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Chapter 2622: Only Five Minutes

“Dont worry, Ill definitely comprehend all ten thousand grand dao laws in the Dao Gate,” Huang Xiaolong said indifferently.

At this time, Chan Wuwo scoffed and ridiculed, “You really like to boast like a shameless fool! Even brother Yuan Qianxing, who has the Origin Saint Godhead failed to comprehend all ten thousand grand dao laws… Haha, how dare a freak like you dream of comprehending all of them”

“Huang Xiaolong, now that the ancestors of our races are rushing here, you wont be able to live even if you kneel down before us and beg for mercy!” Yao Ji sneered with eyes full of hatred, “I will make you die a miserable death!”

Even though Long Shengtian had managed to stop the conflict, one of Yao Jis mistresses was devoured by Huang Xiaolong before the battle had ended.

Yao Ji couldnt wait to tear Huang Xiaolong to shreds.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Chan Wuwo and Yao Ji with an indifferent look, and he started to walk towards the Dao Gate.

Upon raising his head when he passed Long Shengtian, Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

Under the gazes of everyone present, he walked into the Dao Gate.

The entrance disappeared in the next instant.

“I wonder if Huang Xiaolong will be able to fully comprehend the ten thousand dao laws…” Chen Luozong sighed.

Chen Muguang mocked, “If Yuan Qianxing cant do it, then Huang Xiaolong will never be able to do it either! Even someone like Yuan Qianxing only managed to comprehend 9,326 different grand dao laws, and hes the most talented genius in all the lands! Humph! Even if that kid manages to comprehend more than nine thousand grand dao laws, he wont be able to exceed Yuan Qianxings record!”

“As a Second Heaven True Saint Realm expert, Huang Xiaolong managed to defeat Yao Ji at the peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm! Even Yuan Qianxing wouldnt be able to do something like that! Huang Xiaolong might actually comprehend all ten thousand grand dao laws!” Chen Luozong couldnt help but comment.

Chen Muguang refuted, “Even if he did manage to defeat Yao Ji, he might not be talented enough to comprehend the grand dao laws! You cant compare him to Yuan Qianxing! Yuan Qianxing has the Origin Saint Godhead, and when that brat comes out later, his fate is sealed!”

When he thought about how the ancestors of the three great races were rushing over as they spoke, he felt a sense of relief washing over his heart.

“Im afraid Huang Xiaolong will really be in trouble this time…” Feitian Longpeng frowned as he looked at the entrance of the Dao Gate.

Feng Jiu, Feng Tianwei, and the others nodded solemnly.

None of them could think of an alternative ending.

As everyone drowned in their thoughts and guesses, Huang Xiaolong arrived in a world of light inside the Dao Gate.

Colorful lights filled the space around him, and it was a sight he had never seen before in his whole life.

The lights that surrounded him overturned his previous perception of the dao laws.

The rays of light seemed to have been given life, and it was mesmerizing, vibrant, and rhythmic.

Even though these lights were magnificent, it wasnt hard on the eyes.

As he walked forward, Huang Xiaolong felt as though he was walking through the river of time.

With the power of creation and destruction, the lights gave birth to everything, and it took the life of its creation away eventually.

After walking for some time, Huang Xiaolong noticed a massive gate.

It stood tall between the heavens and earth, and it towered over everything.

It extended across the skies, and it was the source of all the light present in the world he was currently in!

Dao Gate!

Even though this was the first time he was seeing the Dao Gate, Huang Xiaolong recognized it immediately! It was the number one treasure of the Alien Lands!

Nobody in the Alien Lands knew what the Dao Gate actually was, and nobody knew its origins.

There were some who said that the Dao Gate was created when the first life was created in their world, and there were some who said that it was born after the Worlds origin matured.

There were also some who claimed that the Dao Gate didnt belong to either the Alien Lands or the Holy World!

Even though there were many differing opinions, there was no doubt that the Dao Gate was the number one treasure under the heavens!

As he looked at the gate in front of him, Huang Xiaolong bathed in the light that emerged from it.

Every ray contained the essence of heaven and earth, and it represented one of the dao laws!

The Dao Gate before him gave off an ancient feeling, and Huang Xiaolong felt that even if the heavens were to shatter and the earth was to collapse, the Dao Gate would never fall! On the other hand, if the Dao Gate were to ever disappear, the world would go along with it!

When he finally calmed his mind a moment later, he fixed his gaze onto the Dao Gate as he tried to sense the first dao law.

“It has been ten minutes since Huang Xiaolong entered.

He hasnt comprehended the first dao law since then, and with his speed, he will be lucky to comprehend more than nine thousand of them in ten years…,” outside the dao gate, Yuan Wangfeng sneered.

The dao gate would open once every ten years.

As such, disciples who entered would only get ten years to comprehend the dao laws.

“Thats right! Back when Young Master Yuan had entered, he had taken less than eight minutes to comprehend the first dao law!” Another disciple from the Wan Yuan Race added.

Back then when Yuan Qianxing had entered the Dao Gate, his speed of comprehension was unprecedented.

It had caused an uproar in both the Otherworldly Mansion and the Alien Lands!

After two whole minutes, nothing happened inside the gate.

More and more ridicule started pouring from the crowd.

Yuan Qianxing sneered inwardly when he noticed that Huang Xiaolong was unable to comprehend his first grand dao law after such a long time.

He was a little worried that Huang Xiaolong would break his record and comprehend all ten thousand grand dao laws when the other party had first entered.

However, it seemed as though there was nothing for him to worry about.

With Huang Xiaolongs speed, he would be lucky to comprehend nine thousand grand dao laws.

Chen Muguang added, “Hahaha! Thats what I said! Huang Xiaolong might be stronger, but it doesn\'t mean anything when it comes to comprehending grand dao laws! Hah! I was overestimating him when I said that he might be able to comprehend nine thousand grand dao laws! With his speed, he would be lucky to even comprehend eight thousand grand dao laws!”

Chen Luozhong and the others stared at each other and said nothing.

Feng Jiu, Feitian Longpeng, and the others shook their heads slowly.

However, Long Shengtian and several others frowned when they thought about the possibilities.

After another minute, a strange looking light shot into the skies and illuminated the Otherworldly Mansion.

Everyone was startled by the sudden change in situation.

“Huang Xiaolong finally comprehended the first dao law!”

“He used a total of thirteen minutes, twice as long as Young Master Yuan!”

After a moment of silence, the crowd erupted.

“It seems like his talent is mediocre at best.

If he took thirteen minutes to comprehend his first dao law, he will probably spend twenty minutes comprehending the second!” Chan Wuwo mocked.

After five minutes, another pillar of light shot into the skies.

Everyone, who was watching the Dao Gate, gasped in shock.

Yuan Qianxing, Yin Zhangguo, and Long Shengtian were startled!

Every expert present stared at the pillar of light with their jaws agape.

“It took him… Five minutes!” one of the disciples from the Golden Buddha Race stuttered.

Five minutes! Chan Wuwos face started to twitch.

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