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Chapter 2597: Location of the Dao Fruit!

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong had to make some preparations before entering the Otherworldly Mansion.

For example, he had to think of the identity he wished to use to enter the mansion.

He would be dreaming if he planned to enter as a human.

No matter how talented a human was, he would face endless obstacles after he entered.

As he looked at Zi Dongping, lightbulbs appeared in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

If he pretended to be Zi Dongpings foster son, he would be able to enter the Otherworldly Mansion as the young master of the Purple Spider Race! His status would be different than before!

Zi Dongping felt the weird stare on him and goosebumps appeared all over his body.

“Wait… are you really planning on entering the Mansion!”


After a short hesitation, Zi Dongping continued, “During my seclusion, I managed to discover the location of the Dao Fruit…”

Dao Fruit!

Huang Xiaolongs heart pounded when he heard what Zi Dongping said.

“Is the Dao Fruit in the Otherworldly Mansion!”

“Even though I am not a hundred percent sure, Im fairly certain that its in the Otherworldly Mansion.

If the Dao Fruit isnt there, theres definitely an unripe Dao Fruit!”

“Unripe Dao Fruit!” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“Yeah! The Otherworldly Mansion managed to get their hands on the Tree of Grand Dao, and they had been using all sorts of precious artifacts to nurture it.

From what I know, the Dao Fruit will definitely mature in the next two to three hundred years.” Zi Dongping paused for a moment as the gaze in his eyes became heated once again.

“Moreover, there will be more than one fruit when the Tree of Grand Dao bears fruits! At the very least, there should be three Dao Fruits!”

Dao Fruits!

With a single one of them, Zi Dongping would be able to return to his peak strength! In fact, it was possible for him to enter the late-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm as soon as he obtained the fruit! After all, suppressing his injuries and accumulation of insights were two completely different matters.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked too.

He had never expected that the fruits would mature so quickly!

“Do you know the exact location of the Tree of Grand Dao” 

Zi Dongping calmed himself down and shook his head slowly.

“I have no idea.

However, it has to be within the four forbidden grounds inside the mansion!”

“It might be difficult for you to obtain the Dao Fruits, but if you manage to grab more than two, I hope that master will bestow one upon me…”

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate, and he agreed immediately.

“You dont have to worry about that.

As long as I obtained more than a single fruit, Ill give one to you! Moreover, Ill work together with Hei Luo to assist you when you refine it!”

Zi Dongping deserved the fruit as the value of the information he revealed was astronomical.

Even though Zi Dongping had already agreed to serve him, he wasnt controlled by the grandmist aura.

Unlike Hei Luo and the others, Huang Xiaolong needed to find ways to make him willing to work obediently.

Of course, Zi Dongping would be able to assist him in a lot of things as soon as he regained his strength.

A day passed in a flash, and the Dissociation Domain released a piece of heaven-shaking news.

Zi Dongping was about to accept a human as his foster son, and the various holy emperors were to head over for a grand ceremony.

The news shook the various regions as soon as it started to spread.

“What! Lord Zi Dongping is going to accept a human as his foster son! Nothing of the sort has ever happened before! This brat has to be too d*mn lucky! How did he catch the eye of Lord Zi Dongping!”

“Thats isnt all.

Lord Zi Dongping is planning to name his foster son as the future patriarch of the Purple Spider Race!”

“Theres no way! Even though the Purple Spider Race has declined in recent years, its still part of the royal families! Lord Zi Dongping has to face the wrath of the other kings by accepting the human as his foster son!”

Discussions broke out through the lands, and Huang Xiaolong seemed to be the bad guy who had stolen their chance to take over the Purple Spider Race.

It was no wonder they were so riled up.

There hasnt been a single member of the Alien Race who had accepted a human into their ranks before.

That wasnt all.

He even planned to name the human the future of his race! That was a blatant slap to the faces of the young masters of the alien race!

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had already expected the backlash from the various powers.

Whatever the case, the ceremony would be held in three months.

By the time the news started to spread, the Golden Buddha Race located somewhere in the Alien Lands received the news. 

“Zi Dongping killed the Domain Lord of the Dissociation Domain the moment he emerged from seclusion… Now, hes planning to accept a human as his foster son.

He has turned his back on the alien races!” The old patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race, Chan Yuli, snorted, “Does he really think that hes the Zi Dongping of the past! Hes no longer the talented youngster he once was!”

In the past, the Purple Spider Race had clashed with several other races royal families when they were at their peak.

The Golden Buddha Race was one of them!

The current patriarch of the Golden Buddha Race, Chan Yongxu, growled, “We have to report this to the Mansion Master immediately! He will definitely send some envoys over to warn Zi Dongping…”

Chan Yuli shook his head.

“Theres no rule stating that someone from the alien race cannot accept a human as a foster son.

The Otherworldly Mansion has no authority to butt in on the matter.” 

“Are we supposed to watch on without doing anything!” Chan Yongxu snapped.

“Send Jin Fei over to the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

Warn him during the ceremony.

Who does he think he is!” Chan Yuli snorted.

Jin Fei was one of the disciples of the Golden Buddha Race, and he was the Domain Lord of the Golden Violation Domain. 

“With Zi Dongpings temper, he will never listen to us.” Chan Yongxu shook his head.

“He might even kick Jin Fei out immediately! If things go south, he might even injure Jin Fei!”

A chilly light flashed in Chan Yulis eyes.

“He cant blame me for being merciless if that happens! Ill exterminate the Purple Spider Race on behalf of the alien race!”

“What about that human race brat” Chan Yongxu asked.

“Hes pretty strong… Right now, his cultivation base is at the Second Heaven True Saint Realm.”

“Pass down my order! Surround the Dissociation Domain immediately! As long as Huang Xiaolong leaves the Dissociation Domain, capture him and bring him back to me!”

He had already thought of the way he would kill Huang Xiaolong.

After the news started to spread, Huang Xiaolong got some men to decorate the headquarters of the Mysterious Ice Race.

Even though the ceremony was fake, he had to put on a convincing show.

Huang Xiaolong locked himself in one of the secret rooms as everything went on, and he swallowed Cangqiong Holy Pills to increase the speed of his cultivation to the limit.

Since things had already progressed to this point, Huang Xiaolong planned to challenge the Dao Gate before heading over to the Flying Heaven Race.

As long as he entered the Otherworldly Mansion as a core disciple, it would be several times more convenient when he headed over to the Flying Heaven Race.

In the blink of an eye, three months passed and theceremony was about to begin.

Experts from everywhere gathered in the Yang City, and even though not all of them had received Zi Dongpings invitation, they showed up nonetheless.

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