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Chapter 2714: Changes in the Holy World!

The eighth tribulation took more than a month, and the entire Alien Lands trembled the entire time.

The experts of various factions trembled in their headquarters, fearing that the heavens would come crashing down on them.

The feeling of destruction shrouded the Alien Lands, and it felt as though the world was ending.

Luckily for them, the tribulation clouds started to dissipate after nearly two months of bombardment.

The experts in the super region felt as though they were pardoned by the heavens as calm slowly washed over the lands.

“When will Young Lords ninth tribulation fall” Long Jianfei asked with a face full of worry.

If his eighth tribulation was strong enough to shake the entire Alien Lands, wouldnt his ninth tribulation shatter it

Duan Feng and the others stared at him silently as they thought of the consequences of Huang Xiaolongs ninth tribulation.

At the edge of the Alien Lands, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged under the Tree of Grand Dao as he continued to absorb all the leftover energy from the tribulation.

As he continued to refine the grand dao law and grand dao energy, the golden dragon phantom behind him became even clearer.

At the same time, a golden ball of light emitted brilliant rays of light in Huang Xiaolongs dantian.

Strong pulsation of life energy emerged and if any Primal Ancestors were present, they would be able to discover that the golden ball of light was nurturing some sort of unknown lifeform.

Unknowingly, twenty years passed.

The aura around Huang Xiaolong became stronger and stronger, and as Huang Xiaolong refined whatever energy was left around him, a crack formed in the space somewhere above the Holy World.

Three figures emerged from the void and they tumbled towards the ground.

When they finally came into contact with the ground, they were like three meteorites that smashed into the earth as they formed three massive craters.

The three of them soon flew through the skies after struggling to get to their feet.

All three of them looked different, but if there was one thing similar about all of them, it was that they were no humans.

One of them had a horn protruding from his forehead, and the other had a lions body.

The last individual had a body full of red skin, and the three of them emitted the aura of a high-level Primal Ancestor.

Out of the three of them, two of them were comparable to the Yin Borer King and the expert with the horn held power comparable to Duan Feng.

“We finally crossed the spatial crack… Is this some sort of lower holy world!” The lion-bodied man muttered softly.

“Just grab any True Saint and search his soul.” The expert whose skin was completely red in color sneered.

In an instant, the three of them tore through the skies.

They located a True Saint quickly, and he was a patriarch of one of the holy gates in the Holy World.

He was in secluded cultivation when they caught him, and all he felt was his vision spinning as he was taken away.

“You!” Terror filled his heart when he felt the aura coming from the three of them.

However, he soon lost consciousness.

The elder with the red skin was done searching through his memories in the blink of an eye.

Roaring with laughter, he spoke to the others, “This really is a low-level holy world! Theres only a single high-level Primal Ancestor who just broke through called the Cangqiong Old Man! Any single one of us should be able to suppress someone at that level…”


With the three of us working together, well be able to control the entire Holy World.

All the resources here shall belong to us!” The Primal Ancestor with the horn revealed a sinister sneer.

“In the Chaos Essence Holy World, we are nothing more than subordinates for others.

Right now, there is no one to stand against us! Hahaha! Everyone has to listen to our commands!”

The three of them roared with laughter while looking at each other.

“Lets go! Well head to the Holy Heavens and take them all down before going to the Devil Palace! The Clear Snow Palace will be next and the Holy Lands Alliance shall be last!” The lion shaped man laughed.

“Also, the Palace Master of the Clear Snow Palace seems like a beauty… Ive never tasted a Primal Ancestor level beauty in a long time… Hehehe.”

“Theres the three beauties of the Clear Snow Palace too! Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying! They might be a little weaker, but they should taste pretty good!”


“Lets go!”

“Well go to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds now!”

The three of them soared through the air and disappeared from where they once were.

It didnt take long before the news of the Holy Heavens to change hands.

The news shook the Holy World and the three other superpowers quickly followed behind…

In the Cangqiong Dao Palace in the Alien Lands…

The aura of an Eighth Heaven True Saint slowly emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body.

Opening his eyes slowly, Huang Xiaolong exhaled a long breath.

The space outside the dao palace trembled unceasingly.

After several tens of years in seclusion, Huang Xiaolong finally entered the Eighth Heaven True Saint Realm.

After refining all the leftover energy and grand dao law from the eighth tribulation, Huang Xiaolong felt a sense of comfort like he had never felt before.

His view of the world changed once again.

That was the fundamental transformation brought about by the increase in cultivation realm.

Upon peering into his dao souls, he discovered that the grand dao laws in them were much denser than before.

The light they emitted was more intense than before, and his twelve high-order Saint Fates had gathered to fuse into a single entity.

“This!” Huang Xiaolong was shocked when he discovered that the golden ball of light in his dantian was several times larger than before, and it seemed a little different.

In the past, it was nothing more than a ball of golden light.

Right now, Huang Xiaolong discovered that there was a separate space within the ball of light! The space was completely different from the space contained in the spatial rings or spatial dao artifacts he had.

It was a space that was similar to the world he was in!

Life force was born in the space and there was a trace of mysterious energy contained within it.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked at his discovery as he had no idea what the energy was.

All he knew was that it felt extremely familiar.

Unable to discern the type of energy even after a long period of contemplation, he gave up.

Emerging from the dao palace one hour later, he saw a group of Primal Ancestors staring at him in concern.

“Masters… why are you here!”

The Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crow were all in the Alien Lands and they were waiting for him outside the dao palace.

In fact, Xue Lingyun of the Clear Snow Palace was also present, along with Mo Cangli and the various experts of the Holy Lands Alliance.

Most of them were present!

A trace of foreboding formed in Huang Xiaolongs heart the moment he saw all of them.

Did something happen!

“Masters… Did something happen to the Holy Heavens”

Tyrant Chu roared in rage, “The Holy Heavens is no more!”


Huang Xiaolong felt question marks popping up in his head.

“Three super experts appeared out of nowhere, and all three of them should be in the high-level Primal Ancestor Realm.

As soon as they appeared, they tried to take me in as their subordinate.

When I refused to be their dog, they attacked us!” Lord Long revealed a look of fury, and he spat in anger.

“We managed to escape with the help of the grand formation and our dao artifacts… However, the hall masters and vice hall masters were…”

“Three high-level Primal Ancestors!” Huang Xiaolong was shocked, and he turned to stare at the other Primal Ancestors from the Holy World.

Nodding slowly, everyone affirmed his guesses.

“Where is Lin Xiaoying, Tan Juan, and Ji Xinyi!” Since he didnt see any of them, Huang Xiaolong felt a headache slowly forming.

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