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Chapter 2653: Bloodied From One Punch!

Huang Xiaolongs gaze stopped on Chen Muguang, standing behind Yuan Qianxing.

At this time, Chen Muguang was slightly bowing, with his head lowered.

He was the very image of a submissive slave, a human-shaped dog tethered to Yuan Qianxing by an invisible chain.

Yuan Qianxing noticed Huang Xiaolongs line of gaze on Chen Muguang, and a smile bloomed on his face.

He waved his hand at Chen Muguang, summoning him, “Lil Guang, come here.”

Lil Guang

This name, coupled with Yuan Qianxings tone, sounded like Yuan Qianxing was calling for his pet.

As he heard Yuan Qianxing calling him, Chen Muguang quickly responded and scurried over with a slight bow, looking flattered and ecstatic, “Your Highness, you called for me”

Being called by Yuan Qianxing in front of a crowd of experts was an honor in itself.

Chen Muguangs face was glowing with pride.

Upon watching Chen Muguangs flattered expression, Yuan Qianxing asked, “Tell me, what do you usually call Huang Xiaolong in front of me”

All eyes were immediately fixed on Chen Muguang.

Chen Muguang hesitated only for a split second, and then smiled flatteringly at Yuan Qianxing.


“What else” Yuan Qianxing asked smilingly.

“Huang-Bastard!” There wasnt the slightest hesitation this time.

Huang-Puppy! Huang-Bastard!

After hearing Chen Muguang insult Huang Xiaolong with these vulgar names behind his back, all present disciples from Purple Spider Race and human race glared at Chen Muguang with raging fury.

Feitian Longpeng, and the experts of his race, the Silver Purity Races experts and even the Fiery Phoenix Races experts were outraged.

The Suoluo Races Young Patriarch Jiang Shaohuang, and a group of experts stared fixedly at Chen Muguang, and killing intent in their eyes was too obvious to be ignored.

But Yuan Qianxing was laughing happily and said to Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, did you hear that Even your human race Chen Luo Sects Young Lord despises you, just to show how unpopular you are.”

Huang Xiaolong ignored Yuan Qianxings taunting, as his gaze was fixed on Chen Muguang.

“After dealing with Yuan Qianxing, Ill kill you, very slowly!”

Chen Muguang stared back at Huang Xiaolong and jeered, “Huang Xiaolong, youre someone thats going to die soon.

Therefore, I will advise you not to struggle in vain on the stage later, or your death will only be more miserable.”

Yuan Qianxing patted Chen Muguangs shoulder, laughing sonorously, “Tell it to him!”

He continued to laugh as he walked away with Chen Muguang and the group of Myriad Origin Races experts.

Coldness seeped into Fei Yanzis eyes as the aura around her changed, but Huang Xiaolong shook his head at her and said, “Just a few fleas.”

Fei Yanzi was stunned for a second by the description.

In the end, she converged her anger.

After hearing Huang Xiaolongs comparison of him and Chen Muguang to fleas, the mirth in Yuan Qianxings eyes was instantly replaced with surging killing intent, but he managed to rein it in.

Moments later, Long Shengtian, Yin Zhangguo, Mo Wunian, and the Mansion Master Mo Zhi arrived.

Mo Zhi was a kind-looking old man with a black goatee and a height shorter than the average man.

He was clad in an ink-black brocade robe similar to Mo Wunian, and an amiable smile hung on his face, brimming with vitality and vigor.

At first glance, Mo Zhi looked like any other nondescript elderly.

No one would be able to tell this smiling short old man with a goatee was the Otherworldly Mansions Mansion Master Mo Zhi!

When Mo Zhi arrived, all the experts from the Myriad Origin Race, Golden Buddha Race, and Enchantress Race stopped talking and saluted respectfully.

Even Yuan Qianxing was more subdued, and saluted Mo Zhi like everyone else.

Mo Zhi stood on the main viewing stage, and he scanned around.

Every expert at every corner of the Five Spirits Peak felt as if all of their secrets were laid bare before the Mansion Master, and even Huang Xiaolong felt this.

Huang Xiaolongs heart tightened nervously as he tried his best to fully conceal everything about him, from the dao artifacts inside him to the four divine fires.

Mo Zhi seemingly detected Huang Xiaolongs action, and he looked at Hunag Xiaolong and smiled.

After letting everyone stand up, Mo Zhi went straight to the point—the competition.

Although Mo Zhis voice wasnt loud, it sounded warm and comfortable to the ears, inexplicably giving birth to reliance and trust to the speaker.

He simply stated the competition rules, and went on with his gaze fixed on Yuan Qianxing, “Yao Ji and Chan Wuwo have voluntarily withdrawn from the challenge.

According to the rules I just stated, if Mo Wunian and Huang Xiaolong were to lose in their challenge against Yuan Qianxing, then Yuan Qianxing is the next young master of the Mansion.

Everyones attention fell on Yuan Qianxing, Mo Wunian, and Huang Xiaolong.

Mo Zhi went on to have Yuan Qianxing proceed onto the battle stage.

Yuan Qianxing walked forward unhurriedly.

When he reached the battle stage, he raised his chin at an angle and peered down at Mo Wunian and Huang Xiaolong with condescending eyes.

“Which of you is coming up to die first” Yuan Qianxing went on with contempt, “I think there is no need to challenge one by one.

Both of you can come up together, so you can die together, rather than wasting my time.”

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to get onto the battle stage, Mo Wunian was the one who stepped ahead of him, leaping onto the battle stage in a blur.

On the stage, Mo Wunian calmly faced Yuan Qianxing, “I alone am enough to deal with you.

Yuan Qianxing, do you really think you can become the Otherworldly Mansions young master”

Mo Wunian no longer converged his cultivation realm at this point, fully displaying his cultivation.

Immediately, strands of grand dao light soared to the sky and the light of darkness overcast the land, submerging everything in an abyss of darkness.

At the same time, the coercion belonging to a Primal Ancestor expert enveloped the entire battle stage area.

Everyone was astounded.

“Primal Ancestor! His Highness Mo Wunian has actually entered Primal Ancestor Realm!”

“His Highness Mo Wunian the mighty!” Moyue Races disciples felt their blood boil with excitement, and their cheers were one wave louder than the other.

Although there had long been rumors circulating the Otherworldly Mansion that Mo Wunian had broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm, it had remained a rumor.

Half of the disciples believed it while the other half doubted it.

Now, witnessing the truth with their own eyes, the Moyue Race disciples, who had always been steadfast in supporting Mo Wunian, were beyond excited.

Mo Wunian stood in the air as ripples of black light reflected in his pupils, exuding the majesty of a darkness sovereign.

His cold gaze was locked on Yuan Qianxing, and without wasting time with nonsense, he pushed out his palms towards Yuan Qianxing.

“Light of Darkness!” Mo Wunians sharp voice rang through every corner of the Five Spirits Peak.

As Mo Wunians palms pushed forward, beams of black light surged out from his palm, roiling into an ocean of tidal waves, resembling a hundred million black qi swords being released simultaneously.

The Light of Darkness was a form of extreme light from the worlds core, and it was also one of the most powerful lights between heaven and earth.

This was also the Moyue Races grand dao art.

When this grand dao art was executed by Mo Wunian, who had entered Primal Ancestor Realm, it burst out with world-shaking power.Fei Yanzi, Long Shengtian, and other Primal Ancestor Realm experts looked solemn as they watched on.

It was said that the Light of Darkness could split a Primal Ancestors dao physique, and it was one of the few things in the world that could hurt a Primal Ancestor.

But Yuan Qianxing was indifferent to Mo Wunians words and actions.

When the Light of Darkness reached him, he leaped into the air and punched out with his fists.

The moment his fists punched out, everyone felt as if the world was crumbling.

“Return to Origin, Origin Extinction!”

The world flow stagnated for a second.

Vigorous origin energy galloped forward, and the Light of Darkness that was capable of splitting a Primal Ancestors dao physique was transformed into origin energy.

Yuan Qianxings fists force went straight to the target, and Mo Wunian was slammed by an invisible force, smashing him back to the battle stage.

Mo Wunian staggered back unsteadily and finally regained his balance at the edge of the stage, then blood spurted out from his mouth uncontrollably.

The Moyue Race experts, who had been cheering, quieted down abruptly.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

Mo Wunian, who has broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm, is coughing up blood under one punch from Yuan Qianxing

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