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Chapter 2582: Honorary Doyen of the Mysterious Ice Race

The old man from the Purple Spider Race widened his eyes in shock when he heard Huang Xiaolong admitting to the fact that he had obtained the Black Corpse Old Mans treasury.

He couldnt help but stare at Huang Xiaolong for an extra moment.

Deep purple light flashed through his eyes, and he tried to see through Huang Xiaolong.

However, no matter how he looked at it, Huang Xiaolong was only a Second Heaven True Saint.

As for Hei Luo, he didnt leak the slightest amount of holy force, and he didnt seem to have a holy soul at all.

He was completely harmless in the old mans eyes.

After making sure that Huang Xiaolongs party of two were way beneath him in strength, a sinister smile formed on his face.

“Little brother, dont you know that its a crime to possess a mass amount of wealth and show off Why dont you leave the treasury with me in case you get robbed when walking down the streets”

“Will you protect it for free” Huang Xiaolong chuckled.

Nodding his head quickly, the old man forced himself to put on a serious face.


A blade light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs hand in the next instant as the Cangqiong Blade appeared in his hand.

“Why dont you keep the Cangqiong Blade for me too”

“What! Cangqiong… Cangqiong Blade!” The old man started to shiver as the world started to spin around him.

The Cangqiong Blade belonged to the number one expert in the Holy World, the Cangqiong Old Man.

Everyone knew that!

Why is the strongest dao artifact in the Holy World in the hands of the little brat before him!

“Who are you!” The old man screamed as he turned his body around to escape from his run-down shop.

However, a terrifying force descended upon him and even a Fifth Heaven True Saint like himself felt his body go limp!

Huang Xiaolong reached out slowly to grab the old man.

“Lord… Please! Please show mercy!” The old man turned around and saw Huang Xiaolongs closing figure, and he started to panic.

Mercy Holy force emerged from Huang Xiaolongs palm and surged into the old mans body.

After restricting the other party, Huang Xiaolong used the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to control him.

Of course, he had to scan through the other partys memories while he was at it.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong let go and allowed him to slam into the ground.

The old man was called Zi Xu, and he was a vice hall master in the Purple Spider Race! His position in the race wasnt low at all! What surprised Huang Xiaolong was the fact that Zi Dongping was currently recovering in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds!

Zi Xu wasnt the only one present.

There were tons of experts from the Purple Spider Race guarding the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds, and they were spread all around the lands.

The Deputy Patriarch of the Purple Spider Race, along with various hall masters and vice hall masters were hiding in the area.

“Zi Dongping is in the restricted region of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate!” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself as complicated light flashed in his eyes.

With his current strength, even if he had the assistance of the Cangqiong Blade, it would be difficult to suppress a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor even with Hei Luos help.

However, Zi Dongping was heavily injured!

A series of plans formed in Huang Xiaolongs head.

Before heading into the forbidden region of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, Huang Xiaolong planned to pay a visit to the various experts of the Purple Spider Race, including their deputy patriarch and grand hall master!

Both of them were located pretty close to the Yang City, and one of them was in the First Heaven Continent not too far from Huang Xiaolong! It would take him an hour to fly over.

As for the other, he would only need three days to make a round trip over.

After he was done, he planned to look for the other experts of the Purple Spider Race.

Soon, Zi Xu followed behind Hei Luo and Huang Xiaolong respectfully as they continued to walk around the market.

Not too long after they arrived at the entrance, they saw a well-endowed lady heading towards them under the escort of countless male disciples.

From the looks of it, she was the Princess Qing Xuan everyone was talking about.

Very quickly, the giant group arrived less than a hundred meters away from Huang Xiaolong.

As the daughter of the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor, she could be considered a proud daughter of the heavens.

The number of guards around her didnt number a few, and their expressions fell when they noticed Huang Xiaolongs trio standing in their way.

One had to know that even disciples of the super families had to move when Princess Qing Xuan wanted to cross the square.

Right now, a mere disciple of the human race dared to block their princess path!

He was definitely tired of living!

“How dare you lowlife of the human race not make way when you see Princess Qing Xuan! Move aside and kneel until Her Highness is satisfied!” One of the guards pointed at Huang Xiaolong and yelled.

As soon as he spoke, the whip in his hand swung over.

Too bad a light flashed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes before the whip could make contact with him.

The guard was sent flying as he slammed into god knew how many disciples of the Alien Lands behind him.

Miserable screams filled the air.

Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

No one had expected for a Human to stand in Princess Qing Xuans way.

Not paying his respects was one thing, but he also dared to make a move on the princess guards!

Princess Qing Xuan was stunned as well.

She glanced at the guard, who was flung into the crowd, and a frown formed on her face.

Even though he wasnt dead yet, his meridians were shattered, and he was nothing more than a cripple.

Rage welled up in her heart as no one had ever dared to go against her wishes.

Everyone gave in to her, and she had never experienced the slightest shred of disrespect.

However, a human race b*stard had dared to cripple a squad leader in front of her!

“Its him! This is the kid whose bodyguard devoured Eminent Elder Yan Guan a month ago!” Someone finally recognized Huang Xiaolong and yelled.

“Thats right! Thats the kid! After entering the headquarters of the Mysterious Ice Race, the old patriarch, Yan Heng, made him an honorary Eminent Elder!”

“Thats him! Why else would he be able to enter the Mysterious Ice Race as he wishes”

The disciples around broke out into discussions all of a sudden.

In the past, the Mysterious Ice Race had opened their grand formation when Huang Xiaolong had made his way over, and they had alerted everyone.

Since the result of the battle wasnt made public, everyone could only use their imaginations to think of the outcome.

Since Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo could enter the Mysterious Ice Race as they wished, there were tons of people who felt that Huang Xiaolong was the final victor of the battle.

Moreover, Old Patriarch Yan Heng had made a personal appearance to appoint Huang Xiaolong as an Honorary Eminent Elder.

Anyone with half a brain could think of the outcome of the battle.

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