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Chapter 2735: Its Best Not To Interfere

When the Primal Ancestors of the Ice Blue Sacred Land arrived, the faces of the disciples of the other factions, including Qiao Bai, revealed relieved expressions.

Wang Xueru was shocked when she saw eight Primal Ancestors.

The Ice Blue Sacred Land had actually sent out half of their total number of Primal Ancestors out to deal with the situation! It was clear that the Convent of the Wind and Clouds was extremely important to them.

It might also be because Tang Jin and Yuan Yue were coming.

They might be the experts sent by the Ice Blue Sacred Land to entertain the two.

In stark contrast to Wang Xuerus reaction, Huang Xiaolong didnt reveal the slightest trace of reaction.

With the power of his dao souls, he realized that the strongest Primal Ancestor present was only a peak late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm expert.

Huang Xiaolong casually emerged from the entrance of the hall.

Qiao Bai was a little taken aback by Huang Xiaolongs actions.

Originally, he had thought that Huang Xiaolong would try his best to escape, but he was surprised to see that Huang Xiaolong was bringing the fight to the Primal Ancestors.

A sinister smile formed on his face.

One by one, Qiao Bai and the disciples made their way outside.

The eight Primal Ancestors arrived on cue.

Qiao Bai quickly greeted every one of them.

The disciples of the various sacred lands got to their knees respectfully.

Wang Xuerus face turned pale as the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land deliberated on whether to bow or not.

The eight Primal Ancestors looked at the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land.

“So thats Huang Xiaolong of the Cangqiong Sacred Land Is he the one who disobeyed the rules of our Convent of Wind and Clouds” a peak late fourth-Resurrection Primal Ancestor of the Ice Blue Sacred Land questioned sternly.

“Yes, Lord He Ba, thats Huang Xiaolong!” Qiao Bai answered quickly.

“Wheres Tang Jin and Yuan Yue” He Ba eyed Huang Xiaolong and asked.

Qiao Bai reported everything that had happened, but since Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the bodies of Tang Jin, Yuan Yue, and Chu Zhouyun in the hall, the Primal Ancestors were unable to discover what had happened to Tang Jin and the others.

Qiao Bai hesitated for a while, and he continued, “Tang Jin, Yuan Yue, and Chu Zhouyun had their physical bodies destroyed by Huang Xiaolong!”

“What!” He Ba and the other Primal Ancestors exclaimed.

The eight of them were shocked to discover that Huang Xiaolong was able to overwhelm the three of them, and not to mention the fact that he had the guts to destroy their physical bodies.

At the same time, they were concerned about retaliation from the Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, and Chufan Sacred Land.

In order to save his pride, Qiao Bai did not elaborate on Huang Xiaolongs strength.

He simply reported that Huang Xiaolong possessed extraordinary power.

As such, He Ba and the others didnt take Huang Xiaolong too seriously.

After all, everyone under the Primal Ancestor Realm was an ant in their eyes.

“You mean, he did it himself!” He Ba was full of doubt and reconfirmed with Qiao Bai to make sure it was not a mistake.

“Yes, Huang Xiaolong was the one who did it,” Qiao Bai replied.

He Ba and the others exchanged glances.

They could see the shock in one anothers eyes.

A mid Ninth-Heaven True Saint shattered Tang Jin, Yuan Yue, and Chu Zhouyuns bodies.

Wouldnt that mean…

The look in their eyes changed when they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, a disciple of the Tang Dragon Sacred Land stood out and snapped, “Lord He Ba, we request for you to take down Huang Xiaolong at all cost.

We need to bring him back to be punished by the patriarch.”

This disciple of the Tang Dragon Sacred Land was called Tang Yuan.

Though he was not as gifted as Tang Jin, his position among the disciples who joined the Convent of Wind and Clouds was only second to Tang Jin! He was also a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint, and his master was a Primal Ancestor in the Tang Dragon Sacred Land.

He Ba nodded and reassured, “Dont worry, Huang Xiaolong and the disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land will not leave today.”

Even without Tang Yuans words, he would have taken down Huang Xiaolong and Wang Xueru in order to save the Ice Blue Sacred Land.

He Ba glanced at Huang Xiaolong coldly.

“Huang Xiaolong, either surrender yourself peacefully, or I will be forced to make my move.”

As Huang Xiaolong had commanded Mo Zhi and the others to remain at the perimeter, they didnt charge in to kill everyone present.

Huang Xiaolong looked straight back at He Ba and said nonchalantly, “This is between the Tang Dragon Sacred Land and me.

A word of advice for the Ice Blue Sacred Land would be to not interfere with my matters.

Otherwise, I wouldnt mind exterminating your sacred land.”

Not a single person present dared to believe their ears.

Weird looks could be seen on their faces as they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He Ba was stunned for a second, but he burst out laughing the next moment.

The other seven Primal Ancestors followed suit.

“Little brat, when I heard you, I thought that I was talking to a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor! Hahaha! The last I heard, youre a Ninth Heaven True Saint!”

He Ba laughed sarcastically.

Qiao Bai and the disciples of the other factions chuckled in amusement.

Tang Yuan was no different as he snickered, “Huang Xiaolong, why dont you kill every single power in the region”

Huang Xiaolong ignored them all as he walked towards the eight Primal Ancestors.

“Make your move.

Otherwise, you wont stand a chance,” Huang Xiaolong looked at He Ba and muttered casually.

Once again, weird gazes fell on him.

The disciples standing around shook their heads.

“Alright, brat, Ill grant your wish!” He Ba sneered as he sent a punch flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

Blue qi emerged from his fist and the space around started to tremble.

The disciples of the Cangqiong Sacred Land shut their eyes as they didnt wish to witness Huang Xiaolong killed before their eyes.


Everyone stared at Huang Xiaolong when He Bas fist landed, but they widened their eyes in shock when they realized that He Ba failed to cause Huang Xiaolong so much as a frown.

Huang Xiaolong continued on his way towards the eight Primal Ancestors.

“How… How… How is that possible!” Qiao Bai, Tang Yuan, and everyone else gasped in shock.

Wang Xueru opened her eyes slowly when she didnt hear Huang Xiaolongs miserable cries.

“Youre too weak,” Huang Xiaolong mocked as he sent out a punch of his own.

When his fist soared through the air, cracks could be seen in the air around him.

Circulating his energy in desperation, He Ba wanted to block Huang Xiaolong.

It was too bad that he was too weak.

He was sent flying as he crashed into a distant mountain range.

He didnt stop there as he smashed through several hundred peaks before finally dropping to the ground.

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