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Chapter 2532: Xie Bufans Arrival

Huang Xiaolong cracked up with laughter and a brilliant smile appeared on his face.

“They did say that the All Extinguishing Holy Emperor obtained a dao artifact in the past.

Looks like you managed to get your hands on it.

Li Chen, youre pretty lucky.

However, Im luckier! After killing you, Ill be able to obtain the dao artifact!”

Li Chens revelation of the dao artifact was something that really surprised him.

He had been looking for the dao artifact from the All Extinguishing Holy Emperor since the time he had set foot in the All Extinguishing Holy Gate, but he had never managed to locate it.

He had practically combed through the lands, but now, Li Chen delivered the artifact right to him!

After searching high and low for it, someone basically sent him an express delivery.

When Li Chen saw that Huang Xiaolong was jumping in joy while claiming the dao artifact as his, he couldnt help but laugh.

“Huang Xiaolong, are you sure youre not daydreaming” Li Chen sneered.

“The four Primal Ancestors definitely gave you a dao artifact for the trip.

However, the dao artifact doesnt belong to you anyway.

You will never be able to unleash its full strength.

Do you really think that you can kill me!”

“Oh Is that what you think” Huang Xiaolong snickered.

“Let me show you the power of a dao artifact!” Li Chen roared and his voice pierced through the heavens.

Upon pouring all the energy from his body into the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring, Li Chen wanted to end the battle as quickly as possible.

As the ring started to shine with brilliant rays of light, the runes lit up and started to swirl around it.

It was as though the ring came to life as an Eight-Horned Desolate Beast appeared behind Li Chen.

The horrifying aura of a Primal Ancestor flooded the area and the sixth floor of the Cangqiong Holy Manor was swallowed in an instant.

As soon as the Eight-Horned Desolate Beast appeared, it was as though nothing in the world stood in its way.

That was the terrifying might of the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring! That was the might of a Primal Ancestor!

Li Chen became like a king among kings, and he seemed to have transformed into the reincarnation of a Primal Ancestor.

Traces of grand dao circled him.

“Huang Xiaolong, go to hell!” A piercing roar left Li Chens lips as a chilly light flashed in his eyes.

The Eight-Horned Desolate Beast pounced at Huang Xiaolong.

The space around the beast started to collapse as it made its charge.

Right before the beast crashed into Huang Xiaolong, Li Chen noticed a golden figure emerging from Huang Xiaolongs body.

A sneer formed on his lips when he saw that Huang Xiaolong had summoned his holy soul.

Ordinary True Saints would be able to unleash their strength through their fleshy bodies, but as a half-True Saint, Huang Xiaolongs physical body was too weak to withstand the strength of his holy soul.

According to Li Chen, Huang Xiaolong had no choice but to release his holy soul.

With Huang Xiaolongs holy soul no longer protected, he would be able to crush it with his dao artifact!

Huang Xiaolong summoning his holy soul was exactly what Li Chen wanted!

When Li Chen was rejoicing in his heart, another golden figure emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body, stunning the man.


Huang Xiaolong has two holy souls!

Before he could express his shock, a third figure appeared.

Li Chen stared at the three phantoms mutely, and he didnt know what to feel.

Huang Xiaolong managed to form three holy souls!

Everything that had confused him in the past, finally started to make sense.

Everything that had puzzled him about Huang Xiaolongs strength fell into place.

With a shake of his hand, a spear appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

As soon as it appeared, a blinding light filled the area.

The body of the spear was like a dragon that threatened to tear the heavens apart as it swallowed the aura coming from the Eight-Horned Desolate Beast.

“Heaven Opening Dragon Spear!”

Li Chens expression changed.

Huang Xiaolong actually had the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear! That was the personal weapon of his master, Lord Long! Never in his wildest imaginations would he have thought that the four Primal Ancestors would provide Huang Xiaolong with the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear!

If he tried comparing the Nine Yang Dragon Emperor Sword Lord Long had given him to the spear, it would be like comparing a pile of sh*t to a mountain of gold.

The hatred he had in his heart for the four Primal Ancestors reached the limit when he saw the weapon in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Before Huang Xiaolongs appearance, he was the favored treasure of the Holy Heavens.

He could feel the care his master had for him.

However, everything changed when Huang Xiaolong appeared.

He was the only person the four Primal Ancestors cared about, and even as the leader of the holy princes, he was still dirt compared to Huang Xiaolong.

With the hatred in his heart, he pushed himself past his limit to pour energy manically into the Eight-Sided Desolate Beast Ring.

The aura emitted by the beast increased by yet another level.

Huang Xiaolong raised the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear and pierced towards Li Chen.

“Prosperity of the Dragons!”

The space seemed to freeze as time stopped.

Countless dragons charged towards Li Chen as dragons might filled the skies.

With the assistance of the Heaven Opening Dragon Spear, the Prosperity of the Dragons was strengthened by several tens of times.

“Endless Sea of Demons!”

“Nirvana Purity!”

The other two holy souls were unleashed to their maximum potential in an instant.


As though hundreds of True Saints had self detonated, the shockwave destroyed the space around Li Chen and Huang Xiaolong as terrifying waves of energy tore through the air.

The Eight-Horned Desolate Beast was suppressed by the consecutive attacks and crashed into one of the distant mountain ranges.

Li Chen was no exception as he landed beside the beast.

When they landed, the ground shattered as a massive crater was created.

The beast started to fade and Huang Xiaolong casually reached out to grab the key to the seventh floor before making his way to Li Chen.

As he slowly approached, a figure tore through the skies and made its way towards both of them.

Since the battle between the two was so destructive, Xie Bufan noticed it even though he was several million miles away.

When Li Chen saw Xie Bufan, a look of joy reignited on his face.

“Brother Bufan, youre just in time! I found the key to the seventh floor and Huang Xiaolong sneak-attacked me to steal it away! Lets work together to kill that brat!”

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