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Chapter 269: Nosy

From the information relayed by Chen Xiaotian and Jiang Tianhua, Huang Xiaolong was aware that this Hu Sheng had a lustful character! Not merely lustful, he actually had a very perverted hobby; he liked to capture young men with good looks.

After capturing them, he would cut off their lower part and then disfigure their faces.

According to what Chen Xiaotian and Jiang Tianhua said, this Hu Sheng couldn’t stand the sight of another young man more handsome than himself, which was the main reason why Black Demon City had so few good looking young men.

Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly, he didn’t expect to run into this guy, coming out for a stroll.

“That girl is not bad.” At this point, Hu Sheng pointed at a young girl not far away.

The several disciples around Hu Sheng immediately understood what their Young Lord meant.

In the next instant, two amongst the group went over and intercepted the young girl.

The young girl looked around seventeen to eighteen years old, and together with the girl was a young man in his early twenties.

When the young man saw two Nine Fiend Sect disciples block their path, his face paled, even his voice was shaky, “You, what are you two trying to do”

“What are we trying to do” The two Nine Fiend Sect disciples exchanged a knowing glance and broke out in boisterous laughter.

One of them pointed his finger at the young girl, snickering, “Trying to do something good, very good.” The disciple stepped forward and grabbed onto the young girl’s clothes as he said that, dragging her as they walked in Hu Sheng’s direction.

The young girl lost all color, screaming in panic: “No, no, let me go, let me go!”

The young man wanted to step forward to stop that disciple, but he lacked courage.

All he could do was to plead from the side, “I beg you, please let Xinlan go, she is my wife.

We’re from Mysterious East Sect.”

“Mysterious East Sect…” That Nine Fiend Sect disciple snickered conceitedly, “So, it’s Green Spirit City’s Mysterious East Sect.”

Green Spirit City was located close to Black Demon City, however, Mysterious East Sect was just one of Green Spirit City’s small sects, its strength couldn’t even compare to Sky Magi Sect.

Thus, Hu Sheng did not pay it much attention.

By this time, that Nine Fiend Sect disciple already dragged the young girl Xinlan until she was in front of Hu Sheng.

Hu Sheng pinched the young girl’s face between his fingers so he could take a good look at her face.

He nodded with a faint smile, “Not bad, delicate and bright, really a little beauty.” Done with checking the girl, Hu Sheng looked over to the Mysterious East Sect young man, saying, “Since she is your wife, I will not make it difficult for you.”

Hearing this, the Mysterious East Sect young man lit up, but at this moment, Hu Sheng continued, “As long as she accompanies me for three nights, I’ll let her go.”

The joy on the young man’s face vanished without a trace, turning ugly; especially the young girl’s expression, as if she fell into hell’s abyss, “I don’t want, please, I beg you, spare me.

My Dad is an Elder of the Mysterious East Sect.” The young girl secretly gathered battle qi in her palm as she was saying this, but, just as she made her move, her hand was pinched under Hu Sheng’s strong grip.

The young girl was only a Houtian Tenth Order, how could she be Hu Sheng’s opponent, a Xiantian Fourth Order.

“Mysterious East Sect’s Elder” Blocking the young girl’s attack Hu Sheng laughed heartily in mockery.

In the next moment, his other hand reached out, tearing off the front of the young girl’s clothes from the chest down, exposing the young girl’s bare naked torso in the streets.

Two youthful, plump peaks shook when the young girl trembled.

She struggled and screamed, wanting to cover herself.

Unfortunately, both of her hands were locked in a tight grip by another Nine Fiend Sect disciple, all resistance was hopeless.

“Xinlan!” The Mysterious East Sect young master cried out.

When he tried to rush up, a Nine Fiend Sect disciple struck him, sending him flying, landing in a street corner some distance away.

Hu Sheng looked at the young girl, “It won’t help you even if your Dad is Mysterious East Sect’s Patriarch, not to mention a mere Elder.

Now I’m giving you two choices; one, you choose to accompany me for three night, or two, I’ll let these subordinates of mine accompany you now.”

When Hu Sheng finished, the twenty over Nine Fiend Sect disciples around broke out in laughter, their eyes shone with lust, roaming over the young girl’s body.

People on the streets spectated from afar, no one dared to stand out to help the young couple.

Huang Xiaolong lifted his foot and walked in the young girl’s direction.

He was not a person that liked to interfere in others’ affairs, but since he encountered it, then he wouldn’t ignore it either.

He had always been disgusted to the core towards lustful perverts bordering psychopathic tendencies like Hu Sheng.

The two Sky Magi Sect disciples accompanying Huang Xiaolong panicked noticing Huang Xiaolong’s action; he hastily raised an arm to block Huang Xiaolong, “Young Noble Huang, it’s better we don’t go over and be nosy.”

“Yes ah, Young Noble Huang.

The other side is from the Nine Fiend Sect, the leader is Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign’s son, Hu Sheng.” The other disciple also spoke to persuade Huang Xiaolong, both conveyed clearly the unmistakable meaning; the other side is the Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign’s son, our Sky Magi Sect cannot afford to provoke this kind of trouble.”

Before the two Sky Magi Sect disciples came out with Huang Xiaolong, Chen Xiaotian briefed them, telling them to refer Huang Xiaolong as Young Noble Huang, emphasizing they must be respectful towards Huang Xiaolong as if Huang Xiaolong was himself.

However, both of them didn’t really carry the words out exactly, otherwise, they wouldn’t have dared to block or stop Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze fell upon the two Sky Magi Sect disciples, one word resounded: “Scram!” An invisible pressure spread out, the two Sky Magi Sect disciples were startled, not daring to meet Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, and swiftly retreated to one side.

At this point, Hu Sheng’s attention was attracted, he turned to look in Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

Watching as Huang Xiaolong came forth, he chuckled, saying to the Nine Fiend Sect disciples around him, “I didn’t expect there would really be someone who isn’t afraid to die.”

Another wave of laughter came from the Nine Fiend Sect disciples.

Huang Xiaolong walked until he was ten meters away from Hu Sheng before stopping.

Hu Sheng passed the Mysterious East Sect young girl to a Nine Fiend Sect disciple beside him before scrutinising Huang Xiaolong from head to toe.

In a strange, lilting tone of voice, Hu Sheng said, with a smug smile on his face, “Little brat, you’re not bad looking.”

It was Just like Hu Sheng stated, the current Huang Xiaolong, at twenty-one, was about five foot nine, with thick brows and bright eyes, tall nose bridge, and long hair casually secured.

Overall, Huang Xiaolong’s appearance exuded a hard to describe aura and dominance, no matter which aspect one was looking from, it was undeniable that Huang Xiaolong was a good looking, handsome man.

The more Hu Sheng looked at Huang Xiaolong, the more annoyed he became, fire of jealousy burned maliciously inside his peach blossom eyes.

“You guys go catch that little brat, cut off his lower part with one strike in public.

Also, dig out his eyes.” Hu Sheng ordered one of the Nine Fiend Sect disciples next to him.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong’s eyes made him uncomfortable.

“Yes, Young Lord!” Two Nine Fiend Sect disciple answered respectfully and turned towards Huang Xiaolong with a cold, sinister chuckle.

“Little brat, are you going to cut your little thing off yourself, or you want us to do it” One of them grinned, “What this father hates most are nosy people like you; if we act, I’m going to chop your thing into a dozen pieces, therefore, I advise you to do it yourself.”

The two Nine Fiend Sect disciples were about three meters away from Huang Xiaolong, when one of them suddenly unsheathed the long sword in his hands.

A cold light slashed across the air at fast speed.

Both of them were Xiantian Second Order.

As Hu Han’s son, the people around Hu Sheng were chosen after going through meticulous selection, each had their own strengths.

However, just when that Nine Fiend Sect disciple’s long sword slashed in Huang Xiaolong’s direction, Huang Xiaolong’s hand extended out.

The long sword body was pinched between Huang Xiaolong’s two fingers, alarming the two Nine Fiend Sect disciples.

Before they could react, Huang Xiaolong swayed to the side, with a flick, the long sword spun, slitting across its owner’s neck.

That Nine Fiend Sect disciple’s body froze stiffly on the spot, head lowered in disbelief looking at the long sword in his hand.

Blood slowly slid down the length of the sword.

He opened his mouth to say something, but before any sound could be heard, his body tumbled down.

Everyone watching was dumbfounded.

A tense silence surround the street.


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