm trembled as a sword made from a bone appeared in his hand.

The bone sword emitted terrifying waves of dragons might, and every single part of it was covered in mysterious runes.

They were runes of the dragon race, and Li Chens holy energy allowed it to reach its peak state immediately.

A Bone Dragon seemed to descend on the world as the blade started to buzz in Li Chens hand.

“Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword!” Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed.

“Hahaha! Thats right! This is the Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword! That old b*stard, Lord Long, gave it to me! Even though its no dao artifact, its enough to shatter your holy soul!”

The Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword was a high-level holy artifact.

Moreover, it was infinitely close to a dao artifact.

It was crafted with the bones of a Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm Dragon by Lord Long in the past.

When he had refined the blade, he even soaked it in a pool of dragon blood for a full one hundred million years.

After using tons of precious herbs, he had used another several dozen thousand years to craft to blade.

The Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword was Lord Longs weapon when he was in the True Saint Realm, and he had only outgrown it when he had arrived at the Primal Ancestor Realm.

No one had expected him to give the blade to Li Chen.

It seemed as though Lord Long wasnt a stingy teacher at all.

He used a ton of resources to nurture Li Chen.

After realizing that Li Chen had traces of a primal dragons bloodline, he had given him the Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword! It was a great boost to his overall strength.

“Eat this! Dragons Punishment!” Li Chen roared as he slashed at Huang Xiaolong.

Dragons Punishment! That was a high-grade holy secret art in the Holy Heavens, and it was one of the strongest they had! Of course, Lord Long was the one who had come up with it.

As soon as Li Chens sword slashed out, sword qi filled the skies.

Every single strand became a dragon that threatened to kill Huang Xiaolong. 

Terrifying waves of energy charged at Huang Xiaolong as a sea of lightning appeared all of a sudden.

It complimented the dragons formed from sword qi, and it surged towards him.

The lightning sea actually exceeded the strength of the lightning tribulation Huang Xiaolong had crossed when entering the Fifth Tribulation Half Saint Realm.

That was Dragons Punishment!

Sword qi, dragons might, and endless lightning merged into a single attack!

With Li Chens cultivation base at the late-Second Heaven True Saint Realm, the attack was more than enough to slay early-Third Heaven True Saints!

If Huang Xiaolong was struck by the attack without any protection, his physical body would definitely shatter.

Unwilling to make a rookie mistake, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Flying Heaven Blood Stele.

With his three holy souls, Huang Xiaolong sent the blood stele out to receive Li Chens Dragons Punishment.

“Sea of Endless Demons!”

Like an endless surge, Huang Xiaolong unleashed an attack of his own.

The Sea of Endless Demons was a grand dao law created by Tyrant Chu, and it was a tyrannical attack to say the least.

Before Tyrant Chu had entered the Holy Heavens, he was toeing the line between the lawful and unlawful faction.

He had cultivated tons of evil arts, and after entering the Primal Ancestor Realm, he had created theSea of Endless Demons.

As the Sea of Endless Demons charged out with the Flying Heaven Blood Stele, devil qi pierced through the heavens as a bloody glow filled the lands.

It seemed as though they were dragged into the depths of hell before they could react.

Li Chens sword qi was swallowed by the blood stele in an instant as a sea of blood descended.

As the lightning bolts from Li Chens attack slammed into Huang Xiaolongs Sea of Endless Demons, massive waves formed.

Despite that, the lightning sea summoned by Li Chen was eventually eroded away by the horrifying ocean of blood.

Leaving behind a streak of red, the blood stele charged at Li Chen.

Too late to react, Li Chen raised his Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword to block the stele.


The skies shook when the two artifacts slammed into each other, and a miserable buzz emerged from the Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword.

After retreating several thousand miles, Li Chen opened his mouth to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“This… How is this possible! No! This cant be happening!” Li Chen stared at Huang Xiaolong with traces of fear in his eyes.

The confidence he had disappeared in an instant.

How could he fail to kill Huang Xiaolong! Even if he did, Huang Xiaolong should be left with serious injuries! However, reality proved him wrong.

He was forced to retreat with serious internal injuries after a single clash!

Logically speaking, Huang Xiaolongs holy soul was only at the early-Second Heaven True Saint Realm.

Even with Tyrant Chus grand dao law and the blood stele, Huang Xiaolong shouldnt be able to stop him!

After all, Li Chen was a late-Second Heaven True Saint.

His Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword was comparable to a dao artifact, and the Dragons Punishment was comparable to a grand dao law! His strength was more than sufficient to fill the gap between the weapon and techniques!


Huang Xiaolong stared at Li Chen, who was glaring at him sinisterly, and he growled, “Bring out everything you have.

Otherwise, you wont be able to die a peaceful death!”

Li Chens expression sank once again as a sneer left his lips.

“Since thats what you want, Ill show you my trump cards today!”

The Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword in his hand disappeared as a golden ring took its place.

It was an eight-sided ring that emitted traces of a Primal Ancestors energy. 

“Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact” Huang Xiaolong was seriously shocked at this point.

Li Chen actually had a Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact!

The four Primal Ancestors hadnt bestowed upon Li Chen a dao artifact, and Huang Xiaolong had no idea where he had gotten his hands on one!

After thinking about the rumors from the past, a lightbulb lit up in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

“Thats right!” Li Chen gloated.

“Its the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring! Its the Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact the All Extinguishing Holy Emperor had obtained in the past! Today, Ill show you the might of the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring!”

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