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“Domain Lord!”

Everyone turned to stare at the twitching You Shiheng and screamed in surprise. 


Unable to care about the reason behind Huang Xiaolongs ability to injure a Seventh Heaven True Saint, Xu Wen and the others screamed at Huang Xiaolong.

But of course, screaming wasnt the only thing they did, and they attacked in unison in order to prevent Huang Xiaolong from going too far.

With more than three hundred True Saints attacking, the holy energy in the space around them trembled as horrifying waves filled the lands.

The energy waves possessed the power to kill a fly even if it remained a quadrillion miles away from the battlefield.

And when Xu Wen and Xu Hai revealed their cultivation base, they were at the early-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm!

When they worked together, it wasnt just a slight increase in strength.

Not a single mid-Ninth Heaven True Saint would be able to take a single blow from them!

After seeing that the attacks were about to rip into Huang Xiaolong, Zi Dongping waved his right hand, and pillars of purple light broke through all the attacks flying towards them.

To everyones surprise, the energy in their bodies scattered the moment they came into contact with the purple light.

Of course, energy leaving their bodies wasnt the only thing they felt.

They also felt as though someone had slammed a chaos mountain peak into their chests as they were flung outwards and blood sprayed from their mouths.

“What!” Other than Huang Xiaolong, Hei Luo, and the various experts of the Purple Spider Race behind him, everyone widened their eyes in shock.

The army behind You Shiheng felt the world spinning around them when they witnessed Zi Dongpings strength.

“Primal Ancestor!” Xu Wen and Xu Hai screamed as they were flung backwards.

They stared at Zi Dongping fearfully, and they asked, “Who in the world are you!”

Instead of replying, Zi Dongping stared at them with a cold gaze.

“This is the patriarch of our Purple Spider Race, Zi Dongping!” The vice patriarch of the Purple Spider Race replied in his stead.

Patriarch of the Purple Spider Race!

Zi Dongping!

Xu Wen and Xu Hai felt as though a bomb was set off in their minds.

He was the future of the Alien Lands, the person who had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm in the shortest time!

“You… Lord Zi Dongping!” Xu Wens and Xu Hais voices trembled when they spoke to him.

All of the True Saints, who had come along with the army, felt the blood draining from their faces.

Even though Zi Dongping had disappeared from the eyes of the public a long time ago, his reputation remained.

He held the title of the fastest cultivator in the Alien Lands to enter the Primal Ancestor Realm, and he was also the Primal Ancestor who had carried out the largest massacres!

In the past, countless disciples from the royal races had died at his hands!

Even You Shiheng managed to regain control of his body before staring at Zi Dongping in shock.

Zi Dongping stared at Xu Wen and Xu Hai before asking, “Are you from the Blue Blood Race”

Getting to their knees, the Xu Brothers replied respectfully.

Zi Dongping followed up with another question, “How is Xu Zhang doing”

Xu Zhang was the old patriarch of the Blue Blood Race, and he had a pretty good relationship with Zi Dongping.

After hearing how the other party had brought up their old patriarch, they finally recalled the relationship between the two leaders.

They heaved a sigh of relief.

“Reporting to Lord Dongping, the Old Patriarch is doing fine.

Hes looking forward to meeting Lord Dingping once again.” Xu Wen bowed respectfully.

The expression on Zi Dongpings face softened when he heard what he said.

Xu Hai pushed his luck a little further when he realized that Zi Dongping was no longer as angry as he was before.

“Lord Dongping, that human killed experts from our Alien Race, and he has been extremely hostile to the Dissociation Domain after stepping foot in here! He injured the Domain Lord of the Dissociation Domain and showed extreme disrespect to members of the Alien Race! Please uphold justice by taking him down!” He didnt forget to point at Huang Xiaolong.

Even though Zi Dongping had acted in favor of Huang Xiaolong just a moment ago, they felt as though their identity as the members of the Blue Blood Race would be enough to move Zi Dongping.

After all, Zi Dongping was someone from the Alien Race.

You Shihengs eyes lit up when he realized that he had a chance to turn the tables.

“Lord Zi Dongping, please take that human race brat down and hand him over to us! We will definitely report your deeds to the Mansion Master in the future!”

The Otherworldly Mansion was created by the kings of the various royal races, and their authority was huge.

They had the ability to oversee the various regions in the Alien Lands, and the only people who could ignore the authority of the Otherworldly Mansion were the royal races!

Xu Wen and the other enforcers quickly turned to look at Zi Dongping with a look of expectation.

As for the vice patriarch of the Purple Spider Race and the others, they couldnt help but reveal a weird expression when they heard the pleas of those from the other side.

Zi Dongpings face turned red as rage welled up in his heart.

How could they order him to capture his own master With a single slap, he sent Xu Hai flying.

If it wasnt for his relationship with Xu Zhang, he would have killed the Xu Brothers with a single slap.

However, Xu Hai wasnt someone who could escape from a slap from a Primal Ancestor unscathed.

His teeth flew across the skies as blood trickled down the side of his face.

“Lord Zi Dongping, you!” Holding his swollen face, Xu Hai looked at Zi Dongping pitifully.

He hadnt expected Zi Dongping to lay a hand on him!

Xu Wen and the others, who had come prepared to kill Huang Xiaolong, stared at Xu Hai who no longer had teeth in his mouth.

“Do you think its strange” Huang Xiaolongs voice rang in their ears as confusion filled their minds.

“Zi Dongping has already submitted to me!”


No one believed their ears.

Zi Dongping is the patriarch of the Purple Spider Race, and he is a legend who has entered the Primal Ancestor Realm! How can he submit to a human! How can he allow himself to be a subordinate No… He isnt a subordinate.

From what the human said, Zi Dongping is now a mere slave!


Xu Wen and Xu Hai stared at Huang Xiaolong as though he was spouting nonsense.

There was no way something like that could happen!

When they turned to look at Zi Dongping once again, they realized that he didnt refute the human.

Instead, he lowered his head obediently.

Is he admitting it!

“Zi… Zi…” Xu Hai wanted to speak, but his mouth was in too much pain from having all his teeth beaten out of it!

“Right now, its your turn to make a choice,” Huang Xiaolong interrupted Xu Hai.

He swept his gaze across everyone present and declared, “Serve me, or die!”

The expression on everyones faces sank instantly.

Like Li Yapeng, they felt endless humiliation wash over their hearts when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“You have to be dreaming!” one of the holy emperors couldnt suppress the anger and fear in his heart as he screamed.

Casually reaching out, Huang Xiaolong dragged the holy emperor over to himself before releasing his Inextinguishable Dao Heart.

In front of everyone present, Huang Xiaolongs Dao Heart appeared in the air above him.

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