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Chapter 2651: Go Lay Low in the World River

Back at the Otherworldly Mansion, Huang Xiaolong didnt go anywhere but headed straight back to his place.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had not expected Fei Yanzi to actually stay at his place on the Chaos Essence Holy Peak!

Although it greatly satisfied his vanity, having the Alien Lands number-one beauty staying at his place, it made him think that there needed to be a distinction between men and women.

This put Huang Xiaolong in a dilemma.

He looked at Feitian Longpeng, but Feitian Longpeng, this brat, pretended to be studying the floating white clouds in the sky with absolute interest.

Theres also a bird flying in the sky.

“What, you dont welcome me” Fei Yanzi asked dangerously, looking at Huang Xiaolongs troubled face.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and waved his hands at the same time, “No, no, its not that.

Im only worried if people spread rumors that affect your reputation, that…”

“Im not afraid of rumors as a woman, then whats a big man like you afraid of” Fei Yanzi widened her eyes and glared at Huang Xiaolong, and walked into the palace before Huang Xiaolong could say another word.

Huang Xiaolong was left stunned on the spot.

When he reacted and looked at Feitian Longpeng again, Feitian Longpeng had secretly fled several hundred meters away.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolonghappily helped him with a kick to his butt.

A second later, Feitian Longpengs pitiful scream came from the bottom of the cliff.

As Huang Xiaolong had foreseen, the news of Fei Yanzi staying at his place caused quite a stir amongst the Otherworldly Mansions experts.

Fei Yanzi was hailed as the Alien Lands number-one beauty, and many royal families experts looked forward to marrying her back into their own race.

But now, the beauty they dreamed about day and night was robbed by Huang Xiaolong…

Many alien races experts envied and hated Huang Xiaolong while inwardly hammering their chests in frustration.

Yuan Qianxing had the biggest reaction when he heard that Fei Yanzi was staying at Huang Xiaolongs cultivation cave.

The thing he held in his palm was crushed into dust.

“That dirty sl*t!” A green monster reared its head in Yuan Qianxings heart.

“You rejected me that year, but stick yourself on a stray dog thats going to die soon, you b*tch! Wait till I take Huang Xiaolongs life, then Ill strip you naked for the world to see!”

Upon sensing the surging violent anger coming off Yuan Qianxings body, Yuan Wangfeng and the others dared not make any noise.

“Didnt I say it before that women like Fei Yanzi only pretend to be chaste on the surface.” Yao Ji continued to add fuel, “But looking at the way shes acting, it feels like she is deliberately making Senior Brother Qianxing embarrassed…”

Despite Fei Yanzis public rejection, Yuan Qianxing had always regarded Fei Yanzi as his exclusive property.

This was a well-known secret amongst the Myriad Origin Races experts.

Now that Fei Yanzi was staying at Huang Xiaolongs Chaos Essence Cultivation Cave, this was definitely embarrassing for Yuan Qianxing.

After remembering her rejection, Yuan Qianxings fury and hatred towards Huang Xiaolong and Fei Yanzi burned stronger.

Not long after Fei Yanzi started living in Huang Xiaolongs place, Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguo came knocking at Huang Xiaolongs door.

The first thing these two did when they saw Huang Xiaolong was to give Huang Xiaolong a thumbs up, nearly causing Huang Xiaolong to break out in cold sweat.

They both were accompanied by another person, a young man clad in ink-black brocade robe, with his aura fully converged.

Even so, it did not escape Huang Xiaolongs eyes that this young man was very strong, stronger than Yin Zhangguo!

Mo Wunian!

Huang Xiaolong guessed the young mans identity immediately.

The other four Mansion Master candidates, whether it was Yuan Qianxing, Yao Ji, or Chan Wuwo, Huang Xiaolong had met all of them except for Mo Wunian.

Before Huang Xiaolongs arrival, Yuan Qianxing was said to be the strongest among these four Mansion Master candidates.

On the other hand, Yao Ji was said to be the youngest, Chan Wuwo was renowned to be the most lustful, and this Mo Wunian was the most mysterious.

As Huang Xiaolong observed Mo Wunian, Mo Wunian too was observing Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, let me introduce to you, this one here is the Moyue Races Mo Wunian,” Long Shengtians voice sounded at this time, and there was a hint of laughter in his voice.

He was very familiar with Mo Wunian, or he wouldnt have come to visit Huang Xiaolong, bringing Mo Wunian with him.

“Even at the World River, I heard of Junior Brother Huang Xiaolongs name,” Mo Wunian said as he cupped his hands in greeting at Huang Xiaolong.

“How can I compare with Senior Brother Wunian Senior Brother Wunians reputation resounds through the entire Alien Lands.”

“Enough you two.

There is no need to exchange flatteries.

Xiaolong, I heard from Zhangguo that you have good wine here!” Long Shengtian did not feign any superficial politeness with Huang Xiaolong, clamoring for Huang Xiaolongs wine the moment his laurels touched the chair.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yin Zhangguo, and at the receiving end of Huang Xiaolongs gaze, Yin Zhangguo felt slightly embarrassed.

“It was a coincidence, when I was taking a drink, the deputy Mansion Master happened to drop by, and spotted the wine.”

It was truly a coincidence.

He had been reluctant to drink that jug of wine Huang Xiaolong had given him the last time, and just as he had finally taken it out a few days ago, Long Shengtian had happened to drop by his place and seen it.

Now that Long Shengtian was asking him upright, it wouldnt be good for Huang Xiaolong to hide his stash of wine.

So, he took out a few jugs of wine, and popped open the corks.

The alluring fragrance of wine permeated the air in an instant, and even those outside caught a whiff of the scent.

Mo Wunians eyes were sparkling when he saw the jugs of wine.

The four talked as they savoured good wine.

Long Shengtian first mentioned Chan Wuwos matters.

When Huang Xiaolong had destroyed Chan Wuwos physical body at the Golden Buddha Domain, and imprisoned Chan Wuwos and other Golden Buddha Race experts holy souls, the news had shocked the alien races when it spread.

All these years, the Golden Buddha Races old ancestor Chan Yuli had been pressuring the Otherworldly Mansion to deal with Huang Xiaolong, making trouble nonstop.

Although Logn Shengtian and Mo Zhi had been suppressing this matter, it was also a big headache to Long Shengtian.

“You shouldnt have returned this time.” Long Shengtian sighed, shaking his head, “I know your combat power is very strong, and your cultivation has improved during this time, but dont forget, Yuan Qianxing is also improving.

Hes already a peak early Seventh Heaven True Saint now, and on top of that, he has fully comprehended the Return of Origin dao art.

Give him a little bit more time, and even I wont be enough to be his opponent.”

As Long Shengtian spoke these words, there was barely noticeable apprehension on his face.

Currently, there was not a race in the Alien Lands that did not feel apprehension at the mention of Yuan Qianxing, including the current Otherworldly Mansion Master, Mo Zhi.

Apprehension also seeped into Yin Zhangguos voice as he spoke, “Yes ah, Yuan Qianxings growth is indeed terrifying.

In another several hundred years, he would be able to enter Ninth Heaven True Saint.

At that time, even Lord Mansion Master wont be able to suppress him anymore.” He looked at Huang Xiaolong in all seriousness and suggested, “Xiaolong, I think it would be better if you leave the Otherworldly Mansion, lay low at the World River for a while, and return only when youve entered Primal Ancestor Realm.”

In Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguos opinions, even though Huang Xiaolong had fully comprehended the Dao Gates dao laws, and possessed shocking combat prowess, Huang Xiaolong was still far from being Yuan Qianxings opponent.

At the end of the day, the cultivation realm gap between the two was simply too big.

Mo Wunian chimed in sincerely, “I went to the World River a few years ago, and met the Black Tortoise Races patriarch.

You can see him with my token.”

Huang Xiaolong was speechless.

If he had really wanted to leave, rather than going to the World River, he would have returned to the Holy Worlds side.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong understood their suggestions were out of concern for him, thus he wasnt offended.

He responded half-jokingly, “Although Yuan Qianxing is very strong, now that Ive entered Fourth Heaven True Saint, I am no weakling either.

Its not so easy for him to defeat me.”

Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguo shook their heads helplessly, seeing that Huang Xiaolong didnt put their advice to heart.

It was deep into the night when the three visitors took their leave.

Long Shengtian took away Chan Wuwos holy soul, considering it as an explanation to the Golden Buddha Race.

“It looks like no one in the whole Alien Lands thinks you have any chance of winning.” After the three people left, Fei Yanzi appeared behind Huang Xiaolong, speaking in her lilting voice.

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