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Chapter 256: Chen Xiaotian’s Suspicion

Watching Huang Xiaolong approach closer, an inexplicably cold shiver ran through Geng Ken’s heart!

“Submit to me, or die!” Huang Xiaolong emphasized each word slowly, allowing time for it to sink in Geng Ken’s thoughts.

A series of emotions flitted across Geng Ken’s face.

From the way Huang Xiaolong dealt with the two Sky Magi Sect Elders earlier, Geng Ken knew, the instant he shook his head, Huang Xiaolong would exterminate him without slightest hesitation!


When the thought of death appeared in Geng Ken’s mind, a new fear reared its head in the core of his heart, spreading.

He had lived so long, the number of people that died in his hands was no less than several hundreds of thousands!

At times, watching an enemy struggle in their the last moments of death, in fear, pain and unwillingness, his heart felt joy and satisfaction at such sight.

But now, when he himself was staring death in its eyes, he was paralyzed with fear.

Huang Xiaolong saw the myriad of emotions that flickered past Geng Ken’s face in silence, waiting nonchalantly for the person to speak their decision.

In general, people like Geng Ken―ambitious and coveting power, were more afraid of death than any other person.

Exactly as predicted, it didn’t take Geng Ken long to surrender: “Okay, I’m willing to yield to you! … I’m willing to swear allegiance to you.”

Listening to Geng Ken’s submission, Du Xin and Deng Guangliang were greatly relieved.

Geng Ken’s influence ran deep within the Sky Magi Sect, and with him choosing to side with Huang Xiaolong, he would prove to be a big help for Huang Xiaolong in taking control of the Sky Magi Sect.

Huang Xiaolong was secretly relieved as well.

If Geng Ken were too stubborn to submit, the only option left was to ‘erase’ any variable factor and that would be a loss in Huang Xiaolong’s calculation.

After all, a Xiantian Seventh Order was still quite important for a force like the Sky Magi Sect.

Using the Sky Magi Sect as the stepping stone, he would proceed to incorporate the Blood Swallow School, therefore, Geng Ken was worth more alive than dead.


now, release your soul sea, I will brand a soul mark within your soul sea.” Huang Xiaolong stated.

“What, soul mark” Geng Ken turned deathly pale hearing that.

Geng Ken’s reaction was no different than Du Xin, Deng Guangliang, and other Sky Magi Sect Elders’ when they heard the word soul mark.

Instead, it would’ve been suspicious if Geng Ken’s reaction was calm.

“That’s right, a soul mark.” came Huang Xiaolong’s cool confirmation.

Geng Ken stared astonishedly at the young man in front, this young man actually knew a soul marking technique!

Branding one’s soul!

He suddenly thought of the rumors of Gorefiend more than six hundred years ago! Remembering some of the myths related to Gorefiend, Geng Ken broke out in cold sweat as if he saw the bloody history repeating itself in a dozen or a hundred years’ time, where blood flowed across the land all over the entire Martial Spirit World.

Yet, in the end, he obediently released his soul sea for Huang Xiaolong to brand the soul mark.

Whether Huang Xiaolong would turn into a second Gorefiend, Geng Ken didn’t know and it wasn’t up to him to be concerned about.

At this moment, he could only relent and yield to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong fully relaxed after he successfully branded Geng Ken’s soul sea with a soul mark.

With Geng Ken in his control, there was only Chen Xiaotian left.

Chen Xiaotian might be a late-Xiantian Seventh Order expert, but still, he alone could not raise significant waves.

It could be surmised that the situation had reached a conclusion.

However, Huang Xiaolong still proceeded cautiously, instructing Geng Ken to return and keep an eye on Chen Xiaotian and to report to him immediately if there was any suspicious behavior.

Understanding Huang Xiaolong’s task for him, Geng Ken acknowledged respectfully and left the mansion.

Before that, Huang Xiaolong did not forget to give him a grade six spirit pellet.

Huang Xiaolong then turned to Du Xin and Deng Guangliang, telling them to take note of Blood Swallow School and Nine Fiend Sect’s movements.

Anytime these two forces made any actions, they were to report to him immediately.

Answering affirmatively in unison, both Du Xin and Deng Guangliang withdrew from the hall.

When both had left, Huang Xiaolong initiated Godly Mt.

Xumi, entering the inner temple.

There, he swallowed a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir and cultivated to restore his spent spiritual force.

Ten days later, Huang Xiaolong’s spiritual force was fully restored.

Not only that, every time he exhausted his spiritual force, its strength would enhance significantly when he meditated to restore it.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to exit the Godly Mt.

Xumi Temple, continuing with his practice.

His current strength was at peak mid-Xiantian Sixth Order, infinitely close to breaking into late-Xiantian Sixth Order.

Once he broke through to the late stage, battling against Chen Xiaotian would be less strenuous.

Regardless, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t in a rush.

He had a feeling that within a month’s time he could achieve the desired result, breaking into late-Xiantian Sixth Order.

Thus, secluding himself inside Godly Mt.

Xumi, practicing the Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

Huang Xiaolong stayed at the center of Godly Mt.

Xumi’s Ten Buddha array formation.

Time and again he practiced the Godly Xumi Art, vigorous energy coursing through his body as he simultaneously ran the Asura Tactics and the Body Metamorphose Scripture.

The Dragon might exuding from the twin dragons became even more condensed and potent.

The ancient Buddhism spiritual energy, the netherworld spiritual energy, true dragon qi, and the world’s spiritual energy descended like a downburst into Huang Xiaolong’s body.


As Huang Xiaolong breathed in and out, the airflow around him rippled to the rhythm of his breathing.

With every breath he drew, he could clearly feel the pores on his skin acting like whirlpools that sucked in everything between heaven and earth.

Days passed.

While Huang Xiaolong secluded himself in practice inside the Xumi Temple, within the walls of the Sky Magi Sect’s great hall, a tall and strapping Chen Xiaotian was scrutinizing Gao Qing and Wu Honggang with stinging coldness.

A suffocating silence filled the dreary hall.

Both Gao Qing and Wu Honggang stood before Chen Xiaotian, not daring to even breathe.

“Speak, where did your Third Senior Brother go!” Chen Xiaotian barked, “Don’t you dare say that your Third Senior Brother went out for a mission!”

Gao Qing and Qu Honggang lowered their heads and knelt on their knees, scared and jittery.

“Speak!” Chen Xiaotian cornered.

The two trembled visibly.

“Replying to Master, the truth is, Third Senior Brother did not leave on a mission assignment.” At this time, Gao Qing blurted out, “Third Senior Brother, he, he’s already dead!”

“What did you say!” Chen Xiaotian jumped to his feet, a raging momentum burst out of him like a flash flood.

“I, I’m not lying Master, Third Senior Brother is dead! It was Blood Swallow School’s Deputy, Cui Ming, that killed Third Senior Brother!” Wu Honggang interjected.

“Blood Swallow School’s Cui Ming!” A vicious light gleamed fiercely in Chen Xiaotian’s eyes: “Spit it out! What exactly happened!”

In fact, this was something cooked up by Huang Xiaolong.

He had early on instructed both Gao Qing and Wu Honggang that if one day Chen Xiaotian became suspicious of Lin Yu’s death, then they’re to point the finger towards Blood Swallow School’s Deputy, Cui Ming.

Hence, Gao Qing and Wu Honggang acted as per Huang Xiaolong’s instruction, explaining the ‘truth’ of the situation in detail to Chen Xiaotian.

Listening to what his two disciples said, a light flickered in Chen Xiaotian’s eyes, changing indecisively as if he could not determine the facts, “I will investigate this matter, but if I find out that both of you lied to me, hmph!”

Gao Qing and Wu Honggang quickly kowtowed, claiming vehemently they dare not lie.

“But, since you’ve already known early on that your Third Senior Brother was killed by Blood Swallow School’s Deputy Cui Ming, why didn’t you report this matter earlier” Chen Xiaotian’s temper erupted all of a sudden, sending both Gao Qing and Wu Honggang flying with a flick of his hand.

“Go receive your punishment in the Disciplinary Hall!”

The two fled the hall in a panic after saluting Chen Xiaotian.

Very soon, Huang Xiaolong received news of this matter.

“Chen Xiaotian, that old fellow, is starting to become suspicious” a playful expression appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face.


“Young Lord, do we…” Du Xin ventured carefully.


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