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Chapter 2708: Huang Xiaolong suffered an Injury!

The ancestors of the various races who had listened to the Yin Borer King and wanted to attack Huang Xiaolong felt their world spinning when they saw what happened to the guardian of the Ghost Tuo Race.

Even with the Ghost Tuo Ancestor making his move, Huang Xiaolong could send the guardian crying for his mother.

Sucking in a cold breath, they looked at each other in shock.

Every single one of them felt that the Yin Borer King would be the strongest person under the heavens after he entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm.

They felt that even if the Cangqiong Old Man were present, he wouldnt be able to stop the Yin Borer King! As such, all of them agreed to submit to the Yin Borer Race as their slaves to share the plentiful resources in the World River and Alien Lands!

Who would have thought that someone like Huang Xiaolong would appear! After witnessing his horrifying strength, they felt a seed of doubt sprouting in their hearts.

Could the Yin Borer King really suppress Huang Xiaolong even after entering the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm!

In the past, they had felt that everyone had overestimated Huang Xiaolongs strength.

After all, he was just a brat in the True Saint Realm.

Someone with the Yin Borer Kings strength could crush Huang Xiaolong with a pinkie, but after observing the previous exchange, their belief started to waver.

A ghostly fog appeared beside the Ghost Tuo Races guardian and a figure soon condensed beside him.

The ancestor of the Ghost Tuo Race appeared, and he quickly pushed a pill into the guardians mouth.

Turning to glare at Huang Xiaolong, a terrifying burst of light emerged from his eyes.

No one could see his appearance, but everyone knew that he was furious.

When Huang Xiaolong turned to stare at the Ghost Tuo Ancestor, he could tell that the other party was no weakling.

He should be comparable to the Elder Ming of the past.

Whatever the case, Elder Ming wasnt a match for him then, and neither would the Ghost Tuo Ancestor be able to challenge him.

Moreover, he had progressed since the last time he had fought Elder Ming.

When Huang Xiaolongs palm had torn through the ancestors defense, he had managed to slightly injure the other party.

Even though it couldnt be seen on the surface, Huang Xiaolong knew that the other party was shaken.

As he stared at the space deep within the Yin Borer Race, Huang Xiaolong knew that the only person who posed a threat would be the Yin Borer King himself.

The likes of Elder Ming and the Ghost Tuo Ancestor were no longer a challenge.

With his three dao souls revolving at full speed, the entire city entered his sights.

The ancestor of the Prison Gateway who was hiding in the dark was no longer able to avoid detection.

However, Huang Xiaolong frowned as he failed to detect any traces of Yin Ming, Elder Ming, and Yuan Baifei.

Were they using some sort of dao artifact to conceal themselves!

If they possessed a dao artifact that specialized in hiding their presence, it would be normal for Huang Xiaolong to fail to detect them.

After thinking about it, Huang Xiaolong pushed his dao souls to the limit.

However, a startled cry left his lips all of a sudden, “Be careful!”

Long Jianfei and the others were shocked, and they quickly huddled together and made their preparations for battle.

Turning to the ancestor of the Prison Gateway and the ancestors of the other races, Huang Xiaolong spoke, “Everyone, I have a private grudge to settle with the Yin Borer King today.

Even though he has entered the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm, he might not be able to beat me.

The future is uncertain, and I hope everyone can remain on the sidelines so as not to draw a disaster on to your races!”

“In the past, the Enchantress Race, Golden Buddha Race, and the Myriad Origin Race chose to serve Elder Ming.

All of you should be clear on what happened to them!”

Huang Xiaolongs words were laced with threats, and he was clearly trying to deter them from interfering with the battle.

If they could remain on the sidelines, that would be for the best.

One had to say that his words were really effective.

The ancestors of their various races felt a chill running down their hearts, and they started to hesitate.

They had witnessed Huang Xiaolongs strength previously, and they knew that he wasnt a weakling like what the Yin Borer King said.

The Enchantress Race and Golden Buddha Race were no longer in existence, and the Myriad Origin Race was left with Yuan Baifei, who had gone into hiding with Elder Ming.

The outcomes of the races were there for all to see.

If the Yin Borer King was unable to suppress Huang Xiaolong, then wouldnt that be the fate of their races!

“Hehe, are you sure that the outcome of the battle is undecided” a cold voice rang through the air.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre definitely going to die today! Thats the only outcome of our battle!”

A terrifying qi containing the power of frost and darkness descended on the lands as a middle-aged man appeared from the void.

Yin Borer King!

Even though he had appeared, Elder Ming and Yuan Baifei were nowhere to be seen.

Staring at those present, the aura around Yin Mings body increased yet again.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong and sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, you might be strong, but youre a puny True Saint.

Ill kill you like crushing a cockroach!”

His figure blurred and he disappeared from where he stood.

Even Huang Xiaolong failed to see how he vanished.

Huang Xiaolongs heart sank.

They really are using a dao artifact for concealing themselves!

Could it be a high-grade dao artifact!

Even if that isnt the case, it should be nearing the high-grade dao artifact level.

A sense of crisis took over Huang Xiaolongs heart all of a sudden as he turned around to punch at the void.


The Yin Borer Kings figure slowly appeared and Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

However, the instant he did, another terrifying wave appeared.

It was an aura stronger than what the Yin Borer King emitted, and it came crashing down directly on Huang Xiaolong.

Upon raising his head suddenly, a stunned expression appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

An unprecedented sense of danger filled his heart.

“Young Lord, danger!”

Long Jianfei and the others finally felt the change, and they screamed in unison.

Without any time to think, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

With the palace taking the brunt of the blow for a second, Huang Xiaolong summoned the Cangqiong Blade and the Flying Heaven Spear.

Without even looking, he unleashed both ultimate skills at once at the void above him.

After all, the strongest skills he had learned was from the Cangqiong Old Man and the Heavenly Master back in the Holy Heavens.

A terrifying slash sliced the space into two and the phantom of a supreme being descended.

However, they were useless against the force that appeared out of the blue.

As it came crashing down, the Cangqiong Dao Palace was sent flying and the two attacks shattered into a million pieces.

Not stopping for a second, it continued onwards.

A single blow was all it took!

The heavens shook and the earth cracked.

Even before any of the Primal Ancestors on Huang Xiaolongs side could move, the exchange was over.

The other party was too quick, and he even managed to sneak attack Huang Xiaolong.

Even with his abilities, Huang Xiaolong was barely able to throw out hastily prepared attacks, then how could Mo Zhi and the others react in time

As a giant hole appeared in the earth below, Huang Xiaolongs figure was buried under god knew how many layers of earth.

Another middle-aged man appeared in the place Huang Xiaolong once stood and Duan Feng revealed his existence to the world!

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