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Chapter 266: Eye of the Yellow Spring

Cui Ming was akin to a withered leaf whisked away by a violent tempest, struck by Huang Xiaolong’s palm, spinning high in the hall before crashing into one of the stone pillars, then sliding down to the floor…


Landing on the floor, a gush of warm liquid rose up in Cui Ming’s throat, spurting out from his mouth.

The light in his eyes dimmed, becoming dull.

Huang Xiaolong’s palm attack earlier accurately struck Cui Ming’s Qi Sea.

Not only did Cui Ming’s Qi Sea brake, frigid Asura Qi invaded his body.

Waves after waves of torturous pain spread all over his entire body, the unbearable pain made Cui Ming scream tragically.

“Cui Ming!” Jiang Tianhua’s body flickered and reached Cui Ming’s side instantly.

“Doyen, you, run, quickly run!” Cui Ming panted, failing to string a full sentence.

Jiang Tianhua pushed his battle qi, wanting to force out the destructive energy inside Cui Ming’s body, but he sensed an aura that came from the depths of hell, coiling into his body through his palm.

Frightened, Jiang Tianhua quickly withdrew his palm, but even so, Jiang Tianhua noticed that same palm turning a deep dark purple, dark as ink.

Furthermore, a layer of black ice formed on the surface of his skin.

“Such a terrifying dark frigid force!” Jiang Tianhua was shocked as he hurried to run the Undying Devil qi, trying to counter the frigid qi.

A dark black glow glimmered on the surface of his palm and wisps of demonic qi floated up.

Moments later, his palm returned to normal.

Seeing this, Jiang Tianhua sighed with relief.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the side without interrupting, generously giving Jiang Tianhua ample time to force out the Asura Qi from his body.

Although the amount of Asura Qi that entered Jiang Tianhua’s body was minuscule, still, being able to force it out showed commendable strength.

Successfully forcing out the terrifying frigid energy from his body, Jiang Tianhua turned around and surveyed the great hall to find Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and the group of Sky Magi Sect Elders blocking all exit routes.

There were no longer any escape routes, no turning back.

Standing in the great hall, Jiang Tianhua suddenly laughed out loud; a desolate laughter, a disheartened laughter.

Was this the end of his road When his laughter died, Jiang Tianhua looked at Huang Xiaolong, saying each word slowly, “Come, all of you together.”

All together Huang Xiaolong shook his head: “They’re not going to interfere.”

Not interfering Jiang Tianhua was astonished.

“As long as you defeat me, I will let you leave,” Huang Xiaolong added, “But if you lose, you will submit to me.

Of course, you can also choose death.”

Jiang Tianhua was indecisive for a moment, then he raised his head and stared into Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, “Fine, if you can defeat me, I will submit to you, but, if I win, I will not leave alone.

I will take them with me.” Jiang Tianhua pointed at Cui Ming and the five Blood Swallow School Elders.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Cui Ming and the five Blood Swallow School Elders, nodding, he answered: “Granted.”

The instant Huang Xiaolong agreed, a blinding light surged from Jiang Tianhua’s body, spurting a blackish-yellow gas.

Looking behind Jiang Tianhua, a giant blood-red eyeball could be seen floating.

This blood-red eyeball was different from Huang Xiaolong’s Eye of Hell.

Around Jiang Tianhua’s blood-red eyeball, lines of red ancient symbols swirled, gathering right at the center of the pupil to form a bigger, more complete ancient diagram.

“Eye of the Yellow Springs.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the enormous blood-red eyeball floating behind Jiang Tianhua, naming Jiang Tianhua’s martial spirit.

Eye of the Yellow Springs, first rank grade eleven martial spirit, also a type of necro-martial spirit.

However, comparing Jiang Tianhua’s Eye of the Yellow Springs and Chen Xiaotian’s Windfire Tree, although both were first rank grade eleven martial spirits, it had to be said that Jiang Tianhua’s martial spirit was stronger.

Jiang Tianhua wasted no time to soul transform after summoning his martial spirit.

After the soul transformation, slits opened on Jiang Tianhua’s body, turning one after another into blood-red eyeballs, throughout his entire body.

Each blood-red eyeball was the size of a thumb, an exact replica of the original Eye of the Yellow Springs, down to the ancient diagram at the center of the pupil.

At the same time, an unearthly coldness and a smell of death filled the great hall.

Jiang Tianhua’s body nearly doubled in size, looking like a death god where he stood.

Seeing Jiang Tianhua summoning his martial spirit and soul transforming, Huang Xiaolong could not afford to be careless.

A coruscating light of black and blue gushed out, dragon roars thundered in the hall, and before Jiang Tianhua’s astonished eyes, two larger than life dragons emerged, one black and one blue, hovering behind Huang Xiaolong.

With Huang Xiaolong breaking into Xiantian Seventh Order, the twin dragons evolved and grew larger still, especially the whelming pressure of dragon might that exuded from their bodies felt like a mountain weighing on one’s chest, even a Xiantian Eighth Order like Jiang Tianhua felt his breath stagnate.

Even more so for Chen Xiaotian, Geng Keng, and the others.

“Superb talent twin dragon martial spirits!”

“Blue Dragon!” Jiang Tianhuan stared at the twin dragon martial spirits, unable to recover for a long time from his disbelief.

In general, warriors that cultivated until high-level Xiantian possessed formidable martial spirits, in fact, most of them would fall into grade eleven, only a small number of them had top grade ten martial spirits, which were very close to grade eleven.

But, grade twelve martial spirits were a rare sight.

And for people like Huang Xiaolong, twin martial spirits with both of them being grade twelve and above, was an even rarer sight.

It could be said that in the Martial Spirit World, it would be hard to find a Saint realm expert with a stronger martial spirit than Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong soul transformed right after summoning the black and blue dragons.

Thick dragon scales covered his body from head to toe, his arms akin to sturdy dragon claws, eyes piercingly sharp.

On his back emerged two life-like tattoos of a black and a blue dragon head.

“What a rich, abundant power!” Sensing the raw power coursing through his flesh after soul transforming, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but feel shocked himself.

This was the first time he soul transformed with both the black and blue dragons since he broke through to Xiantian Seventh Order.

Before this, it might have crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind that there would be a drastic increase in strength, but never did he imagine that it would reach this extent.

The power he felt, not to mention an early-Xiantian Eighth Order, even a mid-Xiantian Eighth Order, he could battle them!

At this point of time, Jiang Tianhua bellowed, leaping up, he took the initiative to launch the first attack.

Both fists struck at Huang Xiaolong.

“Ghost God Punch!”

Fist imprints whistled through the air, ghost wails screeching, demonic air flooded out in great waves.

The Ghost God Punch was a high-grade Earth rank battle skill that exuded an invisible might.

Huang Xiaolong ran his battle qi and stabbed out a finger to the void in front.

Dark gray fog billowed out, a finger imprint pierced forward, carrying shrieks of strange black creatures.

Absolute Soul Finger!

Fist collided with finger, aftershocks blasted the air onto the stone walls of the hall.

To Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and others’ horror, cracks lines spread out like a spider web on the hard stone walls.

Jiang Tianhua’s body swayed, retreating one step from the collision, while Huang Xiaolong stood firmly on the same spot.

Seeing this result, Jiang Tianhua was dumbstruck.

He judged Huang Xiaolong’s battle qi cultivation to be at Xiantian Seventh Order, whereas he, a Xiantian Eighth Order, actually fell short in that head on earlier!

Jiang Tianhua let out a shout, leaping out once again, both fists aimed at Huang Xiaolong a second time.

Huang Xiaolong shifted his body and dashed forward instead of dodging, going in for close combat.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Tianhua and Huang Xiaolong had exchanged more than a dozen moves.

The more they fought, the more Jiang Tianhua’s shock rose and his heart grew apprehensive, he discovered that whether it was in terms of defense or power, Huang Xiaolong superseded him.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong’s speed seemed to be increasing constantly, so that in the end he could do nothing but retreat.

Slamming a full force fist at Huang Xiaolong to push him back, a black gleam flashed across Jiang Tianhua’s eyes as he raised a finger.

But it wasn’t aimed at Huang Xiaolong, it was pointed straight up.

“Devil Tribulation Finger!” Jiang Tianhua hollered.

Multiple dark, terrifying black lights exploded from Jiang Tianhua’s finger, shooting straight up to the space above the great hall. 


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