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Chapter 274: Killing Hu Han

Hu Han stood there, doubt flickering in his eyes.

The Nine Fiend Sect Elders that rushed in after him also stopped their actions looking at the weird scene.

“Sovereign,” Su Meimei approached, “This situation isn’t right.”

Hu Han nodded in agreement.

He also felt things weren’t right.

However, at this moment, a loud bang sounded.

When Hu Han and the Nine Fiend Sect Elders looked back, they discovered the doors they went through were shut tight.

Everyone’s expression tensed at the uncertain circumstances.

“Sovereign Hu Han and Elders of the Nine Fiend Sect, welcome to Sky Magi Sect.

If you notified us earlier, we’d prepare a banquet in advance for your arrival.” At this point, a voice sounded.

Hu Han and the Nine Fiend Sect Elders searched for the origin and saw a black-haired young man walking out from the inner hall.

Behind him were Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, and a litter of Sky Magi Sect Elders, but what shocked Hu Han and the rest of the Nine Fiend Sect Elders was that other than Chen Xiaotian’s Sky Magi Sect group, the Blood Swallow School Doyen Jiang Tianhua and Deputy Cui Ming were also amongst them!

Before the group of shocked Hu Han and Nine Fiend Sect Elders, Huang Xiaolong entered the grand hall, heading straight to the throne seat, whereas Chen Xiaotian and Geng Ken stood humbly a step below the dais to the left side, while Jiang Tianhua’s Blood Swallow School group on the right side.

Hu Han and Su Meimei exchanged a glance, each mirrored the other’s astonishment.

After sitting down, Huang Xiaolong took a glance at Hu Han and Su Meimei before telling Chen Xiaotian: “Bring Hu Sheng up.”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Chen Xiaotian replied respectfully.

Young Lord! Another great wave surged in Hu Han and Su Meimei’s hearts hearing Chen Xiaotian referring to the black-haired young man as Young Lord.

While Hu Han and Su Meimei were reeling in shock, Chen Xiaotian signaled with his hands for people to bring Hu Sheng up to the grand hall.

Moments later, two Sky Magi Sect Elders dragged Hu Sheng into the hall.

At this point, Hu Sheng’s arms were already cut off, hair a disheveled mess, with deep sunken eyes, one could hardly find a place not covered with blood.

Seeing his son’s miserable state, Hu Han’s killing intent surged, his dark, vengeful eyes burned with intensity.

“Father, save me, quick save me, quick, save me!” Being handled roughly and brought to the grand hall, Hu Sheng screamed frantically once he laid eyes on Hu Han.

Because his meridians points were sealed by Huang Xiaolong, he had no strength to throw off the two Sky Magi Sect Elders.

“Release my son!” Hu Han faced Huang Xiaolong, biting each word in fury.

A layer of ice started to spread out beneath his feet; ice the color of dark purple, glistening in a spectral light.

It was as if Huang Xiaolong did not see the dark purple ice spreading out, speaking calmly like everything was normal, “Release your son It can be done.”

Hu Han was stumped.

Huang Xiaolong continued: “As long as you can leave this grand hall.”

“You!” Hu Han’s fury exploded in his eyes, but a scream sounded next to him.

The unexpected scream sent Hu Han and Su Meimei into a momentary loss.

When they turned around to look, what greeted them was several flashes of cold light aimed at them.

Alarmed, Hu Han and Su Meimei swiftly dealt with the attacks and jumped out of the way.

When Hu Han and Su Meimei saw clearly the attackers’ faces, eternal fury seemed to burn inside their eyes.

“Fan Hai, what are trying to do!” The ones who attacked both Hu Han and Su Meimei were none other than the several Nine Fiend Sect Elders that came with them.

But Fan Hai’s group acted as if they did not see Hu Han’s wrath, all walked until they arrived before Huang Xiaolong and knelt down in utmost respect: “We greet the Young Lord!”

Young Lord!

Hu Han and Su Meimei were dumbfounded and furious watching Huang Xiaolong and Fan Hai’s group of turncoats.

“Stand up.” Huang Xiaolong said with indifference.

“Many thanks, Young Lord!” Only then did Fan Hai and his group stood up, retreating to one side.

This Fan Hai had been ‘reined’ in by Huang Xiaolong early on; Fan Hai’s report to Hu Han claiming there were no other experts in Sky Magi Sect was ordered by Huang Xiaolong! Otherwise, how could Fan Hai know that Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Bedlam Lands a mere six months prior

Hu Han glared angrily at Hu Han, how could he not understand that everything Fan Hai reported to him was a deliberate action to mislead him! After the dead Lin Shuang, Fan Hai was one of Hu Han’s most trusted confidantes, but Fan Hai actually betrayed him!

Fan Hai stood half a step behind Huang Xiaolong, seeing the ferocious eyes Hu Han was looking at him with, Fan Hai knew Hu Han must wish to tear him apart, eat his flesh and drink his blood.

However, Fan Hai sneered, “Hu Han, I advise you  to surrender without resistance, resisting would only make you suffer.”

“I’ll kill you!!” Hu Han raged, a dark purple light exploded brightly from his body.

With lightning fast movements, Hu Han reached Fan Hai in a split second, with one palm aiming to strike.

The palm shot out, whistling through the air, issuing a strange shrill noise.

Just like Jiang Tianhua was before, seeing his own people’s betrayal, neither of them could remain calm for long, there was only a desire to kill off these traitors.

But Hu Han’s palm strike had yet to reach before it was blocked by countless Buddha statues that emerged from the ground below.

A thunderous explosion rang inside the hall.

Hu Han felt a powerful energy rush in his direction.

Being caught off guard, Hu Han staggered back several steps until he returned to where he stood.

He searched and was stricken to find the person who blocked his attack just now was none other than that black-haired young man.

Su Meimei was reeling in shock as she watched.

Huang Xiaolong not only blocked Hu Han’s palm, he even pushed Hu Han back.

Huang Xiaolong glanced at Hu Han and the five Nine Fiend Sect Elders standing on his side, including Su Meimei, “It’s already a fact that Black Demon City is already under my control, if you submit to me now, it’s still not too late, I can spare your lives.”

“This opportunity only comes once.” Huang Xiaolong’s voice floated in the grand hall.

Hesitation flashed across Su Meimei and the other four Elders’ face, while Hu Han’s face revealed an ugly expression.

“I’m willing to submit, I’m willing to submit.” A brief moment passed when suddenly one of the remaining Nine Fiend Sect Elder spoke up.

When there was a precedent, there would be subsequence people who followed.

Hu Han erupted like an angry lion with all its hair standing on ends, letting out a booming roar, his fists punched out at the two Nine Fiend Sect Elders.

No one expected Hu Han to strike so suddenly, before the two Elders could react, they died under Hu Han’s fists.

Bodies flung to the end of the hall, crashing to the floor.

Su Meimei and the three remaining Elders were taken aback.

Still, Hu Han’s action put ‘fear’ inside them, and for an instant, the three swaying Elders dared not declare their submission towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong indicated Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, Jiang Tianhua, and Cui Ming with his eyes; understanding Huang Xiaolong’s intention, all four of them flew out, surrounding Hu Han in the center.

As for Su Meimei, Huang Xiaolong did not attack her.

Su Meimei stood at the side, the look in her eyes shifted back and forth as she watched Hu Han being sieged by Chen Xiaotian, Geng Ken, Jiang Tianhua, and Cui Ming, obviously making her final decision.

Undoubtedly, Hu Han was strong in terms of one on one battle.

But now, there were Chen Xiaotian, Geng Keng, Jiang Tianhua, and Cui Ming against him alone, Hu Han was forced back time and again.

Strong battle qi fluctuations filled the grand hall from the five people.

With four people working together, it did not take long for Hu Han to fall at a disadvantage; in a moment of carelessness, he received the full force of Jiang Tianhua’s Eye of Yellow Springs.

Blood trickled down from every part of Hu Han’s body.

After successfully striking Hu Han with Eye of the Yellow Springs, Jiang Tianhua suddenly pointed a finger to the void above, bellowing: “Devil Tribulation Finger!”

A space hole was torn high above as a giant finger came crushing down on Hu Han.


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