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Chapter 2686: Fighting Over the Tree of Grand Dao!


However, the restrictions around the platform sent him slamming into the ground before he could try anything.

As the holy spiritual qi in the air above the Cangqiong Dao Palace started to fluctuate, a large amount poured into the formation surrounding Mo Jincheng.

Brilliant rays of light filled the surroundings as the power of the formation activated.

As it slammed heavily into Mo Jincheng, miserable shrieks filled the air.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolong’s lips when he looked at Mo Jincheng.

“You better behave yourself if you wish to suffer less.”

Even though Huang Xiaolong knew that he didn’t ramp the torture up to the point where Mo Jincheng’s life was a living hell, it was close enough.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’ll suffer a fate a billion times worse than me when I get out!” Mo Jincheng glared at Huang Xiaolong and raged.

“Mo Jincheng, do you really think that you will be able to escape” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Mo Jincheng’s expression sank.

He held onto a trace of hope, hope that he would be able to escape.

He was unwilling to admit that he would never be able to escape from the Cangqiong Dao Palace. 

“You can think about it.

I’ll give you a chance to submit to me to become my slave.” Huang Xiaolong tempted the man, “I might let you out if you agree.”

Even though Mo Jincheng wasn’t able to take on a single punch from Huang Xiaolong, he was still a Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! He would be pretty useful to Huang Xiaolong if he submitted.

A sneer left Mo Jincheng’s lips instantly.

“Become your slave! Submit to you!”

“Huang Xiaolong, are you dreaming Do you really think that I will agree to be your slave!”

Rage burned in his heart as a wave of humiliation struck him.

Killing intent boiled in him, but it was futile.

A Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor like him was an existence who could do as he wished in the World River! The number of experts who were stronger than him numbered in the tens at best, but Huang Xiaolong wanted him to become a slave!

The thought of shredding Huang Xiaolong into pieces crossed his mind once again, but he stopped after looking at the restrictions around him.

Long Jianfei interrupted his train of thoughts all of a sudden, “Mo Jincheng, you should feel lucky that the Young Lord is giving you a chance to submit to him.

In the Divine Tuo Holy World, tons of high-level Primal Ancestors and Dao Venerables would be more than willing to be his servants! Young master will definitely ascend into the Dao Venerable Realm in the future, and he probably won’t stop there!” He paused for a second before continuing, “Let me tell you right now! Young Lord is the son of the God of Creation, and he has the Huang Long Bloodline flowing in him! Dao Venerables would be willing to serve him, much less Primal Ancestors!”

Long Jianfei wore a serious look when he spoke of Huang Xiaolong being the son of the God of Creation.

However, Mo Jincheng roared with laughter in response, “Long Jianfei, you’re a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! Aren’t you ashamed of yourself! How dare you become a slave to Huang Xiaolong You’re a joke of a Primal Ancestor! You even dare to come up with something like the God of Creation!” 

“Do you take me to be a three year old!”

Mo Jincheng sneered at Long Jianfei with a mocking look stuck on his face.

Before Long Jianfei could continue, Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

A cold sneer escaped his lips.

“You still have a little time to consider.

I’m going to enter the Primal Ancestor Realm soon.

When that happens, I’ll be able to slay Primal Ancestors all the same.

At that time, you will no longer have a chance to submit.”

Without waiting for Mo Jincheng’s reply, he sent the platform back into the depths of the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

The restrictions activated once again and horrifying waves of energy smashed into Mo Jincheng’s body.

Miserable yells came from the earth under the dao palace.

However, Huang Xiaolong silenced the man with a wave of his finger.

It would be great if Mo Jincheng agreed to submit.

However, nothing would change even if he refused.

After entering the Primal Ancestor Realm, Huang Xiaolong would be able to devour Mo Jincheng’s dao soul anytime he wished.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong had a feeling that his dao souls and dao physique would grow stronger even before he entered the Primal Ancestor Realm.

When that happened, he would be able to kill Primal Ancestors as he wished.

Whatever the case, he had yet to reach that level.

No longer thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong steered the Cangqiong Dao Palace towards the Otherworldly Mansion.

In the main hall of the Otherworldly Mansion, Mo Zhi and Long Shengtian wore long faces.

A total of seventeen experts sat in the main hall, and they didn’t beat around the bush when they arrived.

They immediately asked for the dao fruits and the Tree of Grand Dao, and the ancestor of the Myriad Origin Race, Yuan Wanfei, even suggested that the Otherworldly Mansion offer the Tree of Grand Dao over to the entirety of the Alien Lands.

“Yuan Wanfei, if that’s what you think, your race should bring out the Grand Dao Origin Stone for everyone in the Alien Lands to enjoy.

Why are you keeping it for yourself”

Yuan Qianxing broke into laughter when he heard what Long Shengtian said.

“The Grand Dao Origin Stone isn’t too useful to Primal Ancestors.

How can you compare it to the Tree of Grand Dao Legends have it that one would be able to receive the enlightenment of the grand dao if they cultivated under the tree.

One’s cultivation speed would soar, and we should share something like this with the rest of the Alien Lands! There is no use keeping it in the forbidden region of the Otherworldly Mansion!”

However, Long Shengtian soon came up with an even better reply, “Since the Grand Dao Origin Stone isn’t useful to Primal Ancestors, there’s no need for your Myriad Origin Race to protect such a treasure.

Bring it out and share it with all of us.”

“The Tree of Grand Dao was obtained after our Mansion Master’s hard work, and there’s no way we’ll allow you to obtain it without paying a certain price!”

A frosty light flashed in Long Shengtian’s eyes as he glared at everyone present.

“I don’t care what you say.

Today, you’re handing over the Tree of Grand Dao whether you like it or not!” A cold voice rang through the hall as a black robed expert sauntered into the hall.

Those sitting in the hall quickly stood up when they noticed his presence.

“Elder Ming!”

The person who had come was precisely Elder Ming! Even Long Shengtian’s expression changed when he noticed the newcomer.

Mo Zhi stared at the man, and he muttered, “As it turns out, Elder Ming decided to pay us a visit!”

There was no one in the Alien Lands who dared to look down on the mysterious Elder Ming.

Even Mo Zhi, who had entered the Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, didn’t dare to look down on him.

Elder Ming chuckled sinisterly in response.

“Little kid, you have progressed by quite a bit since we last met.”

Everyone in the hall didn’t feel that it was inappropriate for Elder Ming to call Mo Zhi a kid.

After all, he was the person with the highest seniority in the Alien Lands.

He was like the Cangqiong Old Man in the Holy World.

Even Mo Zhi, the Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion was his junior.

“I’m nothing compared to Elder Ming…,” Mo Zhi muttered once again.

“Little kid, there’s no need for formalities between all of us.

You should know the reason I’m here.” A red light flashed in Elder Ming’s eyes.

“Hand the Tree of Grand Dao over! Your Otherworldly Mansion can keep three of the six dao fruits!”


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