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Chapter 264: Jiang Tianhua Paying A Visit

“Chen Xiaotian’s meaning is his meaning” A strong killing intent glinted in Jiang Tianhua eyes.

The Elders present in the main hall lowered their heads, trembling, being as quiet as possible.

“Doyen, Geng Ken and Chen Xiaotian’s relationship has never been harmonious, but this time they’re actually singing the same tune, there’s something odd about this.” After what seemed like a long time, Cui Ming came forward, whispering with caution.

A light flickered in Jiang Tianhua’s eyes; this was exactly the point he couldn’t figure out.

Logically speaking, Geng Ken should have been overjoyed at Cui Ming’s proposal, honored to be joining hands with the Blood Swallow Sect, however, not only did Geng Ken refuse, but he even aligned himself with Chen Xiaotian

“Send people to investigate, what exactly is happening inside the Sky Magi Sect that could make Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken put up a united front” A while later, Jiang Tianhua ordered.

“Yes, Doyen.” Cui Ming replied respectfully.

But ten days passed and Cui Ming’s report came back clueless.

“Unable to find out.” Jiang Tianhua’s brows were locked tight together, this was even more unusual.

About Blood Swallow School’s movements in trying to investigate about Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken, Huang Xiaolong, of course was informed.

He told Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken not to bother with this matter, all they needed to do was continue watching Blood Swallow School and Nine Fiend Sect’s actions.

Inside the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong stood at the center of the Ten Buddha Formation, dazzling, bright light shining around him, akin to a holy flame.

The netherworld spiritual energy, ancient Buddhism energy, and true dragon qi took shape in the form of an Archdemon, an Ancient Golden Buddha, and a Golden Primordial Divine Dragon, the three of them spinning around Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong’s momentum continued to soar as the three energies coursed through his meridians and Qi Sea, expanding, crashing against the Xiantian Seventh Order barrier.

Once, twice, thrice!

Soul-tearing pain pierced every nerve in Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The onslaught of pain from breaking the Xiantian Seventh Order barrier was a hundred times, a thousand times more compared to breaking to the Fifth or Sixth Order.

Gritting his teeth, Huang Xiaolong held on, pushing his battle qi to break the barrier.

As such, it continued for a long time when, suddenly, a blinding light broke out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong’s body trembled and the light became brighter as his momentum rose to a terrifying height, raising a tempest in the middle of the temple hall.

Unearthly cries, chants of mantras, and dragon roars came from the three formed mandates, the Archdemon, Ancient Golden Buddha, and Golden Primordial Dragon.

This lasted for a long time before the sphere of light gradually reduced, slowly dissipated away, including the three mandate shadows.

Huang Xiaolong stopped triggering his battle qi, he looked up roaring towards the sky, akin to a primordial divine dragon.

He finally stepped into Xiantian Seventh Order! Breaking into Xiantian Seventh Order meant he was now a high-level Xiantian realm expert, in the vast expanse of the Martial Spirit World, he was considered as one of the upper elites.

The number of Saint realm experts was too little, with the odds of only one success in a hundred thousand Xiantian warriors trying to break through the Saint realm barrier.

Huang Xiaolong felt the surging power contained in his battle qi, sensing the changes in every inch of his body, from his flesh, veins, meridians, and Qi Sea, he was ecstatic.

Sure enough, breaking through to Xiantian Seventh Order, the benefits weren’t limited to a mere increase in power.

Xiantian Seventh Order and peak late-Xiantian Sixth Order were basically two different concepts, two different heights.

As a second afterthought, Huang Xiaolong opened the Eye of Hell on his forehead.

The Eye of Hell opened, glowing a glaring red, raising a storm that swept out in all four directions, shaking the entire temple hall.

Just a few days ago, Huang Xiaolong advanced into the second level of the Ancient Puppetry Art, further enhancing his spiritual force, indirectly improving the Eye of Hell’s attack power compared to before.

Moreover, at the second level, his spiritual force was strong enough to create a spiritual tempest.

The storm earlier from the glaring red Eye of Hell was the spiritual tempest.

Spiritual tempestㅡtraceless, formless, soundless!

‘The time to take over the Blood Swallow School has come.’ Retrieving the Eye of Hell, Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Now that he had broken through to Xiantian Seventh Order, combined with the second level of the Ancient Puppetry Art, Huang Xiaolong had enough confidence to defeat Jiang Tianhua.

After taking care of Blood Swallow School, next would be the Nine Fiend Sect.

Organizing his thoughts, Huang Xiaolong exited the Xumi Temple.

However, just as Huang Xiaolong arrived at the great hall, Chen Xiaotian hastened over to report, saying that Blood Swallow Sect’s Doyen, Jiang Tianhua, was there.

‘Jiang Tianhua is here’ Huang Xiaolong nodded.

This was even better, saving him the trouble of making a trip over to the Blood Swallow School headquarters.

“How many people has he brought over” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Other than Jiang Tianhua, there are also Cui Ming and sixteen Elders of Blood Swallow School.” Chen Xiaotian answered with respect.

Sixteen Elders of Blood Swallow School Jiang Tianhua actually brought so many Elders over. Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart, he could guess Jiang Tianhua’s motive.

It would seem that if the Sky Magi Sect didn’t agree to an alliance, Jiang Tianhua had decided to make the first move on Sky Magi Sect!

Want to swallow the Sky Magi Sect Liu Yunhua’s words suddenly popped up inside Huang Xiaolong’s mind.

“Show them in.” Huang Xiaolong cleared his thoughts and said to Chen Xiaotian beside him.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Chen Xiaotian answered, turned around and left to make arrangements, allowing Jiang Tianhua, Cui Ming, and others inside Sky Magi Sect’s great hall.

A Sky Magi Sect disciple approached Jiang Tianhua outside the main entrance, saying, “Doyen Jiang, our Sovereign allows you inside.”

Seeing this, Jiang Tianhua’s face sank.

He came here personally, yet Chen Xiaotian did not come to meet him at the door Not only that, he only sent out a normal disciple to let him in What did this disciple say, ‘allows’ them inside

Allow, and not invite! Allow and invite represented different attitudes altogether.

“What audacity, how presumptuous! Chen Xiaotian actually didn’t come to welcome our Doyen himself!” One of the Blood Swallow School Elders exploded in anger, his fist struck directly onto the Sky Magi Sect disciple, sending him flying.

When the disciple landed, there was no breath left in him.

Jiang Tianhua watched silently from the side.

The surrounding Sky Magi Sect disciples quickly retreated to one side, staring in shock at the group of high ranking Blood Swallow School people.


“Go in.” Jiang Tianhua smiled coldly.

With a wave of his hand, he led the group by taking a large stride forwards through the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters entrance.

Entering Sky Magi Sect headquarters, Jiang Tianhua was puzzled to find that there were no other Sky Magi Sect disciples to be found along the way.

“Sky Magi Sect is nothing but a wuss.” A Blood Swallow School Elder mocked, “Knowing that we’re here, all the disciples have gone into hiding, perhaps they’re shaking in fear so badly that their guts shrunk!”

Cui Ming and the rest of the Elders broke out in laughter.

Although Jiang Tianhua was found it strange, he did not think too much about it.

Soon, Jiang Tianhua and his group reached the entrance to Sky Magi Sect’s great hall.

Watching the tightly closed great hall door, Jiang Tianhua frowned.

He felt there was something strange that he couldn’t put his finger on, not to mention the faint unease in his heart.

“Doyen, are we going in now” Cui Ming, looking at Jiang Tianhua’s expression, “Doyen, it doesn’t matter even of Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken stand on the same side, they’re not a threat to us.”



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