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Chapter 2756: Face

Tang Yixing promptly replied in a respectful tone, “Lord Yang, my father, Eminent Elder Chen, and others made a trip to a place called Cangqiong Sacred Land.”

Yang Shangchen showed a puzzled expression, “Cangqiong Sacred Land”

Tang Yixing explained, “This Cangqiong Sacred Land is a relatively new but small sacred land that was established several hundred years ago.

However, some days back, the personal disciple of Cangqiong Sacred Lands patriarch killed my Junior Brother Tang Jin.

This is the reason my father and the Eminent Elders have gone to Cangqiong Sacred Land.

But Lord Yang can rest assured that my father will soon return after exterminating Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Most likely, he should be back in two days.”

Yang Shangchen nodded after hearing that.

“Honestly, its merely a small sacred land, so why does your father need to take action personally This actually lowers your fathers status.”

“Yes, yes, Lord Yang is right.” Tang Yixing chuckled awkwardly, “In my opinion, sending a few Primal Ancestors should have been enough to destroy Cangqiong Sacred Land, but following my fathers anxious personality, he insisted on going himself.”

“Contact your father and tell him that Im here.

If he has already destroyed Cangqiong Sacred Land, tell him to come back.

I want him to look for something,” Yang Shangchen spoke with an irrefutable tone.

Tang Yixing didnt dare to refute, and respectfully complied.

Thus, Tang Yixing contacted Tang Long through the communication symbol.

However, there was no reply from his father.

Doubt rose in Tang Yixings heart, and he hurriedly sent another message to his father, but there was still no reply from his father for a long time.

“What is it” Yang Shangchen asked, with a frown forming between his eyebrows.

“Please wait a bit more, Lord Yang.

Maybe my father is cultivating.

If he knows that Lord Yang is here at our Tang Dragon Sacred Land, he will be delighted and rush back from Cangqiong Sacred Land,” Tang Yixing quickly explained.

Yang Shangchen nodded, and he didnt doubt this point.

He knew that Tang Long wouldnt dare to defy his words.

Not only was he a vice hall master of the Golden Snake Sacred Land, but he was also a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert.

“Your father is not cultivating,” right at this time, a placid voice rang in everyones ears.

“He didnt answer your messages because I destroyed his body.”

The voices appearance was so abrupt that even Tang Yixing and Yang Changshen did not react immediately.

A second later, both jumped up from their seats, and looked towards the source of the voice.

A young man was walking into the hall, and a large group of experts followed behind him.

Upon seeing the group of experts, Tang Yixing was shocked, surprised, and more than a little confused.

Naturally, this latest arrival was Huang Xiaolongs group.

“Eminent Elder Chen, its you all! Wheres my father!” Tang Yixings gaze was fixed on one of the old men behind Huang Xiaolong.

This old man was none other than the head of Tang Dragon Sacred Lands Eminent Elders.

He was the one Eminent Elder Chen Tang Yixing had mentioned earlier, and he was called Chen Qi.

Chen Qi did not respond to Tang Yixings questions, instead, he turned to Huang Xiaolong respectfully and introduced, “Young Lord, hes Tang Yixing, Tang Longs son, and hes the current Tang Dragon Sacred Lands young lord.”

Tang Yixing and Yang Changshen were dumbfounded when they heard Chen Qi addressing Huang Xiaolong as Young Lord.

Yang Shangchen had been to Tang Dragon Sacred Land several times in the past.

Thus, Chen Qi was a familiar face to him.

But surprisingly, this Tang Dragon SacredLands Eminent Elder was addressing this young man in front of them as Young Lord.

Whats going on here

“Eminent Elder Chen Qi, you all!” Tang Yixings gaze shifted between Chen Qi, Huang Xiaolong, and the other Tang Dragon Sacred Lands Eminent Elders and gave birth to an ominous feeling.

Could it be Impossible!

“Youre Tang Yixing Chen Qi and the others have all submitted to me, and they will be serving me,” Huang Xiaolong stated while he looked at Tang Yixing.

“I destroyed your fathers physical body when he led an army to attack my Cangqiong Sacred Land.

Currently, I have imprisoned his dao soul.”

A violent shiver ran down Tang Yixings back as he yelled, “What!”

Yang Shangchen was just as stunned.

Tang Longs body was destroyed by this youngster in front of me And his dao soul is also imprisoned

Yang Shangchen took a quick look at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of disbelief.

A Ninth Heaven True Saint

How is that possible!

Yet how can one explain Chen Qi and a whole group of experts betrayal

“Impossible, absolutely impossible! Who are you!” Tang Yixing was clearly agitated.

“Who are you, really What nonsense are you spouting here Eminent Elder Chen Qi, tell me what happened Where is my father Im asking you, where is my father, where is he!!”

Huang Xiaolong snorted.

Then, he grabbed the mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Tang Yixing with one hand and dragged him in front of him.

Without bothering with any more words, he sealed Tang Yixings strength, and threw him into the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

Yang Shangchengs expression gradually turned serious as he watched that Tang Yixing was captured so easily by a mere Ninth Heaven True Saint, without the slightest power to resist.

“Who are you” Yang Shangchens eyes narrowed, and there was only Huang Xiaolong in his sight.

It wasnt that he was afraid of Huang Xiaolong, but the eighty-nine Primal Ancestors behind Huang Xiaolong gave him quite the pressure.

Huang Xiaolong did not reply.

Chen Qi stepped forward instead, and respectfully introduced Yang Shagchen to Huang Xiaolong, “Young Lord, this person is called Yang Shangchen, and he is a vice hall master of the Golden Snake Sacred Land.

He has a very good relationship with Tang Long.

I am not certain why he is at the Tang Dragon Sacred Land this time.”

“A vice hall master of the Golden Snake Sacred Land!” Cangqiong Old Mans astonished exclamation came from the side.

Cangqiong Old Man had been in the Divine Tuo Sacred Land for several hundred years, so he had naturally heard of the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands, Golden Snake Sacred Land being one of them.

He had a deeper understanding than Huang Xiaolong about what Golden Snake Sacred Land represented.

“Oh, so its Golden Snake Sacred Land,” This was unexpected.

Although Huang Xiaolong hadnt been in the Divine Tuo Sacred Land for long, he had heard of the Saint Devil Heavenly Caves top ten sacred lands.

Yang Shangchen raised his chin proudly at Cangqiong Old Mans gaffe, and he said to Huang Xiaolong, “I dont know what grudge there is between you and Tang Long, but I hope you can give me some face by releasing Tang Long and Tang Yixing, and then leave the Tang Dragon Sacred Land.”

Huang Xiaolong snorted upon hearing that.

“Should I release Tang Long and Tang Yixing just because you say so Should I leave the Tang Dragon Sacred Land just because you say so”

Yang Shangchens face sank as the mocking tone in Huang Xiaolongs voice was as clear as day.

“In other words, you wont give me this face”

Huang Xiaolong looked at Yang Shangchen from head to toe, and then shook his head.

“Frankly speaking, I really dont think how big of a face you have.

I might consider it if the Golden Snake Sacred Lands patriarch comes here.”

Huang Xiaolong was merely telling the truth.

If the Golden Snake Sacred Lands patriarch had requested Huang Xiaolong to release Tang Long and his son, Huang Xiaolong might have agreed.

After all, the Golden Snake Sacred Lands patriarch was merely a late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

Yang Shangchen froze with outrage and glared furiously at Huang Xiaolong.

“Do you mean to say that you would consider the request only from the sacred lands patriarch even though you are a mere Ninth Heaven True Saint”

Since when did someone dare to defy him, a vice hall master of Golden Snake Sacred Land, who had a high-level of authority.

Huang Xiaolong watched Yang Shangchens outraged face and stated placidly, “Make your move.”

The outraged Yang Shangchen blanked, “What”

For a second, he didnt understand what Huang Xiaolong meant.

“Im telling you to make your move.” Huang Xiaolong stood with his hand behind his back.

Although he didnt want to create a conflict with the Golden Snake Sacred Land so early at this point, he could control Yang Shangchen, it would be a good thing for him and the sacred lands of Cangqiong Alliance.

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