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Glancing at the person who spoke, Huang Xiaolong flicked a single finger before popping the head of the man.

Another peak late-Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint died just like that.

Everyones expression changed.

No one had expected Huang Xiaolong to kill the guards around Princess Qing Ying one after another. 

Even the True Saint Realm expert felt his heart sinking.

“Those who block my way will die!” Huang Xiaolong casually declared as he continued on his way forward with Hei Luo.

“You should think of the consequences your actions will bring…” the True Saint Realm expert beside Princess Qing Ying growled.

He was clearly threatening the man himself.

Those who dared to go against the Qing Xuan Holy Emperor in the Dissociation Domain numbered a few, and anyone would think twice before making their move.

Instead of speaking, Huang Xiaolong casually pointed at the old man.

As if he was struck by a terrifying blow, he was flung backwards, and he crashed through god knows how many walls before stopping.

The holy artifact armor he was wearing on his body cracked and a giant dent formed on the chest piece.

“What!” Princess Qing Ying and the other guards around her screamed in shock.

The disciples from the other factions might not have known that the old man was a True Saint, but Princess Qing Ying and the guards were extremely clear about the old mans strength.

He was a mid-First Heaven True Saint!

Someone like that was sent flying with a casually pointed finger from Huang Xiaolong!

Under their shocked gazes, Huang Xiaolong arrived before them.

Despite releasing no aura, the entire group of people retreated to the side in order to let him pass.

Since the princess herself had already made way, the guards no longer dared to stand in Huang Xiaolongs path.

The disciples from the other factions ran away in fright.

In an instant, the bustling street turned into a deserted alleyway.

When Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo finally left, the various disciples trembled in their shoes, unwilling to return to the street.

Only after a long time did Princess Qing Ying return to the middle of the street.

The arrogant expression on her face was no longer there, and there was a trace of rage burning in her heart. How can I, a princess of the Dissociation Domain, be forced to give way to a b*stard of the human race

“Preposterous!” Princess Qing Ying raged.

Everyone trembled in fear when they felt the smoldering rage in Princess Qing Yings heart.

“Princess…,” the True Saint, who was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong, finally returned.

“We should leave soon…”

A chilly light flashed in her eyes.

“Track him down! Find out the relationship between him and the Mysterious Ice Race!”

She would probably explode from anger if she didnt vent her rage on him.

“Princess, this man isnt a simple character…” the True Saint hesitated for a moment before persuading, “His combat strength should be in the mid-level True Saint Realm, and he doesnt seem like someone from our Dissociation Domain.”

“Hes just a mere Fourth Heaven True Saint! Even if hes not from the Dissociation Domain, it doesnt matter! My title is given to me by the Lord of the Dissociation Domain!”

Huang Xiaolongs deed of killing Teng Baining soon shook the lands.

A month ago, Huang Xiaolong had killed an Eminent Elder of the Mysterious Ice Race, Yan Guan.

He had also caused the Yang City to tremble when the news had started to spread.

However, that was different.

Only the city was affected.

Now, the entire Hong Zhen Holy Grounds was affected.

“Teng Baining, the nephew of the current patriarch of the Teng Family, was killed by an honorary Eminent Elder of the Mysterious Ice Race! The other party was a human!”

“Ive heard that that human killed Princess Qing Yings guards.

He even heavily injured Senior Chen Shen!”

“Senior Chen Shen! Isnt he a True Saint How can the Mysterious Ice Race afford to hire a True Saint to be their honorary Eminent Elder!”

The Hong Zhen Holy Grounds erupted when they heard of Huang Xiaolongs feats.

Teng Baining was the disciple with the best talent in the Soaring Serpent Race! He was also one of the strongest experts under the True Saint Realm in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds.

He could be said to be a legend, but today, he was killed by an outsider!

Waves were raised in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds.

“How dare a mere human kill my disciple! He even dared to disrespect Princess Qing Ying! He deserves to die!”

As the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds raged, various experts wanted to form an alliance to hunt Huang Xiaolong down.

In the headquarters of the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

Teng Yan turned to the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor and said, “Brother Hong Zhen, a b*stard from the human race dared to kill my disciple! He killed my races young patriarch.

This is an insult to my entire race! He doesnt care about the rules in your Hong Zhen Holy Grounds, so brother Hong Zhen has to uphold justice for me!”

The Hong Zhen Holy Emperor nodded.

“Brother Teng, you can rest at ease.

I will definitely deal with this!” His eyes narrowed and he continued, “The other party managed to injure Chen Shen with a single move! We cant underestimate his strength.

In order to take revenge, we will have to come up with proper plans…”

“Brother Hong Zhen, how do you plan to do this”

“My apprenticeship ceremony is coming up soon.

Lord Qing Xuan will definitely turn up for it!” A weird light flashed in the Hong Zhen Holy Emperors eyes, and he continued, “The Mysterious Ice Race will also be present during the ceremony…”

“What if the honorary Eminent Elder from the Mysterious Ice Race fails to show up”

“You dont have to worry about that.

He will definitely appear,” the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor snorted.

In the blink of an eye, several months passed.

Huang Xiaolong moved according to his plan.

Ever since the incident, he went over to pay a visit to the deputy patriarch of the Purple Spider Race, and various other hall masters. 

Other than Zi Dongping from the Purple Spider Race, every single expert fell under Huang Xiaolongs control. 

Of course, he noticed the little tricks Princess Qing Ying, the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor, and the others played during that period of time.

The only reason he hadnt exterminated them was because he was too lazy.

He also couldnt be bothered with the spies surrounding the Mysterious Ice Race that were sent by the Soaring Serpent Race.

One fine day, the old patriarch of the Mysterious Ice Race entered the courtyard and cupped his fists at Huang Xiaolong.

He spoke about the appearance of an envoy from the Hong Zhen Holy Gate, inviting him to take part in the apprenticeship ceremony being held soon.

“Since theyre so magnanimous, we shall accept the invitation!”

Bowing to acknowledge Huang Xiaolongs order, Yan Heng retreated from the courtyard.

With the invitation in hand, Huang Xiaolong headed over to the Hong Zhen Holy Gate to attend the apprenticeship ceremony with the members of the Mysterious Ice Race in tow.

Other than those from the Mysterious Ice Race, there were two other unknown experts following behind Huang Xiaolong.

They were the deputy patriarch of the Purple Spider Race and the grand hall master.

With cultivation bases in the peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm and late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm respectively, they were a force to be reckoned with.

As soon as the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor received news of Huang Xiaolongs departure from the Mysterious Ice Race, a smile formed on his face.

“That brat is on his way here!”

Teng Yan felt a wave of relief wash over him as the smile on his face grew brighter.

“What about Lord Qing Xuan”

“Lord Qing Xuan is rushing over as we speak.

Not only is Lord Qing Xuan coming, the various enforcers of the Dissociation Domain are also coming along with him!” the Hong Zhen Holy Emperor chuckled happily.

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