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Chapter 2556: Finish Off Huang Xiaolong!

Clear Snow Palace Master, it has been a long time! Upon appearing in everyone\'s sight, the Ghost Talisman Founder flashed a grin at Xue Lingyun, and his grin gave everyone the creeps.

Xue Lingyun fixed her icy gaze on the Ghost Talisman Founder and snorted, Your life is really resilient, since my Master actually didn\'t manage to kill you once and for all!

At the mention of the past, the Ghost Talisman Founder let out a hearty laugh, looking more than a little smug as he said, My life is naturally resilient, very, very resilient! If I say I am second in that aspect, no one would dare to admit he\'s number one! Not even Cangqiong Old Man could kill me, eh And in the future, no one would be able to kill me!

The Ghost Talisman Founder\'s arrogant words revealed great hatred and soaring killing intent!

The only reason Cangqiong Old Man had failed to kill him was because he had the luck of obtaining something originating from the Holy World\'s source, enabling him to survive the calamity.

Not for one day in so many years had he forgotten about this hatred!

It was more so after he had entered Primal Ancestor Realm!

As he was saying this, he looked at Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi, Palace Master Xue, these two female disciples of yours are very good looking.

I fancy them, and coincidentally, I lack two delicate maids to wash my feet.

In the future, they will follow me! His eyes glimmered with a dark green glow.

Blood drained from Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi\'s face.

Preposterous! Hearing that, Xue Lingyun\'s face sank.

Her palm struck forward once again, and an overwhelming ice-attributed grand dao power surged like the wrathful sea over the Cambrian Pool Star\'s sky.

Every expert present felt an alarming frigid coldness invading their bodies.

The Ghost Talisman Founder simply raised his hand and roiling ghost qi turned the immediate area into a scene from hell.


The world shook violently as it was about to crumble into pieces.

Even the Saint Fate\'s boundary shook incessantly.

Both Xue Lingyun and the Ghost Talisman Founder were forced back from the impact, as neither was stronger than the other.

Xue Lingyun\'s heart sank at this result.

It hadn\'t been long since the Ghost Talisman Founder had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm.

Therefore, she hadn\'t expected his combat power to rival hers, even though he was a tad weaker, and the difference was negligible.

Little lassie Lingyun, don\'t be angry, The Ghost Talisman Founder chuckled eerily, Since you\'re reluctant to give up your two precious disciples, how about you You can warm my bed.

Consider it as compensating me on behalf of your Master Cangqiong Old Man.

Then his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, Originally, I came over to kill this kid, but it seems that it\'s not necessary now.

Even the heavens are on my side!

This was really the heavens helping him because if Huang Xiaolong succeeded in integrating with twelve high-order Saint Fates, even he didn\'t have the confidence that he would be able to kill Huang Xiaolong despite his current realm.

The backlash was growing increasingly overwhelming for Huang Xiaolong.

There were bloody ruptures all over his body that it seemed nothing could save him anymore.

Bai Moyang and Jin Nu shook their heads in distress.

Thirteen! Desperation rippled in Lin Xiaoying\'s voice.

Just as Lin Xiaoying\'s voice fell, an indescribable resplendent light suddenly burst out from the rupture on his chest.

This was a power that transcended the holy light, transcended the Holy World\'s myriad of lights.

The resplendent light was so mesmerising and brilliant that it overshadowed everything else.

An inextinguishable aura spread outward from Huang Xiaolong\'s chest.

Lin Xiaoying was stunned.

Xue Lingyun was dumbfounded when she noticed the inextinguishable aura.

So were Jin Nu, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen and other patriarchs and leaders.

So was everyone else.

The Ghost Talisman Founder who was smugly chuckling in his eerie chuckle, suddenly lost his voice, and his eyes gradually widened.

This, this is! He stammered from shock, and his tongue went numb as if he was poisoned by the Holy World\'s strongest poison.

It hadn\'t been that long since he had broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm.

How could he not be familiar with the inextinguishable aura spreading from Huang Xiaolong\'s chest!

And because he was familiar, resentment surged in his heart with disbelief! Even if someone Killed him, he would still refuse to believe it!

How is this possible! No, this, it\'s probably not! The Holy Race\'s Patriarch Bai Moyang shook his head repeatedly in a frenzy.

Patriarch, this… The aura coming from Huang Xiaolong\'s chest, could it really be! A Ninth Heaven True Saint Eminent Elder seemed to have thought of something and asked in a quivering voice.

Bai Moyang did not answer him.

He himself was shaking in excitement, and his shaking was an answer to the expert\'s question.

Some Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm disciples were dumbfounded watching Huang Xiaolong\'s changes, but they didn\'t know what to make of it, except that the light shining from Huang Xiaolong\'s chest was pretty to look at.

This was the prettiest light they had ever seen.

Is this the last ray of life! A Ghost Talisman Holy Ground\'s expert mocked, I\'ve heard that when a person is about to die, some experience a dying flash.

This is what\'s happening to Huang Xiaolong! I am happy! So happy! Huang Xiaolong\'s finally going to die!

Hearing this Ghost Talisman Holy Ground disciple\'s silly laughter, a strange expression crept up Bai Moyang, Jin Nu, Mo Cangli, and others\' faces.

Gui Buwang and the Ghost Talisman Founder\'s expressions were even more wonderful.

Both of them felt an impulse to slap that disciple to death, but unfortunately, that disciple was inside the Saint Fate\'s boundary, and they could not touch him.

Subsequently, everyone noticed that the ruptures around Huang Xiaolong\'s chest gradually mended and healed.

That resplendent light that shadowed everything seemed to contain a healing power.

Then, it was his torso, the rest of his body, arms, head, face, and lastly his hips and legs!

Before long, all of Huang Xiaolong\'s injuries healed completely.

There was not a crack or a scratch on his body, as if Saint Fate\'s backlash had not happened at all.

The same was the case with his three holy souls.

The disciple who claimed that Huang Xiaolong was on the verge of death muttered, Could this be a dying flash hallucination

Someone experiencing a dying flash would become vivid with vitality, as if there was nothing wrong with him, and this was the so-called hallucination.

But Gui Buwang, and Ghost Talisman Founder nearly vomited blood, wishing they could hammer that disciple into paste.

By this time, the holy lights shining from Huang Xiaolong\'s three holy souls had begun to stabilize.

The violent backlash energy in his body was gradually being suppressed by the light from his chest.

After the successful integration of these three high-order Saint Fates along with previous nine high-order Saint Fates, the three holy souls exuded a powerful might, and the holy light from their bodies soared to the heavens.

A golden waterfall hung from the void like a galaxial river.

Kill, kill Huang Xiaolong.

Whoever kills Huang Xiaolong, I will accept him as my personal disciple! The Ghost Talisman Founder was hysterical.

The Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s disciples finally reacted, and ambition boiled in their hearts.

The Ghost Talisman Founder\'s personal disciple, ah! Thus, all the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Ghost Talisman Holy Gate\'s disciples inside the Saint Fate\'s boundary rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, attacking madly.

Other holy grounds\' and ancient races\' disciples, whoever kills Huang Xiaolong, my Ghost Talisman Dao Artifact is his! The Ghost Talisman Founder roared, and a greenish long staff appeared in his hand.

This was his Dao artifact, the Ghost Talisman Staff!

What, dao artifact! In an instant, other holy grounds\' and ancient races\' disciples were washed in excitement.

Many holy gates\' and ancient races\' patriarchs were shocked.

They didn\'t expect the Ghost Talisman Founder to be willing to give away the Ghost Talisman Staff.

That was a Dao artifact, ah!

But some holy grounds\' patriarchs were quick to snub their eager disciples, You guys better not do anything.

None of you are allowed to make a move! Whoever takes action, will receive death-punishment!

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