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Chapter 2726: Arriving at the Divine Tuo Holy World

After Huang Xiaolong found Lin Xiaoying, he told her that they were able to head over to the Divine Tuo Holy World together.

She jumped in joy at the news, but she soon started to hesitate.

“Xiaolong, it might be better if I didnt follow you there,” Lin Xiaoying said sadly.

“Why not” Huang Xiaolong was startled.

She had been creating a ruckus when she had heard that she couldnt follow him to the Divine Tuo Holy World, but when he had finally found a way for them to head over together, she changed her mind!

She leaned on Huang Xiaolongs shoulder and whispered, “Im too weak right now, and I will only be a burden to you in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

When we arrive there, my presence will only hold you back!”

Huang Xiaolong was moved when he heard what she said.

“Xiaoying, you should know that I dont care about that,” Huang Xiaolong tried to persuade her again.

“But I do,” Lin Xiaoying stared him in the eye and continued, “I dont wish to become a burden by your side! With your talent, there should be no shortage of girls by your side.

They should be more worthy of you! I… Im not good enough to stay by your side!”

Huang Xiaolong started sweating.

She is thinking too damn far ahead! I havent even entered the Divine Tuo Holy World! Why is she thinking about the girls there!

Women were really prone to overthinking.

Even though he tried to convince her, Lin Xiaoying shook her head, and he had no choice but to give up.

The next day, Huang Xiaolong got Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and even his master to persuade Lin Xiaoying, but to no avail.

From what she said, she didnt need to remain by Huang Xiaolongs side to keep her love for him.

He eventually chose to respect her decision.

However, Huang Xiaolong remained in the Cangqiong Holy World for several more years.

He didnt cultivate much, and he spent most of his time with Lin Xiaoying.

He brought her to wherever she wanted to go, and he would get her anything she desired.

When the years finally passed, Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, Mo Zhi, Long Shengtian, Zi Dongping, and Fei Yanzi gathered together at the Divine Tuo Mountain.

The Heavenly Master and the others came over to bid Huang Xiaolong farewell.

They wanted to follow Huang Xiaolong, but after a lengthy discussion, they decided that it would be best if some of them remained behind.

As for Lin Xiaoying, she decided against sending Huang Xiaolong off.

He knew that it was for the best if she didnt watch him leave.

After bringing everyone to the top of the mountain, Huang Xiaolong activated the array.

A spatial tunnel appeared above them.

After sucking them into his inner world, Huang Xiaolong jumped into the spatial tunnel.

The lights flickered around him, and they disappeared from everyones sight.

When he disappeared, a beautiful figure stood against the wind far in the distance as her eyes glistened with tears.

“Xiaolong, Im sorry,” Lin Xiaoying muttered.

The moment they entered the spatial tunnel, Huang Xiaolong felt a terrifying force raging around him.

It was something that would tear an ordinary high-level Primal Ancestor to shreds, but it was a mere breeze as it swept around Huang Xiaolong.

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong had hidden everyone in his inner world.

With their cultivation at the low-level Primal Ancestor Realm, they would have been torn to nothingness by the spatial storms around him.

It felt like hours as he traveled through the spatial tunnel.

The spot of light in the distance grew bigger and bigger as Huang Xiaolong finally emerged.

Before he knew it, he was falling through the air.

The instant he was about to hit the ground, Huang Xiaolong managed to stabilize himself.

“What a rich, natural spiritual qi!” Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but exclaim in admiration as he felt the spiritual qi around him.

He was certain that he was in a random location, but even then, the density of holy spiritual energy in the air was twice as much as it had been back in the Heavenly Master Holy Land!

Even though two times might seem like a little, it was a frightening amount! The area he was in was a random part of the Divine Tuo Holy World, and one could only imagine how shocking it would be if he stepped into the stronghold of certain super factions! As for the dao creeds in the legends, Huang Xiaolong knew that they were at a whole new level of strength.

As he released the others, Long Jianfei felt like a fish back in the water.

He whistled happily, “I, Long Jianfei, am finally back!”

“Im finally back in the Divine Tuo Holy World!”

It had been billions of years since he had last returned.

He couldnt contain the excitement in his heart, and neither could Duan Feng.

As for Mo Zhi, Fei Yanzi, Long Shengtian, and Zi Dongping, they wanted to jump in joy even though it was their first time in a foreign land.

When they finally managed to calm down, Huang Xiaolong smiled and said, “Lets head out to see where we are.”

Everyone nodded.

The Divine Tuo Holy World was extremely vast, and even a Dao Venerable expert wouldnt be able to explore the entire world.

Even though Long Jianfei and Duan Feng were from the Divine Tuo Holy World, they had no idea where they were.

As they soared through the skies, Huang Xiaolong could feel that he wasnt as fast as he once was.

As the Divine Tuo Holy World was a higher-level world, the grand dao laws there were much stronger than in the Cangqiong Holy World.

Under the suppression, Huang Xiaolong knew that it was natural to be a little slower.

For example, previously, Huang Xiaolong would have only needed five minutes to reach the city in front of them, but now, he would take around six minutes.

His true strength was restricted as a result, but he knew that he would be able to adjust after a round of seclusion.

Very soon, they arrived in front of the city.

From the looks of it, the city they arrived at was pretty small.

The streets were deserted, and there were barely any signs of life.

“Hahaha! The disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land will be crushed during the competition!” Just as Huang Xiaolong was planning to find a place to live in, he overheard the discussion of several disciples.

“That might not be all! Wang Xueru might even die during the battle!”

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