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Chapter 2743: Investigate

Upon hearing that, Chen Yueyang and the rest immediately understood Chen Biruis intention.

“Since Brother Chen plans to remain at Cangqiong Sacred Land, then well stay as well.

Well follow Brother Chens lead.” Cheng Yueyang went on good-naturedly, “If Brother Chen has any instructions, we will certainly obey.”

Gao Chen and the other worshiped experts quickly showed their attitudes as well, agreeing with Cheng Yueyangs words.

Chen Birui laughed heartily.

“Excellent, when I take over the Cangqiong Sacred Lands patriarch position, I definitely will treat you all well.

In the future, everything in Cangqiong Sacred Land will be shared between us.

Brothers, you can also take your pick of the Cangqiong Sacred Lands female disciples!”

Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and the others congratulated Chen Birui in advance, and their laughter rang through the palace as if Chen Birui had already taken over the Cangqiong Sacred Lands patriarch position.

They werent worried about Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land refusing to cooperate with Chen Birui.

After all, Chen Birui was the opposite of Cangqiong Old Man.

He was once a Saint Devil Sacred Lands disciple with a strong background, and he was wealthy.

This connection more or less influenced many things.

Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land would naturally cooperate with Chen Birui.

While Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and the other two worshiped experts were talking and laughing merrily, Li Fuyang was half-carried into the hall by Chen Dong, Wang Junqi, and Zhang Sen.

The sounds of laughter died abruptly.

“Fuyang, what happened Who did this” Chen Biruis gaze turned icy as he looked at his disciples abnormally swollen face.

Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and others were perplexed.

Clearly, Li Fuyang was beaten not long ago, but was there anyone in the Cangqiong Sacred Land who had the guts to slap Li Fuyang

Li Fuyang wept bitterly, “Master, its Wang Xueru that slut and her leman!”

Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and the three other worshiped experts were caught off guard.

Wang Xueru Leman

“Recount everything in detail,” Chen Birui ordered sternly.

Thus, Li Fuyang and others recounted what had happened in detail.

Naturally, many details of the incident were distorted in their favor.

“Youre saying that despite knowing that youre my personal disciple, he told you to scram, and when you merely protested with a sentence, he ordered his subordinate to slap you till this point”

Chen Biruis face was gloomy to the extreme.

“Yes!” When mentioning Huang Xiaolong, there was a flash of cruelty across Li Fuyangs face, and he added, “That punk is arrogant without bounds.”

Cheng Yueyang and the others exchanged silent looks.

“Following Fuyangs recount, that young mans subordinate should be a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor, right He is an early Ninth Heaven True Saint, yet has a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert as his subordinate.

It seems like that young mans background is not simple,” Cheng Yueyang surmised.

“He could be one of the big sacred lands familys disciples.”

“I understand what you brothers mean,” Chen Birui said whilst nodding his head.

“Dont worry.

I wont make any rash moves before finding out that young mans background.”

Cheng Yueyang and the rest relaxed upon hearing that.

“Its weird.

Shouldnt Wang Xuerus group be at the Ice Blue Sacred Lands Thunder Fire Sacred Peak, attending the Convent of Winds and Clouds Why are they back already And why did they bring back such a mysterious young man with them” Gao Chen was full of doubts.

Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, and the others were just as doubtful.

“What went on exactly Send people to find out.” Chen Biruis eyes glimmered, and he immediately ordered a subordinate to go inquire about what had happened in the Convent of Winds and Clouds.

Huang Xiaolong had not forbidden the Ice Blue Sacred Land from speaking about the incident on the Thunder Fire Sacred Peak, and before long, Chen Birui and the others were listening to reports about Huang Xiaolongs group.

“What! At the Convent of Winds and Clouds, Tang Jins, Yuan Yues, and Chu Zhouyuns physiques were smashed by that kids Primal Ancestor guard! And their holy souls were imprisoned by that kid! That kid is Cangqiong Old Mans personal disciple, called Huang Xiaolong!” The investigation results shocked Chen Birui.

Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and the rest were just as shocked after hearing that.

Although Huang Xiaolong had not ordered Hou Ting, the patriarch of Ice Blue Sacred Land, to contain the events on the Thunder Fire Sacred Peak, he had him alter some of the details.

The fact was that he was the perpetrator, who had destroyed Tang Jins, Yuan Yues, and Chu Zhouyuns physical bodies, but it was now changed to his guard being the perpetrator.

“It is so, Worship Li,” the spy in charge of the investigation answered, and he added, “There is no limit to Huang Xiaolongs brazen arrogance.

After his guard destroyed Tang Jins, Yuan Yues, and Chu Zhouyuns bodies, he left with Wang Xueru and other participating Cangqiong Sacred Lands disciples and came back to Cangqiong Sacred Land.”

The six worshiped experts exchanged more silent looks.

This was a large amount of information.

Tang Jin and Yuan Yue were Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Lands younger generations most dazzling disciples, yet their physical bodies were destroyed by Huang Xiaolongs guard!

This was literally like stabbing the hornets nest.

“Hou Ting let them leave just like that” Chen Birui asked in astonishment.

The spy continued with his report, “The patriarch of Ice Blue Sacred Land sent eight Primal Ancestors, including He Ba, to detain Huang Xiaolong, but all eight Primal Ancestors were injured by Huang Xiaolongs guard.

After injuring the eight Primal Ancestors, Huang Xiaolong and Wang Xuerus group smoothly left the Ice Blue Sacred Land.”

“What! He Bas group of eight Primal Ancestors were all heavily injured by Huang Xiaolongs guard!”

All six worshiped experts exclaimed in unison.

“Huang Xiaolongs guards strength is this strong!” Cheng Yueyang was genuinely alarmed.

“Yes, it is said the six guards by Huang Xiaolongs side are all Primal Ancestor experts.

One of them is a mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and the rest are early Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestors,” the spy reported frankly, stating Duan Feng, Mo Zhi, Long Jianfei, and others strength.

Huang Xiaolong had Hou Ting release this information as well.

Chen Birui, Cheng Yueyang, Gao Chen, and the others were obviously shocked.

“Isnt this Huang Xiaolong merely an early Ninth Heaven True Saint How come there are six Primal Ancestors by his side Theres even a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor!”

Chen Birui was shocked, filled with disbelief.

“These Primal Ancestor experts are hired by him, right!”

The spy shook his head.

“According to the investigation, Huang Xiaolong once saved their lives, and he has saving grace towards them.

Thus, the six of them willingly follow by his side and serve him!”

The six worshiped experts exchanged another look.

Chen Birui gulped visibly as doubt and hesitation flickered back and forth in his eyes.

Fortunately, he hadnt rashly ordered Huang Xiaolongs capture in a rage earlier.

“Huang Xiaolong really ran into dog-** luck, having six Primal Ancestor experts following his orders,” a while later, Gao Chen mumbled with an envious expression.

“Theres not much difference between him and those big sacred lands young lords.”

Chen Birui sneered.

“My Saint Devil Sacred Lands young lord has over a hundred Primal Ancestor experts serving by his side!”

Even though he was expelled from the Saint Devil Sacred Land a long time ago, Chen Birui still considered himself to be a disciple of the Saint Devil Sacred Land.

Cheng Yueyang and the others sat straighter at the mention of the Saint Devil Prince.

The Saint Devil Prince was the Saint Devil Sacred Lands number one genius.

Not just that, but he was also the number one genius of Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

Although he was only a mid-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor at the moment, he was strong enough to battle a Dao Venerable expert!

“It might not be something to be happy about for Cangqiong Old Man to have such a personal disciple,” Chen Birui scoffed.

“He ordered his subordinate to destroy Tang Jins, Yuan Yues, and Chu Zhouyuns physical bodies.

Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, and Chufan Sacred Land would soon take action, and Cangqiong Old Man will only die faster!”

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