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Chapter 2703: On Your Knees!

Yun Keer quickly pulled Yun Fanger over to greet She Mu with the rest of the experts from the Rising Clouds Commerce.

“Grand Patriarch She Mu!” Yun Bitian rushed over, and a brilliant smile hung on his face.

“Grand Patriarch She Mu!” Yun Keers voice became several pitches higher as a coy expression that wasnt there a moment ago appeared on her face.

The experts of the Rising Clouds Commerce greeted him one after the other.

She Mu was someone with an extremely weird habit.

He loved it when people called himgrand patriarch, and he hated it when others left out the wordgrand.

He would flip if even a single person addressed him wrongly.

By lightly snorting when he saw the fawning expression on Yun Bitians face, he stepped into the Drunken Moon Pavilion.

The other two experts, who were accompanying him, snorted at the members of the Rising Clouds Commerce before following behind She Mu.

Under Yun Bitians respectful gaze, She Mu sat in the main seat and the two experts sat to his side.

Yun Bitian sat beside one of them.

When the experts of the Rising Clouds Commerce wanted to sit, She Mu frowned.

“Did I allow you to sit” As a person, he had always been extremely mindful about hierarchy.

Then, how could a grand patriarch like himself eat with the regular experts of the Rising Clouds Commerce

Yun Bitian reacted quickly, and he chuckled.

“Right, look at me, I forgot about them!” Turning to the experts from his commerce, he snapped, “She Mu is the grand patriarch of his race! How can you guys eat at the same table as him Sit at the side.”

The experts of the Rising Clouds Commerce didnt dare to utter a word when they heard what the chairman said.

Before they could seat themselves at the other table, She Mus gaze landed on Yun Keer and Yun Fanger.

“These ladies…”

Yun Bitian hastily responded, “This is my eldest daughter, Yun Keer, and my second daughter, Yun Fanger.”

She Mu revealed a smile when he heard what Yun Bitian said.

“Yun Bitian, Ive long since heard of them! Since theyre the young ladies of your commerce, they can sit beside me.

I have something to ask them.”

Yun Bitian was stunned for a second, but the smile on his face didnt fade.

“Yes.” Quickly moving to another seat, he gestured for his daughters to sit beside She Mu.

As for the experts who were accompanying him, they moved to the side quietly.

Anyone could see that She Mu was interested in the two ladies.

When the sisters took their seats, She Mu reached over to grab their hands.

However, Yun Fangers expression changed, and she quickly tried to avoid him.

Luckily for her, She Mu felt that grabbing on to a struggling lady was bad for his image, and he quickly let go.

However, Yun Keer was the exact opposite.

She willingly allowed She Mu to hold her hand.

Yun Fanger turned to look at her father, but Yun Bitian ignored his daughters pleas.

Yun Bitian changed the topic and finally spoke of the thing he wanted to know.

“Grand Patriarch She Mu, about that matter…”

It went without saying that he needed She Mu to help him with something.

After all, all chambers of commerce would face some issues at some point, and the Rising Clouds Commerce had run into some problems recently.

Even though it wasnt something that could cause them to crumble, it was a pretty troublesome matter.

However, if She Mu was willing to make an appearance, all their troubles would be gone.

“Theres no need to rush things.” She Mu chuckled.

“Why dont you bring your daughters over to my room for a chat tonight Ill personally instruct them on their cultivation, seeing as theyre pretty talented.

After I give them some pointers, they will definitely be able to grow stronger! When that happens, we shall speak of your matters.”

The expression of those from the Yun Family changed.

What nonsense is he spouting! He was clearly planning to defile both of them!

Moreover, he would only deal with the matters several days later!

“Grand Patriarch She Mu, you!” Yun Bitian could no longer contain the rage in his heart.

Even though he really wanted She Mus help, there was no way he would go as far as to sacrifice both of his daughters.

“Whats wrong Do you have something against it” She Mus expression sank, and he harrumphed, “Yin Bitian, your daughters are fortunate enough to catch my eye! Do you think Ill give pointers to everyone I see on the streets”

“Since thats the case, theres no longer a need for us to talk business.

Also, when you pass by the domain controlled by my race, youll have to pay a toll ten times the original!”

“What!” everyone from the Rising Clouds Commerce exclaimed.

Ten times the fee wasnt something they could bear!

While everything was going on, Huang Xiaolong and his party were busy enjoying the spiritual fruits from the Drunken Moon Pavilion.

Even though he was enjoying the fruits and snacks, Huang Xiaolong knew everything that went down on Yun Fangers side.

He was planning to ignore them after Yun Keer had snapped at him, but now that She Mu was planning to make a move on Yun Fanger, he could no longer sit still.

Even though he wasnt interested in Yun Fanger at the moment, he felt a sense of discomfort when she had to struggle free from his grasp.

She Mu even wanted Yun Fanger to accompany him for a few days!

Unable to contain the sense of irritation in his heart, Huang Xiaolong frowned slightly.

“Young Lord, She Mu is the patriarch of a race under my Dragon Fish Race.

Do you want him to kneel before you” Long Jianfei noticed the change in Huang Xiaolongs expression, and he quickly asked him.

She Mus actions had embarrassed him in front of Huang Xiaolong, and he was extremely irritated with the man.

However, he didnt find it appropriate to punish She Mu when Huang Xiaolong hadnt said anything.

When he saw the change in Huang Xiaolongs expression, he realized that She Mu had angered the young lord!

“Oh Hes someone under your race!” Huang Xiaolong nodded slowly after realizing that Long Jianfei was more than qualified to deal with that b*stard.

After gaining Huang Xioalongs approval, Long Jianfeis expression hardened, and he roared, “She Mu! On your knees!”

She Mu was planning to leave Yun Bitian with several threats, but killing intent burst out from his heart when he heard someone calling him by his name.

Moreover, the other party even wanted him to kneel!

Turning around, he glared in Long Jianfeis direction.

Everyone from the Rising Clouds Commerce turned to look in the direction too.

When Yun Bitian and Yun Keer discovered that the humans subordinate had dared to speak to She Mu in such a rude tone, they couldnt help but rage.

Yun Bitian glared at Yun Fanger, and he wondered what type of friend she made outside the family.

How dare a nobody scream at Grand Patriarch She Mu! If they really angered someone on She Mus level, their chamber of commerce would be done for!

She Mu, who was leaking killing intent, felt a trace of shock flying through his heart when he saw Long Jianfeis back.

Even though Long Jianfei wasnt facing him, She Mu felt that the mans back was pretty familiar.

He had greeted Long Jianfei twice in the past, and he knew that the person sitting on the other end of the hall might be the ancestor of the Dragon Fish Race.

However, he couldnt be sure unless he saw Long Jianfeis face.

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